Manley’s Donut Shop in San Jose (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Manley’s Donut Shop

Address: 1080 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Phone: +1 408-292-1750


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Manley’s Donut Shop Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 2PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 2PM

Friday,: 5AM to 2PM

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Manley’s Donut Shop Reviews

Emanuel Ulloa

The new owners ruined this place. You’re better off going to some other donut shop. The menu extensively changed and prices increased about 75%. Way too expensive now! These donuts also taste like they’re made with much cheaper quality ingredients so the steep price increase isn’t justified. I miss the old ownership and donuts from here. Had been coming since 2005 and won’t be coming here any longer. 🙁

Capri Benitez

Best place to get Donuts Hands Down. Small little donut shop in Downtown Willow Glen. By far the freshest donuts. I love get mine cream filled but just not any cream. Cold Cream filled. Sooo good!!!

John Bigelow

Don’t come here – new owners cheapened the recipes & raised the prices. My $2 chocolate raised donut tasted like a bowl of General Mills’s Cocoa Puffs w/o milk. Plus, the newly remodeled building is tacky and lacks the charm of the previous Spanish-style exterior. If you need donuts, go to the other Manley’s on the corner of Bird & Minnesota.

Madeline Merlic

10/10 stars for the Previous Owners. New owners raised the prices like crazy, and the donuts are half as good. I’m disappointed and I desperately miss the old owners/ donuts

Alan Copeland

Those donuts were awesome! Super friendly staff. The team said “again!”

Rich Somar

This place never seems to have enough glazed donuts???

It’s a common theme with Asian owned donut ships.

Get a clue!!

Find another American owned place

Alejandro Alcibar

Best donut shop in San Jose only place I stop by to get donuts, I remember walking to elementary school and stopping by here every morning.

henry edmondson

New owners won’t answer calls. Wondering if number changed? I’ve tried multiple times. The old owners always picked up the phone. I will take my weekly business elsewhere.

Connie Medina

My little one and I went to Manley’s Donut Shop in Willow Glen for the first time today. I love that this is a family business, and the donuts are fresh, with a variety to choose from. I got a buttermilk donut, and a few others. Oh my gosh! The BEST Buttermilk Donut In My Life!! Delicious! I’ve been going to donut shops all over, since the early 1980’s; so I am not new to this.

We went later in the day, around noon; but supply was ample, which I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, donut shops are down to their last few around that time. Not here. So many to choose from-and fresh! (If they taste this amazing now, I could only imagine how it would be when they first open in the beginning of the day!)

I love the “Mom and Pop” donut shops, over the chain ones. I just feel they have a more fresh, authentic flavor. I love the atmosphere; it’s warmer, inviting, welcoming. Plus, I prefer to support smaller, local businesses. This place is no exception. It provides all of that!

I wish we would’ve taken pictures before hand, but we gobbled them up before we knew it. Lol. (Next time).

Aside from parking being a challenge, everything else was awesome here. Fast, friendly service. You will need to bring cash though. Overall, this is my now, new go-to donut spot.

Eddie Lozano

This is the best donut Shop ever I used to go to this donut shop when I was in elementary school.

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