Top 15 Best Donut Shops in Virginia

Virginia has beautiful national parks, hiking trails and wildlife. And exploring the landscape is a sure way to work up an appetite! The good news is, when your sweet tooth strikes, we’ve found plenty of places to satisfy it.

We’ve tracked down the best donuts in Virginia, and we’ve got all the info you need on what’s on offer. So if you’re ready, step this way to donut heaven …

Best Donuts in Virginia

1. Good Company Doughnuts & Café

Good Company Doughnuts & Café

At Good Company, there’s a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes on the menu. But their specialty is donuts, and they’re all made fresh on the premises and cut by hand.

The menu includes classics like Bavarian cream, apple cinnamon, butter crunch and chocolate cake. You can also find innovative offerings like chocolate covered strawberry, cran-apple pistachio glaze, and Nutella and toffee.

Not every flavor is available every day, and popular choices can sell out fast. If pre-ordering online, let them know if you’re happy for them to substitute a different option if any of your choices aren’t available.

If you head to the shop, you can buy donuts individually. But if ordering online, you’ll need to buy in multiples of half-dozen, or get donut holes or a giant party donut.

The shop is open daily from 7am to 4pm. Dine in, collect your order curbside, or get your food delivered to your door.


2. Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is the home of the bespoke donut. If you crave an unusual flavor combination, this could be the place for you.

A vanilla cake donut is fried fresh for you the moment you place your order. It’s then coated in the frosting of your choice, sprinkled with your preferred topping, then drizzled with your perfect sauce.

If all that choice seems a bit daunting, you can also select from pre-set combinations. These “fan favorites” are also made fresh when you place your order. Choose from flavors like Blueberry Pancake, Sunrise (lemon icing and strawberry drizzle) and Flip Flop, with chocolate and vanilla.

The prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent too. The shop is open from 7am to 7pm on Monday, 6am to 7pm Tuesday to Thursday, and 6am to 8pm on Fridays. On weekends, the opening hours are 7am to 8pm.


3. Emily’s Donuts & Café

Emily’s Donuts & Café

At Emily’s, you’ll find an amazing range of donuts of all varieties and flavors. There are cake donuts, ring donuts, filled donuts and topped donuts. And you can get specialties like Long Johns, fritters and cronuts.

You can also order a Long Split. Note that these have to be ordered 24 hours in advance, and there’s a limit of two per order. And there are daily specials, in creative flavors like lavender vanilla.

If you order online, there’s a top limit of three dozen donuts. For larger orders, give them a ring. Custom bagging or boxing is available, but you’ll need to phone the café to discuss what you need.

Alternatively, head there in person to check out your options. You can also dine in, drive-through, or order for delivery to your door.

The café is open seven days a week, from 5.30am to midday Monday to Thursday, and from 5.30am to 1pm Fridays through Sundays.


4. Texas Donuts

Texas Donuts

Texas Donuts offers an extensive range of donuts for all palates and appetites. There are the eponymous giant-sized Texas donuts, each one big enough to feed a crowd. Or there are standard donuts (both cake and yeast), cronuts, specialties, and character donuts.

The flavors include classics like lemon filled and chocolate coated, but there are more experimental options too. And if you choose a filled donut, they’ll fill it right there on the spot, so there’s no risk of a soggy pastry.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, they also offer a great range of kolaches and breakfast sandwiches. And the service is friendly and efficient.

The shop is open from 5am to 4pm Monday and Wednesday to Saturday, and from 6am to 3pm on Sundays.


5. Glazed Doughnuts

Glazed Doughnuts

Glazed Doughnuts only opened in 2016, but they’ve quickly become a staple of the food scene in Hampton.

Everything on the menu is made fresh on the day, including the delicious range of donuts. These include blueberry, chocolate and old fashioned cake donuts, iced donuts in flavors like lemon and maple, glazed donuts, and fillings like Boston and White Holland Cream.

There’s also a good selection of specialties, including apple fritters, bow ties, baked or fried cinnamon rolls, and cinnamon twists.

The coffee here is excellent too, and there’s also a range of savory dishes. The service is fast and attentive.

They’re open from 7am to midday Wednesday to Sunday, and you can dine in or head to the drive-through. But get there early if you want the best selection – this is a popular spot, and they often sell out fast.


6. Country Style Donuts

Country Style Donuts

Country Style Donuts opened their outlet in Richmond back in 2015. And it’s quickly grown to be a favorite with locals who appreciate the fresh pastries and good range of flavors.

Here you’ll find classics like strawberry and lemon filled donuts, glazed jelly donuts, toasted coconut, peanut, and chocolate glazed. The apple fritters and cinnamon rolls are very generously sized. And the buttermilk donuts get rave reviews from customers.

The donut holes are great if you fancy something smaller. Everything is very reasonably priced. The service is top notch too.

The shop is open from 5am to midnight Tuesday to Friday, and from 5am to 2am on the weekend. You can dine in or get takeout, but note that there’s no delivery option with this one.


7. Freddy Donuts

Freddy Donuts

Freddy’s offers a great range of everyday flavor donuts, plus regular specials to keep things interesting. Choose from options like cookies and cream, maple bacon, strawberry, French toast and sea salt caramel.

There are also jelly filled donuts, plus fancy donuts including apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, and cronuts.

Wash your selection down with something from the drinks menu. All their beverages are made fresh to order. They include brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and specials like honey lavender. And there’s a range of loose-leaf teas too.

There’s no dine in option, but you can pick up takeout or have your order delivered to you at home. The shop is open from 7am to 7pm daily.


8. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

The Alexandria outlet of donut behemoth Krispy Kreme shows just why this chain is so popular. There’s a great range of fresh, sweet donuts, efficient service, and a range of options from dine-in to delivery. And for the ultimate in convenience, it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The donuts here cover a dazzling selection – everything from the simple glazed to limited edition specials like the pumpkin spice cake donut.

Check out the hot light at the front. When it’s illuminated, it means the donuts have just been made and will be served warm – yum! Hot light hours are 5.30 to 11 every morning, and 5 to 10 at night.

The range of drinks here is excellent too. Wash down your donuts with a coffee, espresso drink, tea, smoothie, soda or juice.


9. Carol Lee Donut Shop

Carol Lee Donut Shop

If you’re lucky enough to live in Blacksburg, you’re in for a treat. At the Carol Lee Donut Shop, the donuts are made fresh all day long. And this family-owned business has been making pastries for three generations – so they know what they’re doing!

The donuts here include both cake and yeast raised. In the former category are flavors like blueberry, powdered, chocolate and devil’s food. And amongst the yeast donuts are glazed, chocolate iced with peanuts, toasted coconut and cinnamon sugar.

There’s also a daily “manager’s choice”. And you can wash everything down with a coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, milk or tea.

The shop is open for takeout only, from 6.30am to 3pm daily.


10. The Wandering Donut

The Wandering Donut

The Wandering Donut is a family-owned food trailer selling top notch donuts.

The menu includes a wide range of everyday flavors, plus exciting weekly specials. Check out the website to see what’s coming up. At the time of writing, forthcoming specials included blueberry lemon, Oreo, salted caramel and vanilla coconut.

Look out for seasonal specialties too, like pumpkin spiced donuts from October, and peanut butter in the spring. You can buy donuts individually or by the half-dozen or dozen, and donut holes are available too.

The trailer operates from 7am to noon, Wednesday to Saturday.


11. Danville Donuts

Danville Donuts

At Danville Donuts, the pastries are made fresh every day. And you can taste the attention to detail in every bite.

The flavors cover all the classics, And the filled donuts are stuffed generously with your choice of jelly or custard the moment you place your order. The sizes are generous too – so go when you’re hungry!

This is a takeout only location, and the service is friendly and fast. Get there early for the best selection – but they do restock during the day too. The opening hours are 7am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 7am to 12.30pm on Sundays.


12. Just Fine Donuts

Just Fine Donuts

If you’re looking for a great selection of vegan donuts, Alexandria’s Just Fine Donuts should be on your list.

Here you’ll find everything from pink donuts with sprinkles to fritters in flavors like apple, cherry and peach. The shop is compact, so the range isn’t enormous, but everything is made fresh and tastes delicious. And you can get your hands on cookies and ice cream at the same location.

There’s no space to dine in, but it’s a great spot to get takeout. The opening hours are 8am to 8pm Tuesday to Thursday and on Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, they stay open until 9pm.


13. D & L Donuts

D & L Donuts

D & L Donuts offers a wide range of cake and yeast donuts made fresh every day. They also do giant donuts and donuts shaped like letters and numbers for special occasions. Contact them 24 hours in advance for a custom order.

There are extra flavors on the weekends – cake donut specials include carrot cake, old fashioned lemon, and orange juice. And on Saturdays, you’ll usually find fancy donuts like blueberry fritters, orange glazed braids or chocolate yeast rings.

They’re open Thursday through Sunday, from 6.30am to 12.30pm, or until they sell out. This is a busy spot, so if you have favorite flavors, call ahead and ask them to reserve some for you.


14. Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack specializes in fresh, handmade donuts, burgers, milkshakes and locally roasted coffees.

The donut flavors include traditional favorites and more creative offerings. There are strawberry, salted caramel, cinnamon sugar and chocolate donuts. Or how about a Neapolitan, Samoa or Movie Time, featuring a popcorn topping?

This is a takeout only venue, and you can order for curbside pick-up if you wish. The opening hours are 7am to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday, and 7am to 3pm on Mondays.


15. Paul’s Bakery

Paul’s Bakery

Paul’s Bakery in Fredericksburg combines a great selection of donuts with other sweet treats like cakes, cookies and pies.

The apple fritters here get particularly good reviews. And there are a good range of gluten free options too.

There’s no dine in option here, but you can head to the drive-through to get takeout. The opening hours are 5.30am to 2pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


Feeling Hungry?!

That brings us to the end of our tour of some of the best donuts in Virginia. Are you feeling ready for a pastry pitstop?!

If so, why not head to one of these great donut shops right now? You could be about to find a new favorite!

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