Top 16 Best Donut Shops in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is the home of the country’s largest stock show and rodeo. So as well as being a thriving city, it attracts thousands of visitors each year.

But whether you live there or you’re just on holiday, you might just need a top notch donut! And that’s where we come in.

We’ve tracked down the best donuts in Fort Worth. And we’re going to tell you exactly where to find them!

Ready? Let’s start our tour …

Best donuts in Fort Worth

1. A & H Donuts

A & H Donuts

Many of A & H’s happy customers say that their donuts are the best they’ve ever eaten. So why not check them out yourself?

Everything is made fresh on the premises using seasonal ingredients. The donuts are beautiful too – the unicorn donut is any little girl’s dream pastry! And there are gorgeous donuts topped with fresh fruit, and even flowers, that are works of art.

Expect a lightly crisp exterior that gives way to a fluffy dough. Delicious! They’re a great place to consider if you’re catering a special event too. They specialize in custom creations.

The shop is open seven days a week for takeout and delivery. The hours are 5am to midday every day except Sunday, when they open at 6am instead.


2. Hurts Donut Co.

Hurts Donut Co.

With many donut shops, you’ll find a backstory of generations of the same donut-loving family. Not so with Hurts. They opened their first shop just four years ago – and made their very first donut the day before opening!

But that hasn’t stopped them going from strength to strength. They now have 16 shops, and a dedicated following of fans who say these are the best donuts they’ve ever tasted.

There are over 70 different varieties to choose from, and they’re all oversized. The options have esoteric names like the English Gentleman, E.T., Jesús, and White and Nerdy.

You can dine in, get your donuts to go, or order them for delivery to your door. And Hurts is on hand whenever your donut craving strikes – they’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


3. Best Donuts

Best Donuts

When you give your shop a name like Best Donuts, you’re setting yourself a challenge. Fortunately, the pastries here really make the grade.

The donuts are simple but delicious, and most of them are available individually or by the dozen. You’ll find all the classics here – glazed, chocolate, cake and jelly filled. There are also donut holes, apple fritters, eclairs, and cinnamon rolls.

Try the kolaches if you’re in the mood for something savory. And you can get Starbucks coffee or a range of cold drinks.

The drive-through is open seven days a week. Opening hours are 5.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 6am to 12.30pm on Sundays.


4. Funky Town Donuts & Drafts

Funky Town Donuts & Drafts

Head to Funky Town for a brilliant selection of donuts and draft beers.

The flavors on offer vary by the month – check out the website for the latest information. At the time of writing, you could choose from options including dark chocolate orange cake, hibiscus lime, horchata, and watermelon pistachio.

If those are a little out of your comfort zone, there are classics too. The menu includes vanilla and chocolate cake donuts, plus vanilla, chocolate or strawberry frosted with sprinkles.

Extra flavors are available on the weekend. Check Funky Town’s social media for updates on what’s coming up.

The shop is open for dine in, curbside pickup and delivery from 7am to 10pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 7am to 3pm the rest of the week.


5. Manna Donut TCU

Manna Donut TCU

Check out Manna Donuts TCU for a great selection of light fluffy donuts. Among the flavors getting rave reviews from customers are the fruity pebbles, maple bacon and apple fritters. And if you spend $5 on donuts, you get a free boba tea.

If you fancy something savory, they serve delicious kolaches too. Everything is good value for money, and the staff are polite and friendly.

The shop is open seven days a week. The hours are 5.30am to 2pm on weekdays, and 5.30am to midday on the weekend.


6. Grace Donut

Grace Donut

There’s always something new to try at Grace Donut. As well as a good range of everyday flavors, there’s a daily rotation of exciting specials.

Regular options include maple bacon, coffee icing, maple icing, filled donuts, donuts with sprinkles and twists. Specials may include donuts shaped like stars or decorated to look like monsters or bunnies. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a treat.

There’s a good selection of savory items too, including breakfast burritos, croissant pigs in blankets, and chips. And you can get hot coffee or a range of cold drinks.

It’s open for drive through or delivery from 5am to 12.30pm every day except Sunday.


7. Paul’s Donuts, Subs & Gyros

Paul’s Donuts, Subs & Gyros

Paul’s Donuts, Subs & Gyros serves exactly what you’d expect. And the donuts here are very good indeed.

The range is extensive, covering everything from filled donuts to twists, glazed donuts to fancy. And you can get donut holes here too. Check out the blueberry cake donuts and cinnamon rolls – they get high praise from customers.

The prices are inexpensive, and if you order savory food, the portions are large.

You can dine in the shop, get takeout, or have your order brought to your door. The opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 6am to 3pm.


8. Mr. Bakery Donuts

Mr. Bakery Donuts

Head to Mr. Bakery Donuts for a wide range of classic donuts. Order online by the dozen – you can pick an assorted mixture including sprinkles, glazed, strawberry iced, vanilla iced and cake. Or there’s a “half and half” – six glazed and six chocolate donuts.

Also available are mini cinnamon rolls (also sold by the dozen), eclairs, apple fritters and twists. There’s a good range of savory food too. The buttery, flaky croissants are top quality.

You can dine in, head to the drive-through, or have your order delivered. The shop is open seven days a week, from 5am to midday.


9. Good Donuts

Good Donuts

The range at Good Donuts includes glazed and filled donuts, bars, twists, cronuts and donut holes. And there are both yeast raised and cake donuts, with the latter coming in flavors including plain, red velvet, blueberry and buttermilk.

They also offer lots of savory breakfast bites, including jalapeno sausage rolls and ham and cheese croissants.

The service is friendly, polite and fast. And the prices are reasonable too.

The shop is open for takeout daily, from 5am to midday. Get there early for the freshest donuts and the best selection.


10. Sunshine Donuts

Sunshine Donuts

Sunshine Donuts is a great little donut place located on Meadowbrook Drive.

Amongst the favorites with customers are the chocolate frosted donuts, glazed and bear claws. The donuts are light and fluffy, and if you get a filled pastry, expect there to be plenty of filling. There are cute mini donuts too and good coffee.

There’s plenty of savory food as well, though the quality isn’t as consistent as it is with the donuts.

The shop is open for takeout every day except Saturdays, from 5am to 12.30pm.


11. Donut Express

Donut Express

Donut Express offers pretty much anything you could ask for in a breakfast eatery. And the donuts here are first class. Everything is made fresh on the premises, and the aroma when you step inside the door will get your mouth watering!

Customer recommendations include the raspberry filled donut and the apple fritter. All the donuts are light and fluffy. And if you’re lucky, you might get a free bag of donut holes thrown in with your order.

You can opt for drive-through or get your food delivered to you at home. The opening hours are 4.45am to 12.30pm on Saturdays, and 4.45am to midday the rest of the week.


12. Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts is a small donut shop with a selection that covers all the classics. Everything is well executed, the prices are reasonable, and the service is friendly and helpful.

Here you’ll find everything from regular donuts to eclairs, twists to cinnamon rolls. They’re all fluffy and delicious (the chocolate filled is particularly good). There are also savory kolaches and a decent drinks menu.

The shop offers takeout only, and it’s open from 5am to midday every day.


13. Donut Palace

Donut Palace

Donut Palace is the home of cute, decorated donuts. They’re great as an everyday treat or to mark a special occasion.

Amongst the options on offer are fun donuts decorated as Cookie Monster, a delicious Boston cream, and chocolate donuts. The customer service here is exceptionally good, and you’ll frequently find a little freebie added to your order.

You can also add your own personal touch to these donuts. Order a day in advance, and they’ll make you a set of donuts shaped like stars and hearts. You’ll get three different icings, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, and two types of sprinkles. Then it’s over to you to get decorating!

You can dine in at the shop, get curbside pick-up, or have your order delivered via Grubhub, Doordash or Uber Eats. The shop is open daily from 5am to 12.30pm.


14. Central Donuts & Bakery

Central Donuts & Bakery

Many of their customers say Central Donuts & Bakery is the home of the best donuts in the whole area. Why not see if you agree?

The donuts are fresh, soft and fluffy, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Try the eclairs and buttermilk donuts – they get rave reviews. And the donut holes are excellent too, with glazed and chocolate covered options on offer.

The customer service is excellent, and you’ll often find a little something extra added to your order for free.

The shop is open for takeout from 5am to midday daily. Delivery is available too, via Grubhub, Doordash and Uber Eats.


15. Lim’s Donuts

Lim’s Donuts

If you like fun, bright character donuts, you’ll love Lim’s Donuts. The selection here will wow any little ones – or just your inner child!

The donuts are fresh and delicious, and they’re great value for money too. Also on the menu are a variety of tasty savory breakfast treats. And you can expect efficient, polite and friendly service that makes every visit a pleasure.

The shop is open for takeout every day from 4.30am to midday.


16. Cubit Donuts

Cubit Donuts

Head to Cubit Donuts for super-fresh donuts in a range of great flavors. The chocolate, sour cream and glazed donuts in particular come highly recommended by customers.

There’s also a good range of savory food, including kolaches. And the service is efficient and friendly.

Get there early, because this place is popular – and when the donuts are gone, they’re gone! They open for takeout at 5am and close at midday, Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, the opening hours are 6am to 1pm.


Feeling Hungry?

That brings us to the end of our tour of the best donuts in Fort Worth. Are you craving a pastry right now?!

If so, why not check out one of these excellent donut shops pronto. Get your donut fix, and maybe try out a new flavor too.

Bon appetit!

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