Top 15 Best Donut Shops In Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is famous across the world as the host of the Indy 500 motor race. And if you’re looking for something to nibble on as you watch, it also has some great donuts!

But with so many shops to choose from, how do you separate the pole positions from the did-not-finish? That’s where we come in!

We’ve scoured the city for the best donuts in Indianapolis. And we’re here to tell you how to get your hands on them.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Best Donuts in Indianapolis

1. Long’s Bakery

Long’s Bakery

Long’s is the home of what some call the best donuts in Indianapolis. Some go one better and say they’re the best donuts in the world!

Check out the claims at the shop on North Tremont Street. There you’ll find flavors like glazed and powdered yeast-raised donuts, glazed twists, chocolate donuts, and cinnamon swirls. Everything is made fresh on the day, and served efficiently by the friendly staff.

Note that the shop is cash only. There’s an ATM at the petrol station across the street if you need it. Opening hours are 5.30am to 10pm seven days a week.


2. Doughnuts & Dragons

Doughnuts & Dragons

Doughnuts and Dragons wins the prize for the best donut shop name hands down. But there’s more to this place than a good play on words. They also make some seriously good pastries.

Amongst the customer favorites are the Long Johns, but everything here is freshly made and delicious. Alongside the pastries, there’s a good selection of craft beers and excellent drip coffee. Eat in, and you can even play some boardgames while you munch!

The shop offers takeout too, and delivery is available if you can’t face heading out.  The opening hours are 7am to 9pm Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and 7am to 11pm Friday and Saturday.


3. Jack’s Donuts, Southport Road

Jack’s Donuts, Southport Road

Jack’s Donuts is a local chain with a number of outlets in Indianapolis. They get consistently good reviews, but this one in East Southport Road is one of the best.

The donuts here are seriously big, so make sure your appetite is up to the challenge. Once you’ve started one of these babies, you won’t want to leave a crumb!

There’s a great range too. Amongst the favorites with customers are the apple fritter, the glazed, and the coconut donut, complete with a cinnamon swirl at the center.

You can dine in the shop, get takeout, or order your donuts to be delivered to your door. The shop opens daily at 7am, closing at 7pm Monday to Wednesday and 8pm on Thursday. They stay open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights, but close at 3pm on Sundays.


4. Pana Donuts & Boba Tea

Pana Donuts & Boba Tea

Pana offers a great selection of donut and cronuts, as well as muffins and cookies. And you can wash it all down with a delicious cup of boba tea. If you haven’t come across boba tea before, it’s a Taiwanese drink made from tea, milk and sugar, with toppings like tapioca balls known as “pearls”.

There are both cake and yeast raised donuts here. The former are rich and moist, the latter light and fluffy. You can also find twists, bear claws, apple fritters and bars. Buy them individually, or by the dozen or half dozen.

The shop is open daily from 5am to 6pm. Dine in, get takeout, or order your food and drink for delivery to your door.


5. Rise ’n’ Roll Bakery, Broad Ripple

Rise ’n’ Roll Bakery, Broad Ripple

For many of the loyal customers of Rise ’N’ Roll Bakery, the donuts here are the best in town. Among the choice pastries on offer are lemon cream filled donuts, and chocolate iced donuts with Bavarian cream filling. There’s also a cinnamon caramel donut that’s a local legend.

This is an Amish bakery, and there’s a lovely homely feel about the place. Everything is made fresh from scratch on the premises. Alongside the donuts you’ll find breads, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and toffee crunch candy.

The bakery is open every day except Sunday, from 7am to 5pm. You can dine in or arrange curbside pickup, but there’s no delivery service.


6. Long’s Bakery

Long’s Bakery

The East Southport Road outlet is the second from Long’s Bakery to make our list. You won’t find complex flavors or masses of exotic options here. But what you will find are simple donuts that are well executed. You can see the proof of just how well in the line that snakes out of the door.

Never fear, though, the service here is quick and efficient, so you won’t be waiting long. The prices are very reasonable too – just remember to bring cash. They don’t accept anything else for payment.

Choose from classics like original yeast raised, glazed, blueberry cake and applesauce cake. Bulk orders can be arranged for special occasions too.

The shop is open for takeout only from 5.30am to 8pm daily.


7. Hart Bakery & Gifts

Hart Bakery & Gifts

At Hart Bakery & Gifts, the donuts are the jewel in the crown of an excellent menu. They also serve a fantastic array of celebration cakes as well as pies, eclairs, cookies and fudge.

Everything is fresh and delicious, but the cherry donut in particular gets high praise. Order ahead if you want to try it though – we’ve heard rumors that it’s only made on Fridays.

The shop offers takeout only. It’s open from 6am to 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday, and from 6am to 4pm on Saturdays.


8. Ohanalulu


Head to Ohanalulu for good quality cake donuts you can customize. There’s a choice of seven different icings, and no fewer than 19 different toppings.

There’s also a good range of ready-made treats, plus different specials for the holidays. Head there around Christmas and you’ll find cute donuts decorated to look like snowmen and reindeer.

The donuts here are very filling – for most people, one will be enough. But that’s okay – dine in and enjoy the cozy atmosphere, then order more to take home with you. Doorstep delivery is available too.

The opening hours are 6am to 9pm on weekdays, and 7am to 9pm on weekends.


9. Taylor’s Bakery

Taylor’s Bakery

  • 6216 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Tel: 317 251 9575
  • Website:

Many people say that Taylor’s Bakery is the best in Indianapolis. This family owned and run establishment has been serving up quality food for over 100 years. Their specialty is celebration cakes made from scratch. But they also do a fine line in donuts.

There’s just about every kind of cake and yeast raised donut you can think of here. From glazed to iced, red velvet to pumpkin cake, from rings to twists, Bismarks to Persians. Custom orders are available with a day’s notice.

The shop is open for takeout only five days a week, staying closed on Sundays and Mondays. The rest of the week, the opening hours are 8am to 5pm.


10. Teejay’s Sweet Tooth

Teejay’s Sweet Tooth

At Teejay’s you’ll find great donuts and a delicious range of ice cream flavors. And put them together, and you’ll get some awesome donut ice cream sandwiches too. They’re made with two scoops of your favorite ice cream in a warm glazed donut, with your choice of topping.

Donut flavors include the lemoreo, a mixture of lemon and Oreo cookies, and fruity pebbles. And the impressive selection of toppings includes cinnamon toast crunch, cheesecake bites, Lucky Charms, Trix, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

There are vegan and gluten-free options too. And the list of ice cream flavors changes regularly.

Go to the drive-through to place your order, or order online for delivery. The shop is open from 5am to 9pm Tuesday to Thursday, 3pm to 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and 3pm to 8pm on Sunday.


11. Tim’s Bakery

Tim’s Bakery

Tim’s Bakery make donuts that customers say are the best they’ve eaten in their lives. So what’s the secret?

Well, the donuts here are made fresh the old fashioned way. Everything is done fresh and by hand every day. The result is donuts that are light and fluffy with plenty of flavor, and never, ever greasy. The fresh glazed donuts are a particular hit, as are the warm donut holes.

The shop is open from 5am to 11am every day except Sunday. Be prepared for a wait – news has traveled, and there’s often a line. We’d recommend patience – you’ll be rewarded with excellent pastries. Alternatively order ahead to skip the queue.


12. BB&B Bread Truck

BB&B Bread Truck

The founder of BB&B started making bread and donuts when a combination of the covid pandemic and impending fatherhood meant a serious change in life plans. The business exploded, and a Kickstarter campaign to fund a food truck soon followed.

The outcome of that is the BB&B Bread Truck and what some customers have called the best donuts in the world. Favorites include the Nutella filled, fluffernutter and funetti, all made with delicious brioche donuts.

The truck is most often found on Lafayette Street. But check out the website and social media for the latest times and locations.


13. Rebellion Doughnuts

Rebellion Doughnuts

Check out Rebellion Doughnuts for handmade pastries that are made fresh every day. Head to the store and you can see the process for yourself. Or you can place a custom order or book them for a special event online.

Amongst the customer favorites are the glazed yeast raised donuts, the pumpkin pie (a cake donut with cream cheese filling) and peanut butter and jelly. They’re more expensive than some, but they’re pretty big.

Head to the café for a great dine in experience, or order takeout. The shop is open from 6am to 7pm every day except Monday.


14. White House Donut Shop

White House Donut Shop

The White House Donut Shop offers delicious donuts that are cut by hand and made fresh every day. The fillings and frostings are made from scratch too. And it’s been serving the community of Westfield since 1988, making it the oldest donut shop in the area.

The emphasis here is on simple, classic donuts prepared with love. You won’t find mountains of exotic toppings, but everything is fresh and tasty. And there’s a good range of cake and yeast raised options.

The shop is open for takeout only from Wednesday to Saturday, 5am to 11am. Get there early and bring cash – they don’t accept cards.


15. Quack Daddy Donuts, Westfield

Quack Daddy Donuts, Westfield

At Quack Daddy’s you customize your own donut from a range of icings and toppings. So if you’re longing for a unique creation, this could be just the ticket.

Amongst the oddities chosen by customers are chocolate glazed, peanut butter and bacon – apparently delicious. Why not see if you can come up with something even weirder?! There are also ready-made combinations like a truly scrumptious caramel and sea salt.

The donuts are made fresh daily, which means you can order more and still enjoy them the next day.

The shop is open from 6.30am to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday, 6.30am to 6pm on Friday, and 7.30am to 6pm on Satudays.


Ready to Find Your Ideal Donut?

That brings us to the end of our search for the best donuts in Indianapolis! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the donut delights on offer across the state.

Whether you love traditional classics or can’t wait to try something new, there are some great options here. Why not check them out soon, and satisfy that donut craving?

Bon appetit!

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