Top 10 Donut Shops in Worcester (Updated 2022)

Whether you’re visiting Worcester, Massachusetts for a day, or living there, you must be wondering what’s a good donut shop that you can visit and savor different flavors in the offer. Well, in this article, we’ll be showing you not one good donut shop but 10 donut shops in Worcester that are worth visiting and returning to. Continue reading this article to get a real taste of Worcester donuts and other pastries. Trust us, they taste as great as New York or New Jersey Donuts, and even better!

10 Best Worcester Donut Shops

1. Glazy Susan

Glazy Susan
Image Credit: spectrumnews

Glazy Susan is one of the most popular donut shops in Worcester. The shop is usually full and you have to wait to get served, as a result of the vast popularity it enjoys. People love eating classics such as chocolate and vanilla donuts and donut cakes.

Still, everyone keeps visiting because of the signature specialties such as Maple Bacon, Guava Cheesecake, and Vietnamese coffee. The donuts are crafted by hand, from scratch which adds up to the homey ambient and savory flavor.

2. Doughnut Homies

Doughnut Homies
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If you’re visiting Doughnut Homies, you’ll be enchanted by the beautifully-decorated donuts that taste even better. Almost no customer left before trying out the homemade pink vanilla donut glaze. You can enjoy a plethora of flavors, so we guarantee you that unless you can eat a lot of donuts, one visit to the Doughnut Homies won’t be enough.

The donuts are made by hand, and fresh every morning you visit. Sometimes, very long lines are created where the donut loves to love to experience the Worcester spirit through carefully picked donut flavors. The best part is that they’re also bigger than other donuts.

3. Dippin’ Donuts

Dippin’ Donuts
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These donuts are really dipping! Delicious frosting and cream that melts in your mouth are what mark these donuts as one of the best in this town. This is a chain shop that is available at multiple locations. However, it marks an important place in Worcester.

That being said, if you’re visiting at some particular season, you may get lucky enough to try the latest seasonal menu. There are both classic chocolate donuts, as well as crafty designs as well as other pastries worth checking out.

If you are grabbing a donut with chocolate or vanilla filling, make sure to hold your gigantic donut carefully because it’s exploding in cream. The place is also very cozy and spacey so you’ll be able to grab a coffee and relax to your favorite book while enjoying your favorite treat on a rainy afternoon!

4. Doughnuts and Draughts

Doughnuts and Draughts
Image Credit: helpmecovid

Doughnuts and Draughts may give away some alternative vibe, which it essentially is. You can find spooky design donuts with spider bodies instead of coating, as well as some powerfully-looking smoothies, shakes, and other drinks.

It’s important to mention that Doughnuts and Draughts has an adult theme, so it may not be the best place to visit children. Nevertheless, the space is quite creative and so are the donuts. There are quite large and crafted donuts such as Froot Loops doughnut and Pina Colada that will blow your mind away.

5. Boston Donuts

Boston Donuts
Image Credit: usarestaurants

As its name suggests Boston Donuts is based in Boston, but it’s also a food chain that traveled to Worcester to present its super-cool donut designs as well as the rest of the menu. The Worcester store truly impressed us, thanks to the large menu and friendly ambient that will make even the grumpiest people return.

You have to grab a coffee with donuts because they go so well together. There are over 30 flavors of coffees, as well as milkshakes, so you may as well want to combine a thing or two. Other menu items include sandwiches, muffins, and other different pastries with savory and fresh tastes. The donuts are more classic like the Apple and Boston Cream, chocolate donuts, maple frosts, and other big flavors.

6. Donut Star

Donut Star
Image Credit: giftrocket

Although Donut Star is not exactly in Worcester, North Grafton is quite close, and you’ll be there relatively soon if you’re up for a trip. This cute little donut store will present you with gorgeous crafted donuts with a deep and juicy taste that will make your day no matter how hard it has been so far. You can find donuts with all sorts of glaze and they’re incredibly fluffy and delicious.

7. Rocco’s Doughnut Company

Rocco’s Doughnut Company
Image Credit: spectrumnews

Rocco’s Doughnut Company stores can be located in different areas in Massachusetts, and Worcester is one of those places. It’s a popular donut shop, but the line can be incredibly long unless you come very early.  You can grab huge glazed donuts, along with bagels and a warm cup of coffee which is an unavoidable treat with your morning donut.

8. Jumbo Donuts

Jumbo Donuts
Image Credit: reddit

If you’re ever having a nice retreat into nature and want to grab a donut, visit Jumbo Donuts. They’re not so far from Worcester but are grouped into the best donuts you’ll ever get to eat. They’re always warm, fresh, and quite large. Not to mention the kids will love big donuts!

9. Honey Dew  Donuts

Honey Dew  Donuts
Image Credit: tripadvisor

Every fan of honey simply has to try the Honey Dew donuts and bagels. The staff is polite, and different coffee flavors will spice up the enjoyment of honey-dipped donuts. They also have a rotating menu, so you’ll always be surprised with a new donut flavor.

10. N & J Donuts

N & J Donuts
Image Credit: nj

When visiting Worcester, Oxford is an inevitable next location if you want to try spicy and delicious N & J donuts. The shop is quite crowdy which will simply force you to come early in the morning, and residents will already be waiting in the lines patiently. Coffee and donuts are the most popular duo, but you also have to try their pizza bagel if you don’t feel like you’re craving sugary donuts too much!


While most of the best donut shops in Worcester are located closely in the center, some donut shops will require you to visit nearby towns along the way and enjoy savoring some nicely-crafted donut designs. Did you eat some of the Worcester donuts? What shop is your favorite?

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