Top 15 Best Donuts Shops in Orange County, CA

Orange County in California is home to miles of beautiful beaches, plus world-famous tourist attractions like Disneyland. And it’s also home to some seriously good donut shops!

If you’re looking for the best donuts in Orange County, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched out the top places to get a premium pastry. And we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to make your choice.

So buckle up, and let’s start our tour!

Best Donuts in Orange County

1. Zombee Donuts

Zombee Donuts

If you haven’t yet tried themed donuts, what are you waiting for? Head to Zombee Donuts for donuts made to look like zombie eyes, monster faces and more.

They’re great fun for all ages – and they taste delicious too. Options include the famous Sin-a-snake cinnamon roll or the Monster, a raised donut with cream filling and icing infused with Monster energy drink.

There are plenty of gourmet options too, like the Nutella donut, PB&J and the Cookies & Scream. There’s a good range for vegans. And the shop also caters to larger events – just be ready to pick up your order first thing in the morning.

It’s open six days a week for drive-through and deliveries, staying closed on Tuesdays. The hours are 7am to 12.30pm on Sundays, and 6am to 6pm Mondays, and Wednesdays to Saturdays.


2. Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

If you’re looking for really fresh donuts, check out Sidecar. Their pastries are made from scratch every hour in small batches, and they use only the highest quality ingredients.

Seasonal and local produce is used wherever possible. And everything from the glazes to the compotes, the creams to the crumbles, is made by hand on the premises.

Donut flavors include butter and salt, dulce de leche churro, vanilla bean glazed, lemon poppyseed and maple bacon. Daily specials include malasadas on a Monday, cinnamon rolls on Wednesdays and apple fritters on Fridays.

There’s also a special signature blend coffee, plus a great range of espresso drinks.

The shop is open from 6.30am daily. It closes its doors at 6pm Monday to Thursday, 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and 7pm on Sunday.


3. Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts are well known for customizing their donuts on demand. Head to the counter, and your vanilla cake donut will be cooked the minute you order it. You can then choose your own filling, coating and topping,

If all the choice is too much, there are a range of “fan favorites”, tried and tested combos that customers love. They include the blueberry lemonade, chocolate explosion, cinnamon bun, maple bacon and French toast.

You’ll also find specials that change with the seasons. At the time of writing these included s’mores, chocolate icing with peanuts, and vanilla with Graham cracker crumbs.

The shop is open seven days a week for takeout and delivery. On Mondays through Thursdays the opening hours are 6.30am to 9pm. On Fridays, they’re 6.30am to 10pm, on Saturdays 8am to 10pm, and on Sundays 8am to 8pm.


4. Oliboli Donuts

Oliboli Donuts

Oliboli promises “Old World donuts in New World flavors”. There’s a choice of 40-hour yeast-raised donuts and cake donuts, with a menu that covers the classics, plus innovative new flavor combinations.

They include options like Meyer lemon and banoffee yeast donuts, and bumbleberry and chocolate cake donuts. There’s a good range of specials available for a limited time too, including cardamom bun, prickly pear and strawberry glazed.

Vegan options are available too. And there’s a great range of coffee and espresso drinks, including innovative flavors like a whiskey maple latte.

The shop is open daily from 7am to 4pm for dine in, takeout or delivery.


5. Orange County Crafted Donuts

Orange County Crafted Donuts

Crafted Donuts claim theirs are the best pastries in the whole of Orange County.

The menu aims to combine classic recipes with innovative twists. Options include cookie butter, maple bacon, strawberry split, blueberry cream cheese, and almond joy. There are nearly 40 different flavors in all, and many of them are available as a vegan option too.

They also offer donuts shaped as letters to create a name or message. And if you buy a dozen donuts, you’ll get one free.

The shop is open six days a week, from 6am to 4pm. It stays closed on Mondays. Curbside pickup and delivery are both available.


6. Friendly Donuts

Friendly Donuts

If your donut craving strikes at an antisocial hour, never fear – Friendly Donuts have you covered. They’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for both takeout and delivery.

They make mochi donuts, dossants – a cross between a donut and a croissant – and vegan donuts.

The options here include Asian-inspired flavors like ube, and innovative creations like blueberry glaze with lemon curd drizzle. New flavors are being created all the time. Recent additions include a strawberry margarita mochi donut, and a jam donut with lemon cream and a fresh blackberry.

There are loads of good options for vegans too.


7. The Donuttery

The Donuttery

The Donuttery offer an amazing range of donut flavors, and some very creative options.

These include keto donuts made with almond and coconut flours, monkfruit sweetener, eggs, peanut butter and avocado oil. Try the white and dark chocolate cake donut, and you may struggle to believe it’s sugar free.

Also on offer are delicious traditional malasada donuts, filled with vegan vanilla cream. And there are plenty of traditional options too, including raised, glazed and filled donuts, twists, bear claws and fritters.

Everything is fresh and tasty. And the shop is open 24 hours a day, every day.


8. J. D. Flannel Donuts & Coffee

J. D. Flannel Donuts & Coffee

  • 31878 Del Obispo Street Suite #122, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
  • Tel: 949 218 4483
  • Website:

Some call the donuts at J. D. Flannel the best they’ve ever had. So why not head on over and see what all the fuss is about?!

Everything here is warm and fresh, and there’s a huge selection to choose from. Customer favorites include the gluten free cake donuts in flavors like brown butter and boysenberry, and the vegan apple fritter.

There are also specials that change day to day. The Squarenut, a savory breakfast donut, is one such option, and it gets rave reviews. Customer service wins high praise too.

The shop is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 7am to 2pm. Get takeout, or have your food delivered to your door.


9. Mag’s Donuts & Bakery

Mag’s Donuts & Bakery

Mag’s is situated in the town of Irvine. And it’s well worth a visit to check out their delicious donuts.

The donuts here are made fresh daily, with everything crafted by hand. There’s a huge array of different styles – everything from cake donuts to crullers, twists to bars, bear claws to fritters.

The flavors err on the side of the traditional, with options like chocolate, maple, blueberry and glazed. And there are some delicious croissant donuts in flavors like Nutella and strawberries and cream.

Also on offer are other pastries like muffins, donut holes and bagels, plus a tasty range of savory sandwiches.

The shop is open from 5am to 8pm six days a week, and from 5am to 7pm on Sundays. Takeout and delivery are both available.


10. M & M Donuts

M & M Donuts

Head to M&M Donuts in Anaheim and you’ll probably find a queue snaking out of the door. But don’t be put off – these are donuts worth waiting for.

They’re made to order, which explains the wait time. But it also means you get superbly fresh pastries. The highlight is the blueberry cake donut, which has customers raving.

The shop is open daily for a morning and a night-time shift. Morning hours are 4am to midday, and at night it’s open from 9pm to 1am. If you want to limit the time you spend in line, weekday evenings are a better bet than weekends.


11. Donuts Plus

Donuts Plus

Donuts Plus is a bustling breakfast hotspot. But don’t be put off if you arrive and there’s a long line – it moves very quickly.

There’s a wide range of donuts, including the house speciality, a delicious chocolate cinnamon roll. But they do sell out, so get there early.

Also on the menu are a tasty range of breakfast sandwiches. Everything is made fresh on the premises, and the customer service is top notch.

The shop is open daily from 7am to 2pm.


12. Fill Bakeshop

Fill Bakeshop

The Fill Bakeshop is the home of mochi donuts, hand made from scratch on the premises. The sweet, chewy pastries are made from Japanese rice flour, and you can find them here in a great range of flavors.

These include brown sugar milk tea, mango sticky rice, lilikoi poppyseed and Toblerone. A customer favorite is the Kona mud pie, a combination of chocolate, coffee and Oreo cookies topped with white and dark chocolate drizzles.

Catering packages are available for events, with orders starting at 96 donuts. You can pick up your order from the shop, or have it delivered to your venue.

For everyday orders, the shop offers takeout or a delivery service. It’s open six days a week, closed on Mondays. On weekdays, the opening hours are 9.30am to 6pm, and from 9am to 6pm on weekends.


13. Donut Star

Donut Star

The menu at Donut Star covers a huge range of bagels, paninis and croissant sandwiches. But as the name suggests, it’s the donuts that are the stars of the show. And some customers drive for hours to get their hands on them.

They come in all kinds of styles and flavors. Choose from options like a buttermilk bar, glazed croissant donut, devil’s food cake, twists, French crullers and old fashioned. You can buy a mixed selection by the dozen. And glazed donut holes are sold by the dozen too.

Note that this is a takeout-only option. The shop is open seven days a week, from 3am to 7pm.


14. Donut City

Donut City

Among the devoted fans of Donut City are those who say their donuts are the best they’ve eaten in their lives. The coffee here gets high praise too.

Amongst the stars of the menu is a delicious French cruller – but everything here is made fresh and with great ingredients. Whatever you order, it will be excellent quality. And the customer service is exceptional.

The shop doesn’t offer delivery, so you’ll need to collect your takeout. Head there between 5am and 2pm on weekdays, and 5am to 1pm on weekends.


15. Seaside Bakery

Seaside Bakery

The line outside the Seaside Bakery at Newport Beach tells you everything you need to know about the quality of their donuts. The textures and flavors here are on point, and the customer service is fast, friendly and efficient too.

Among the favorites on the menu are the cronuts, a combination of croissants and donuts. They’re buttery, sweet and light. There are savory breakfast sandwiches too, plus delicious Thai tea and coffee to wash it all down.

This is another case where you’ll need to pick up your donuts in person, as there’s no delivery service. The shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Ready to Choose Your Next Donut?

That brings us to the end of our look at the best donuts in Orange County. We hope it’s inspired you to try out a new shop very soon!

There’s a great range of styles and flavors out there to choose from. So why not try a few new places and see which is your favorite?

Good luck with your search – and bon appetit!

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