Iconic Video Game Donuts

Donuts. We all love them. Whether we’re fans of Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts or those mini fairground donuts, one thing’s for sure: those sweet treats go down easy. Well, art mirrors life. And, as such, it’s no surprise that video games have used donuts in a plethora of ways. Incorporating those tasty treats into our virtual worlds. Let’s take a sugary journey through video games, taking a look at the best and most iconic video game donuts we’ve seen to date.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013): Sprunk Donuts

Can you believe GTA V has been with us for over ten years? Well, if you’re feeling old don’t worry. Simply log in and grab yourself some of Los Santos’ sweet temptation. These are available throughout Rockstar’s magnum opus. Simply take a pit stop at any LTD Gasoline convenience store to grab one along with some Sprunk soda and Sprunk donuts. Given the crime capers of GTA, these donuts add a nice touch of humour to the game world. Particularly as you can occasionally spot police officers chowing down on them throughout the world.

You can even find these in GTA Online, letting you chow down on donuts during your cop cosplay… If you’re looking to get those aesthetics right, you might want to buy gta 5 accounts to get you there faster!

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003): D’oh-nuts

If you’ve ever seen The Simpsons, you probably don’t need any more context that The Simpsons: Hit & Run would contain them. After all, they’re Homer Simpsons’ iconic favourite snack and meal of choice—the pink frosted ones of course being the best of the best. Well, this virtual incarnation of Springfield contains collectible boxes of donuts scattered all over the virtual city. You’ll even find yourself pulling off one of the most iconic car-jumps in the game through a giant one.

Fallout Series: Survivalist’s Donuts

Fallout isn’t a series you’d particularly associate with gourmet treats. But Donuts aren’t gourmet, so you’ll find them all over the worlds of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Some abandoned shops and settlements will contain scattered donut boxes in that iconic 1950s aesthetic, reminding you of the idyllic post-war American look that Fallout draws on so heavily.

Watch Dogs 2 (2016): Hacker’s Snack of Choice

Being a quick and easy snack, packed full of calories, donuts have always been a comfort food for computer whizzes—allowing them to pile in the energy without taking a break. Watch Dogs 2 runs with this stereotype, allowing players to find Donuts scattered all across the bay area as they’re preparing themselves for their next big hack.

Bioshock Infinite (2013): Donuts in the Clouds

Up in the city of Columbia, Bioshock Infinite is well known for its iconic cloudy environments suspended in the air. While the buildings, world and weather are immediately memorable, some players will remember the donuts… Well, only a few. Bioshock Infinite isn’t like the other games on this list, it doesn’t feature truck loads of donuts. Instead, Bioshock Infinite has one, solitary box of donuts which sits on a desk in the lighthouse right at the beginning of the game. Harking back to a time when things were easier than all the complex power struggles and playing god of the Bioshock franchise.

Animal Crossing Series: Villager’s Sweet Tooth

Animal Crossing is a series about simple delights. A phrase which is almost perfectly encapsulated by the humble donut—a snack which makes the best of a few common ingredients. Throughout the franchises many games, players have encountered donuts in a bunch of different ways. From snack to villager back stories to donut-themed furniture! It makes sense that a game as wholesome as this would dedicate itself to representing the humble but memorable donut in so many wonderful ways.

Donut County: The Donut is the Game

We couldn’t miss this one, it literally has the word Donut in its name. But while Donut County might sound like it’s all about the sweet treat, it’s actually a much more interesting game: giving you control of an ever-growing hole in the ground which sucks in anything which falls in. But, as with donuts, it’s a sweet and wholesome experience.

Digital Donuts

Well, if you’d ever been chowing down on your favourite donut and wondered where you could find your nearest virtual equivalent, now you know. Plenty of games include this iconic snack for a variety of reasons. From its association with the police force, the aesthetics of americana or simply for the sweet and warm feeling that the snack inevitably brings.

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