10 Sugar-Free Flavors For Coffee At Dunkin Donuts

Do you want to cut your sugar intake from your favorite Dunkin’ drink while still getting the needed energy to last the day? Well, the odds are in your favor! You can actually relish your well-loved beverage without the guilt of gaining extra calories or carbs.

Take a look at some Dunkin sugar-free flavors below and start planning your next order in advance. Each of these drinks is perfectly curated to keep you energized while staying healthy.

1. What sugar-free flavors for coffee does Dunkin have?

To better understand the list, let’s first discuss the sugar-free flavors offered by Dunkin’ Donuts. There are actually two ways to flavor your coffee―by adding a Dunkin swirl or flavor shot. The latter is sugar-free syrup, which includes six main flavors such French vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, coconut, blueberry, and raspberry.

Accordingly, our collection will be focusing on Dunkin Donuts flavor shots, along with some classic coffee drinks and other unique variations from their menu. So, here are the best sugar-free Dunkin’ drinks that you can purchase from one of the many stores across the country.

1. Classic coffee (hot or iced)

First off, we have Dunkin’s original coffee. This is definitely the drink with the lowest calorie option. Since the coffee itself does not contain any sugar, you have to brace yourself with the strong coffee flavor.

But no worries because you can add milk or even a splash of cream to upgrade your black coffee. Some of the healthier milk options include skim milk and other non-dairy milk like oat milk or almond milk.

And for a little variety, choose from one of the many unsweetened flavor shots available. You can also complement this with one of their breakfast sandwiches that is full of protein. Try their turkey sandwich with egg and cheese and then served on an English muffin.

2. Cold brew

Cold brew
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While a typical cold brew gives off a very strong coffee taste, Dunkin’s cold brew coffee sits just in the middle. It is because of the milder and longer brewing process, which minimizes the bitter notes to create a smoother and even sweeter drink.

But of course, you can spruce it up with a sugar-free flavor shot of your choice. And unlike iced coffees, this doesn’t water down quickly, making it even better!

3. Iced coffee

Next up is the crowd favorite―Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. This famous drink is simply a mixture of their brewed coffee topped with ice. Consequently, it has a greater amount of caffeine, which helps you get jazzed up for your daily routine.

Just like the previously-mentioned choices, their iced coffee can be elevated according to your needs. For keto drinkers, you may request a heavy cream instead. If you want extra calories to energize your senses, go for a calorie sweetener with zero sugar or simply their sugar-free flavor shots.

4. Blueberry and Vanilla Iced Coffee

Blueberry and Vanilla Iced Coffee
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With the extensive Dunkin donuts flavor shots available, creating a new drink that fits your taste is absolutely workable. One of the most suggested variations is the blueberry and vanilla iced coffee. To create one, just request for French vanilla and blueberry flavor shot to be added to your beverage!

5. Iced Americano

Rich coffee flavor with less caffeine, this is the perfect description for Dunkin’s famed Iced Americano. Just like the classic coffee, it makes use of brewed coffee but with higher espresso content―two espresso shots to be exact, made from their finest and dark roasted Arabica beans!

As a result, the taste may be quite bitter and could be slightly acidic. So, this is a great pick if you are someone who wants a strong iced coffee with less caffeine and no sugar.

6. Latte Lite

Since drinks like iced latte, iced mocha latte, salted caramel latte, frozen coffee, and cappuccino are crafted with milk, it means there could be sugar on them. But fret not because there are still a lot of sugar-free options to choose from.

One of the finest choices is the Latte Lite, which uses a no-calorie sweetener to create a delicious coffee that you can fully enjoy!

7. Iced macchiato

Iced macchiato
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What about a milky espresso experience? Dunkin’s iced macchiato is also part of the best-selling Dunkin’ drinks because of its slightly sweet aroma. To ensure there is no added sugar to your item, opt for unsweetened coconut milk instead.

Meanwhile, if you prefer something with more flavor, don’t miss their vanilla sugar syrup. This drink is best paired with their tasty muffins or croissants.

8. Hot tea

On the other side of their menu, we have the hot tea collection. There are several choices at hand including Chamomile Fields Herbal Infusion, Cool Mint Herbal Infusion, and Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Infusion.

On top of that, they have Harmony Leaf Green Tea and the classic Bold Breakfast Black Tea. Since their hot teas are often made-to-order, you may ask for a zero-calorie sweeter.

9. Iced green tea

If you’re disappointed with the exclusion of Dunkin refreshers on the list, their iced green tea might lift your spirits up! This refreshing drink does not come with any pre-sweetened fruit concentrates. So, anyone on a keto diet or those looking for the lowest-calorie option would love this item!

The green tea has a light taste that makes it palatable to the tastebuds. Plus, it has a slight tang of roasted flavor, adding to its uniqueness. For a more delightful experience, order some bagels topped with ham and cheese.

10. Raspberry iced tea

Raspberry iced tea
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If you love the iced green tea option, for sure you’ll be fascinated with their raspberry iced tea as well. This low-carb beverage is a perfect treat for a hot summer. Get this either in medium or large size so you won’t feel unsatisfied.

2. How many carbs are in a Dunkin Donuts sugar-free vanilla iced coffee?

According to Dunkin’s nutritional facts, a sugar-free vanilla iced coffee has a total of 18g of carbs. The carb content comes from the sugar-free vanilla syrup.

3. What drink at Dunkin has the least amount of sugar?

Dunkin’s classic black coffee takes up the spot of having the least amount of sugar. On top of that, it is the lowest calorie option among all the other choices listed above.


Choosing a sugar-free drink is probably the simplest yet healthiest thing you can do to your body. So, try to make small changes to your routine starting now and focus on having a healthy lifestyle.

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