13 Donut Shops That Ship Nationwide

Our donut cravings can be very unpredictable. It may kick in during a hot, boring afternoon or even during the wee hours of the morning. And if this happens, all we have to do is to hope and pray that a store of donuts ships right at our doorstep!

And if you are a donut lover who is always stuck in this dilemma for a long time, well today’s the last day that you’ll fret about this problem. Here’s a list of stores that ship donuts overnight and anywhere in the country:

1. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme
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The list kicks off with the ever-famous donut chain! With over decades of experience and more than 300 branches across the US, Krispy Kreme continues to be a reliable choice among certified donut fanatics. Their wide selection of Krispy Kreme donuts is just a staple in almost every US gathering.

If you are unsure what to pick, you’ll never go wrong with their original glazed donut. The soft, airy texture perfectly complements the sugary glaze that makes it the best snack at night.

For some variations, opt for their best-sellers like glazed chocolate cake, New York cheesecake, chocolate iced with custard filling, and caramel donuts. There are also seasonal snacks and new add-ons, so be sure to keep an eye on their surprises! And of course, their nationwide delivery is a cherry on top!


2. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts
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Another go-to option among donut lovers is Dunkin’ Donuts. This worldwide sensation is well-recognized when it comes to more affordable and delectable donuts. As a popular name in the world of donuts, they have crafted tasty treats in different flavors and sizes.

Some of their crowd favorites are chocolate frosted, chocolate glazed, strawberry frosted, Boston Crème, and powdered sugar. If you feel like eating something fruity, they’ve got a great selection of mild fruits too―from their seasonal pumpkin donut to their blueberry cake.

And before you forget, you can’t miss their classic black coffee with a stronger flavor! So, find the nearest Dunkin store near you and order from apps like Doordash, Grubhub, or Ubereats. Using these apps, you can easily input your order and adjust the quantity according to your needs.


3. Shipley Do-Nuts

Image Credit: thatssotampa

With over 300 franchised stores, Shipley Do-Nuts remains to be one of the most renowned donuts and coffeehouse chains in the country. They offer more than 60 varieties to cater to all kinds of donut lovers, from glazed donuts to cake donuts.

Or if you pine for some flavorful fillings, fret not because they have a specific menu for these donuts! Some of the options at hand include Bavarian, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

On top of that, they also serve tasty kolache and sweet rolls for everyone! As to the shipping, make sure to create an account and choose a serviceable zip code or location.


4. Stan’s Donut & Coffee

Image Credit: bizjournals

How about a little deviation from the top donut chains? Let’s get started with a Chicago-grown store, Stan’s Donut & Coffee. Initially established in 1963 in the busy section of LA, this local store has found its new home in the windy city of Chicago.

Since then, they have opened more branches in Illinois, offering an impressive collection of freshly made donuts and locally roasted coffee. Their Doughboy’s Best Donut Assortment is the best option if you want to try all their famous pastries, including their lemon pistachio flavor and some birthday cake donuts.

And if you’re also a coffee addict, you might as well avail of their coffee subscription! For deliveries, you can book through Goldbelly.


5. Duck Donuts

duck donuts
Image Credit: mallofamerica

With mesmerizing yet tasty combinations, Duck Donuts might just become your new favorite donut store in the coming months. If you’re uncertain what combination to try, pick from one of their fan favorites such as Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake, Pina Colada, Smores, and Peanut Butter & Jelly, among others.

Still not fascinated with the options? Well, why not create your donuts? Duck Donuts offers a made-to-order section to specifically cater to your cravings!


6. Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant
Image Credit: travel.sygic

Creating donuts since 1994, Doughnut Plant is a fine choice for picky eaters who want their donuts done without eggs. Yes, you heard it right! Uniquely, they serve a number of cake donuts that taste like a buttery pound cake with a hint of your favorite birthday cake!

Pick from their variety of original donut samplers or go for some limited seasonal creations like strawberry sourdough nut or chocolate chip cookie cake. And for health-conscious persons, don’t worry because there are also several vegan and gluten-free options!

Aside from their local pick-up and delivery, they also ship nationwide! As to the checkout, you need to have your own account and choose your preferred delivery date.


7. Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts
Image Credit: phillyvoice

Donuts and coffee? What about donuts and fried chicken? You won’t have to choose because Federal Donuts serves all these delectable treats! For the donut category, they have the Best Seller and the Fancy Donut selections, which come in a dozen.

Unlike most airy donuts, they take pride in their pillowy yet full-cake donuts. Their Tel Aviv Sandwich and The Fried Chicken Salad are also to die for!


8. The Donut Man

The Donut Man
Image Credit: tripadvisor

As the undisputed hub of donuts in the US, it would be disappointing not to include donut stores from Southern California. First on the list would be The Donut Man, a prominent donut store along the historic Route 66. You may feast on their donuts loaded with strawberries or try their peach doughnuts.

And since they are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, dealing with your donut cravings would no longer be a problem. Just add to your cart via DoorDash and enjoy these mouthwatering delights in no time!


9. DK’s Donuts

DK’s Donuts
Image Credit: spoonuniversity

Are you looking for a donut place that is open 24 hours? Get your donut fix at any time of the day with DK’s Donuts! To top it all, this store isn’t just about donuts. It’s a one-stop shop for all your snack cravings, from sandwiches to smoothies to coffee, and more!

Browse through their extensive array of sweet delights and refreshing drinks that has satisfied thousands of people since 1980. They have a solid reputation in the Santa Monica community and even around LA.

In fact, they are one of the pioneers of the pink donut boxes, which takes its roots from Cambodian immigrants. So, whether you yearn for a traditional donut with a unique twist or some breakfast croissant donuts, DK’s got you covered!


10. Primo’s Donuts

Primo’s Donuts
Image Credit: primosdonuts

A family-owned donut business in LA, Primo’s Donuts has always been part of the famous donut stores in the city. They even take part in National Donut Day with a bang. And for sure, they don’t disappoint donut aficionados out there as they truly live up to the hype!

Go over the classic category with over 50 options to choose from, including blueberry, chocolate, coconut vanilla, glazed sourdough, lemon, cinnamon, and so much more! Aside from that, they have vegan choices too!


11. The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub
Image Credit: hoodline

For New Yorkers, you may have come across The Donut Pub, either in West Village or in Astor Place. This place in New York City is ideal not just for donut enthusiasts but also for those with a nut allergy.

It’s because all their pastries and sweet creations are tree nuts and peanut-free. So, if you’re looking for some donuts that you can freely eat without the unwanted itchiness, this is the best spot to order.


12. Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar

Angel Food Bakery & Donut Bar
Image Credit: linkedin

From fresh donuts to elegant wedding cakes, Angel Food is a small yet thriving donut store located in Saint Louis. Perhaps their most recognized donut is the Big Ass Jumbo Donut, which is pretty suitable for its name. The Dough-Naparts, which is a croissant donut, could also be a top contender.

If you want something for the entire fam, they’ve got the Chef’s Choice Assorted Donuts as well as the Original Happy Birthday Donuts. And if you can’t pick it up from their main branch, don’t worry because you may ship your box of donuts!


13. Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts
Image Credit: randysdonuts

Last but not least is Randy’s Donuts! As a top donut store with over 10 locations in the US, you can easily have them shipped via Door Dash.

They are known for their large, fluffy, and airy donuts that stay fresh for a long time. Their dessert line-up is categorized into classic donuts, deluxe donuts, fancy donuts, and premium donuts. So, if you haven’t tasted one, this might just be the perfect time to grab a bite of their decadent delights!


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Now that you have a clear list of donut stores, you won’t have to suppress your donut cravings for a long time! Go over the shops above, check their main browsers, and have your most loved sugary treat shipped immediately or the next business day.


1. Is it possible to ship donuts?

Shipping your favorite donuts is made easier with various food delivery apps that cater to buyers nationwide. These include Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Seamless, and Postmates. There are also a lot of stores that partner with online marketplace platforms like Goldbelly.

Meanwhile, other donut companies have their own delivery service, which then requires you to create your own account for their records. As to the delivery rates, these may vary accordingly.

2. How do you ship donuts to keep them fresh?

In general, all donuts that are bound to be shipped should be securely packed. When you pack donuts, try to add a divider into the box so that it won’t mess up. Also, use your preferred padding to keep the donuts in place and secure while in transit. You may also put them in an air-tight bag or container.

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