Top 16 Best Donut Brands in the World

Ah, donuts. The favorite food of Homer Simpson has been around for centuries! And today, these delicious pastries are enjoyed around the globe.

But where do you go if you want to sample the very best donuts in the world? That’s what we’re here to find out!

We’re going to take you on a journey across continents to find the crème de la crème of donut deliciousness! And we’ll share just what it is that makes these pastries a cut above the rest.

Ready? Let’s get started!

The Best Donut in the World

1. Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, Texas, USA

Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, Texas, USA

Round Rock in Texas has been around since 1926 – so this is a shop that knows a thing or two about donuts. Their pastries are still made to the same recipe created by its original owner. And it’s a winner – the shop was ranked top in Yelp’s 2022 survey of US donuts.

The donuts here are yeast raised, and they’re cut, rolled, fried and iced by hand. And they have a distinctive yellow color, the result of the fresh eggs used in the recipe.

The focus here is on classic flavors. You’ll find glazed, and iced versions in strawberry, chocolate and maple. There are cake donuts too – chocolate, spiced, blueberry, plain and cinnamon sugar. And there are fancy donuts like Bismarks and apple fritters, and filled options like lemon, strawberry and cherry.

Head to the drive-through for fast and efficient service. It’s open seven days a week, from 4.30am to 6.30pm. But note that pre-orders are only accepted for large volumes of at least 20 dozen donuts.


2. Dough Beings, Hong Kong

Dough Beings, Hong Kong

Dough Beings is an artisan bakery specializing in bombolini, classic Italian filled donuts. And they’re so popular, you need almost military planning to get your hands on some. Pre-orders open at 5pm every Sunday, and they’re restricted to one box per person.

It’s possible to place a larger order for a special event. To do that, you’ll need to contact the store via Whatsapp.

The range of flavors isn’t huge, but everything is top quality. The menu changes every couple of weeks, and there’s usually a choice of two sweet and one savory flavor.

The options are all creative and exciting. Think fig and brie, tomato and ricotta, Thai milk tea crumble, and miso Basque cheesecake. This is a great option for connoisseurs of stylish and unusual flavor combinations.


3. SK Donuts and Croissants, Los Angeles, USA

SK Donuts and Croissants, Los Angeles, USA

SK Donuts is an unassuming donut shop that claimed second spot in Yelp’s USA top 100. They have a great range of classic donuts, plus fancy options too. And there are plenty of vegan-friendly choices.

You can choose from classic, old fashioned, buttermilk, speciality and skronuts. Flavors include the blueberry lemon lulu, Oreo blast, Reese’s specialty, and strawberry cream skronut. Expect donuts that are slightly crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.

They’re not the cheapest option in this part of LA. But the quality is worth paying a little extra for.


4. Mutt’s Nuts Pizza & Doughnuts, London, UK

Mutt’s Nuts Pizza & Doughnuts, London, UK

Mutt’s Nuts isn’t the best known donut shop in London – that honour probably goes to Crosstown Doughnuts. But this little gem has some seriously delicious pastries.

You can choose from ring donuts or filled donuts. And if you want to mix it up, choose a donut kebab, combining a range of different flavors.

The selection isn’t huge, but everything is made fresh and from scratch. The ring donuts come in original, strawberry and chocolate glaze, cinnamon, cookies and cream and a biscoff ring. The filled donut options are raspberry jam, Boston cream and peanut butter.

Online ordering and delivery are available – but make sure you get in quick. They sell out fast.


5. Federal Donuts, Philadelphia, USA

Federal Donuts, Philadelphia, USA

Federal Donuts are a relative newcomer on the US donut scene. But they’ve quickly established an impressive reputation for their fresh and creative donuts.

The donuts here are the cake variety, and they’re beautifully light. They come in two styles – glazed or dusted.

Specials here include the Appollonia, dusted in orange blossom and cocoa powder. Other dusted donuts include the strawberry and lavender sugar, vanilla sugar, and cinnamon sugar. Or there’s the chocolate mint glazed, banana cream pie, or grapefruit crème brulée.

All the donuts are served warm too. Enjoy breathing in the delicious aromas until yours is cool enough to eat!


6. Birdies, Los Angeles, USA

Birdies, Los Angeles, USA

Birdies is the second donut shop in LA to make our list – and it’s something special.

The donuts here are made fresh every hour, by hand and from scratch. And they use top quality ingredients, including King Arthur flour, with an emphasis on local produce.

The flavors include strawberry shortcake (their signature donut), strawberry white chocolate, lemon thyme pistachio, and Boston cream filled black and white. The horchata twist with dulce de leche is a fan favorite.

If you’re lucky enough to go, make sure you’re hungry. Birdies also make chicken sandwiches that have the food critics raving.


7. CJ’s Bakery, Christies Beach, Australia

CJ’s Bakery, Christies Beach, Australia

CJ’s Bakery won the National Donut Award for the best chocolate donut in Australia. And if that wasn’t enough, their vanilla slice and jam donuts both got second place in their respective categories.

They offer an amazing range of donuts, with a new special every month. At the time of writing, it was a lemon meringue donut packed full of citrussy deliciousness.

Their selection goes much wider than donuts too. Other menu items well worth checking out include their vanilla slices, sourdough loaves and steak pies.


8. Jelly Modern Doughnuts, Calgary, Canada

Jelly Modern Doughnuts, Calgary, Canada

Jelly Modern Doughnuts has a simple mission – to make the best donut in Canada. And its efforts have seen it win awards for the best food in Calgary in three different years. There are three outlets in Calgary, but the flagship one in Calgary Food Market is the top pick by those in the know.

All the donuts are made on the premises, using ingredients that are locally sourced and organic. The menu is divided into four sections: hand dipped, hand filled, cake and a weekend special.

Flavors include a dipped Madagascar bourbon vanilla, a filled peanut butter cup, and a red velvet cake. And at the time of writing, the weekend special was a smartie donut. Yum.


9. Boneshaker Doughnuts, Paris, France

Boneshaker Doughnuts, Paris, France

If you’re looking for an American style donut in Paris, Boneshaker Doughnuts is the place to go. You’ll find only the finest ingredients used here. And we’ve heard the experience of eating one of their donuts described as “like biting into a cloud”.

The flavors include a scrumptious, deep-filled cherry pie, toffee popcorn, fluffernutter, and the signature Boneshaker Cream. There’s always a special donut of the month. And there’s always at least one vegan option.

Also on offer here are brownies, cinnamon cakes and buns. And the customer service is top notch.


10. Donuterie, Prague, Czechia

Donuterie, Prague, Czechia

Donuterie is rated the top café in the Czech capital of Prague by users of the Tripadvisor website. It’s located just off the main streets of the city, with a relaxed and welcoming vibe. And the donuts here are something special.

They’re made fresh several times a day, and they don’t contain any artificial ingredients. There’s a huge selection, including white chocolate with coconut, hazelnut cream, mango and chilli, and a filled donut with cherries and dark chocolate.

They also cater to events, with special products including mini donuts, a donut pyramid and a “donut wall”.


11. Doughnut Vault, Chicago, USA

Doughnut Vault, Chicago, USA

At Chicago’s Doughnut Vault, the donuts are handcrafted every day using only the best ingredients. And everything is made in small batches to maintain the highest standards.

You can enjoy the fruits of this hard work for half price if you get there between midday and 1pm. The offer is available online too, with the code THANKYOU50. The shop closes as soon as they sell out, though – so waiting for happy hour is a risky business.

You’ll find all the classics on the menu, plus a rotating range of specials that changes daily. The website carries details for the whole of the current week. At the time of writing, the specials included Mexican hot chocolate old fashioned, dulce de leche cake, honey bun cake and apricot jelly.


12. Doughnut Plant, New York City, USA

Doughnut Plant, New York City, USA

New York is arguably the spiritual home of the American donut. And that legacy is in safe hands at Doughnut Plant.

Everything here is organic, and the donuts are based on a recipe from the owner’s grandfather. They’re light, fluffy and delicious, with options including square donuts filled with home-made jellies, vegan sourdough donuts, yeast and cake donuts.

And there are clever ideas like ring donuts that are somehow iced on the inside! Customers’ and critics’ favorites include the tres leches cake donut, the blueberry glazed yeast donut and the classic PB&J.

Get there early if you can. All the flavors are subject to availability – and they often sell out fast.


13. The Rolling Donut, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The Rolling Donut, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The Rolling Donut has been serving donuts to the people of Dublin for over 40 years. The name reflects its roots as a travelling concession at concerts, festivals and shows around Ireland.

These days, the donuts are served from a tiny kiosk on O’Connell Street. And loyal customers trek there in their droves.

The range includes vegan sourdough donuts in both midi and large sizes, rings, and filled donuts.

The flavors include the White Kinder, with a sweet and creamy white chocolate hazelnut filling, and coated in white ganache. Or there’s the Coffee Lover, featuring a latte cream filling, coffee glaze, chocolate drizzle and chocolate coffee beans.

If you prefer fruity options, try the blueberry cheesecake, apple crumble or raspberry filled. The latter is also one of a range of vegan donuts on offer.


14. My Sugar, Cape Town, South Africa

My Sugar, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s My Sugar combines traditional techniques with innovative flavors and top quality local ingredients. And every donut is crafted by hand.

The flavors include a fabulous Eton Mess, loaded with fresh strawberries, cream and meringue. Other delicious options are the peppermint crisp tart donut, lemon meringue, banoffee, apple crumble and milk tart.

And if you love coffee flavored desserts, don’t leave without sampling the tiramisu donut. It’s a thing of beauty as well as deliciousness.

There are four stores in Cape Town, and they all offer walk-in service as well as delivery.


15. Floresta Nature Doughnuts, Suginami, Japan

Floresta Nature Doughnuts, Suginami, Japan

Japan’s Floresta Nature Doughnuts just might be the home of the cutest donuts on the planet. They’re decorated to look like animals, with the kitty the most famous of them all.

The icing is made of a ganache-type coating, soft and sweet. The different colors carry subtle flavors like strawberry, vanilla, sesame and coffee. Many have almonds to form their ears. And some have a mini donut hole animal riding the larger ring donut critter.

They’re not only cute, they’re tasty and very fresh. Everything is made on the day using organic and locally sourced ingredients.

And if you can’t bear to bite into one of the animal donuts, there are lots of others on offer. They include fruit filled options, like strawberry and cherry, and glazed options like chocolate with candied orange and cranberries.


16. Donuts & Candies, Munich, Germany

Donuts & Candies, Munich, Germany

Donuts & Candies is regularly voted Munich’s best donut shop. It’s a smart, clean but no-frills little shop – but don’t be fooled. There’s an enormous range of truly excellent pastries on offer here.

Everything is made fresh on the premises. Customer favorites include the blueberry, apple cinnamon and triple chocolate flavors. You can also find black and white, white chocolate, smarties, tiramisu, Belgian caramel, and a host of others.

They do plenty of other pastries too. And the coffee is exceptionally good.


The Finest Donuts in the World

That brings us to the end of our globetrotting search for the best donuts in the world! As our list shows, there are terrific donut shops on pretty much every continent. So why not add some of these to your bucket list?

And if you’re lucky enough to have one of these shops nearby – congratulations! You’re all set for top class donuts whenever you want them.

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