Jarams Donuts Lakewood in Dallas (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Jarams Donuts Lakewood

Address: 2117 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75214

Phone: (469) 248-0257


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5

Website: http://www.jarams.com/

What Time Does Jarams Donuts Lakewood Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 12PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 1PM

Monday,: 6AM to 12PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 12PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 12PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 12PM

Friday,: 6AM to 12PM

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Jarams Donuts Lakewood Reviews


They’re so nice here and the donuts are to die for! I usually do not like donuts but their specialty ones are so good. Their kolaches are delicious too

Alondra Paulin

Seriously THE BEST DONUTS EVER!!! I would go every day if I could! My favorite donut has to be the croissant donut with Nutella and strawberries on top, SO BOMB!!

Amy “Aims” Velis

We have been ordering from here for our daughter’s Special Birthday donuts for the last 2 years (might be 3). The Gummie Bear and Oreo Donuts are their favorites so far. They definitely have fluffy donuts. Never fails though that they are out of donut wholes when I order though lol. As long as the quality is still up there and we can feel the love from them, then I’ll continue the tradition. Thank you.

Lia F.

I’ve never stepped into Jarams, but my husband is my total enabler and that thrills me to death! He knows I love glazed donuts and Boston cream donuts and, like this morning, I get them as a surprise for breakfast. He’s discovered Jarams sausage rolls, and, boy, are those a nice warm tasty breakfast treat.
My husband likes the old-fashions and apple fritters.


These donuts do make for a great presentation! Impressive flavors and beautifully crafted donuts. They are on the expensive side unless you are just coming in for a dozen glazed donuts. Nothing insanely delicious about flavor, but they’re donuts! What is there to not like? The staff is very quick to serve you and with their long lines, the wait is never overly long.


I was really going to try to give Jaram’s some slack after speaking with them but I just can’t after half of the donuts I received were inedible and disgusting. I searched google to find the best Apple Fritters and Jaram’s Artisan Donuts came up. I went to their website and Grubhub was a delivery choice. I looked at menu and I was unable to find Apple fritters individually. Come to find out you have to do the buy 6 baker’s mixed donut bundle which had Apple fritters as one of the choices. Of the bundled, I requested 3 apple fritters and two blueberry cake donuts and 1 old fashioned cake donut. I also ordered 6 kolaches and 1 dozen donut holes both were overpriced. I received my order missing my donut holes. I didn’t receive any Apple fritters of 3 I ordered. I received one cinnamon roll, a twisted donut with a carmel glaze, 1 glazed donut, 1 chocolate glazed donut with nuts and 2 cake looking donuts (one looked it had a chocolate glaze but it wasn’t and with one w/a clear glaze). The last three donuts I described were thick dry and disgusting. The kolaches were dry and tasteless. I was very disgusted and disappointed. The kolaches were $10.73 and The baker’s mix $9.91 and the donut holes $2.60 a dozen. When I talked Jaram’s the women basically said they had Apple Fritters in store when I talked to her after my order was delivered. She said they had a limited supply. So, basically I didn’t even get 1 of 3 Apple fritters I requested because I ordered thru Grubhub. So, she was keeping them for the in store customers. I spent $32.00 dollars on my order with taxes in addition to the delivery fee and I couldn’t at least get one fricking Apple Fritter! The cherry on top of this f-upped sundae was three of six donuts were disgusting. The chocolate glazed cake looking donut tasted like nasty tasting licorice. These donuts are trash, trash, trash! I guess you have to stay in the hood for good tasting donuts! Please don’t let 4.5 star rating fool you!

Greg Alford

If you’ve never had a cronut it’s a combination of a donut and a croissant. They are absolutely amazing. My favorite is the Bacon maple cronut and then the Nutella cronut. They are not cheap four dollars apiece but well worth it my customers love them.

Hugh Jankles

Ordered via Uber Eats, called in to request a couple specific donuts to be included with the half dozen specialty donuts & the 100% accommodated & were super friendly. Received order timely & donuts were absolutely amazing. Absolutely give this place a try!

Kyle Adam

Gourmet donuts done properly! I’ve been coming here for years and they are consistent and have friendly, fast service. This is the new location and quality control is the same as the original. Standouts for me are always the Cronuts and Creme Brulee donut. The cronuts are so buttery and flaky, with a variety of toppings. The creme brulee has a crisp shell and cream on the inside of a yeast donut. The sausage rolls are also bomb, the dough is fresh, a little sweet and buttery.

This can be a little pricier for an everyday donut spot, but it is absolute the spot for gourmet donuts. I highly recommend and will continue coming here.

Ashley Hernandez

I have visited this location a handful of times now. Donuts are always fresh, not too sweet, creamy for those of you that like the creaminess of certain donuts. If you do not come early you will not have much of a selection. Early as in 7:30 AM early. We have stopped by at 11 AM and most donuts were gone even though store is open until 1 PM which is why Im leaving 4 stars on my review. I wish they would make an extra batch for those of us who come in just a bit later. Otherwise I do recommend this location.

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