Top 15 Best Donut Shops In Portland, OR

You’re in Portland, and you need a donut fix. What do you do?

Why, read on, of course!

We’ve truffled out the very best donuts in Portland. And we’re going to give you all the info you need to satisfy that donut craving – fast.

So if you’re ready, head this way to discover some seriously good donuts

Best Donuts in Portland

1. Delicious Donuts

Delicious Donuts

Delicious Donuts claimed the top spot in a 2018 list of Portland’s best donut shops. Head on over to the store on South East Grand Avenue to find out what the fuss is about.

Their excellent donut menu is divided into big, regular and round. Enjoy options like peanut chocolate cake, maple old fashioned and chocolate raised.

Top with your choice of sprinkles, shredded coconut or crushed peanuts. And choose from fillings like Boston cream, lemon and raspberry. There’s an excellent breakfast menu too, featuring sandwiches, burritos and omelets.

The only downside here is that the opening hours are pretty restricted. At the time of writing, Delicious Donuts is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, from 5am to 1pm. On the plus side, dine in, takeout and delivery are all available.


2. Pip’s Original Donuts & Chai

Pip’s Original Donuts & Chai

If you like your donuts warm and fresh, you’ll love Pip’s Original. They specialize in mini donuts fried to order, so they’re delivered piping hot.

Donuts are available in batches of four, six, eight or twelve. There’s a great choice of flavors, with plenty of seasonal specials. Options include raw honey and sea salt, cinnamon sugar and the Reggie Lee, a combination of cinnamon sugar, Nutella and honey.

There’s also a brilliant selection of chais with exquisite flavor combinations. We love the Emmylou, a relaxing blend of lavender, camomile, chrysanthemum, fennel and raw honey.

Pip’s is open from 8am to 2pm, seven days a week.


3. NOLA Doughnuts

NOLA Doughnuts

Step inside the fresh and pretty interior of NOLA Doughnuts and you could almost imagine yourself in a country kitchen. And the home-baked taste of their donuts won’t disappoint.

Here you’ll find both brioche donuts and La’Ssants, the latter a square take on a traditional donut. It’s made with dough handcrafted over a three-day stretch, layered with butter for a flaky texture.

The La’Ssants come in two categories. There’s a standard menu that’s available all the time, plus a rotating selection of specials.

The former include Madagascar vanilla, chocolate ganache and lemon poppyseed filled with raspberry jam. And amongst the specials are sticky oat, strawberry passion fruit, maple pastry cream and honey walnut.

NOLA is currently open from 8am to 3pm, Sunday to Thursday, but evening opening will be coming soon.


4. Doe Donuts

Doe Donuts

If you’re in search of a great selection of vegan donuts, Doe Donuts is the perfect pick. Everything on the menu is vegan, and it’s all made fresh from scratch every day. There’s a wide choice of vegan ice cream to enjoy too.

Tasty donut flavors include salted vanilla bean, French toast and tiramisu filled. There are also unusually named options like “Portland Fog”, with an organic Earl Grey glaze, fresh whip and vanilla bean.

You can phone ahead or pre-order online, and either collect or get your donuts delivered. Walk-in orders are fine too. The shop is open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 7am to 8pm Friday to Sunday.


5. Angel’s Donuts & Ice Cream

Angel’s Donuts & Ice Cream

  • 2805 North East Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211
  • Tel: 503 284 4510

Angel’s is a family-owned business that’s been serving the local community since 2004. All their donuts are made fresh on the premises. And they also do a fine line in fritters, ice creams and savory snacks.

Their blueberry old fashioned donut has won awards for its all-out deliciousness. And the apple bear claw, strawberry sprinkled and maple buttermilk are other highly rated menu choices. The selection of ice cream is just as good, with a range of different flavors and sundaes.

Angel’s is open for dine in, takeout and delivery from Wednesday to Sunday. Opening hours are from 6am to 9pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, it opens at 6am and closes at 10pm.


6. Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts is an undeniably classy shop specializing in brioche donuts. It’s been featured in publications including Vogue, Condé Nast and Forbes. And it uses fresh, high quality organic ingredients with innovative flavor combinations.

Options include Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Passionfruit Cocoa Nib, Chocolate Almond Ganache and Meyer Lemon and Key Lime Curd. There are cake donuts, old fashioneds and donut bites. They’re all seriously delicious – and all their cake donuts are vegan too.

The shop offers dine in, delivery and curbside pick-up. It’s open every day from 7am to 5pm.


7. Donut Queen

Donut Queen

You won’t find flashy flavors at Donut Queen on East Burnside Street. But what you will find are classic, well-crafted donuts, made fresh every day on the premises.

Every kind of donut you could imagine is on offer here. From cake donuts to old fashioneds, twists to bars, fritters to bear claws, rings to French crullers – they have them all. And there’s a simple drinks menu featuring coffee, milk and soda.

Everything is good value, and you can order online for pick-up or delivery. The shop is open daily from 8.30am to 6pm.


8. Coco Donuts

Coco Donuts

Coco Donuts is a small shop offering a fantastic range of handmade donuts and quality coffees roasted in-house. In fact, it’s the only place in Portland to offer that combination.

The donuts are made fresh every day and based on a cherished – and top secret! – family recipe. Menu highlights include the mochi Oreo, Signature coco raised, Bavarian cream filling, vanilla cake and chocolate buttermilk bar.

The coffee menu includes house-roasted beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Columbia and Rwanda. Each has a suggested donut pairing for a match made in heaven.

The shop is open from Tuesday to Friday for takeout and delivery. Doors open at 7am and close at 2pm.


9. Sesame Donuts

Sesame Donuts

Sesame Donuts is a small local chain with a loyal following. It sells a great selection of classic and specialty donuts, plus other pastries, smoothies and coffee.

There’s plenty of choice on offer, plus highly rated service. Try the maple custard, glazed raised, or powdered sugar donuts – all get rave reviews from customers.

Both takeout and delivery are available seven days a week. There’s no dine in option, but there’s a lovely park just across the street if you can’t wait to tuck in. The opening hours are from 7am to 7pm.


10. Voodoo Donut

Voodoo Donut

Voodoo Donuts was founded in Portland back in 2003 – and its two decades of donut-making experience is evident in every bite.

It offers a truly astounding array of artisan flavors – more than 50 in all. And that includes a choice of more than 25 vegan-friendly options.

Tempting treats include the Cherry Time, a raised donut with chocolate frosting, whipped cherry filling and a drizzle of almond icing. And of course, everything is topped off with a maraschino cherry. For every donut sold, Voodoo make a donation to the HERO Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

If that doesn’t float your boat, what about a Maple Blazer Blunt, Homer, Guava Colada or Vicious Hibiscus? This a donut menu that demands you sample at least three flavors!

You can order at the counter or online, but note that there’s no space to dine in. The shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


11. Heavenly Donuts Bakery

Heavenly Donuts Bakery

Heavenly Donuts are a small chain offering a great selection of donuts. Here you’ll find twists, raised donuts, bars, cake donuts, fritters and bear claws, to name but a few. There are also breakfast bagels and croissants. And there’s a good, if simple, drinks menu.

You can dine in, order takeout, or order online and get your donuts delivered. The in-shop service gets great reviews.

They’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And fresh, hot food is cooked until midnight, making it a great place for a late night snack.


12. Mikiko Mochi Donuts

Mikiko Mochi Donuts

Mikiko Mochi Donuts are dairy and gluten-free, making them a great choice for those with sensitive tums. Note, though, that they contain eggs, so they’re not vegan.

They’re made using mochiko, Japanese rice flour, and they have quite a different texture to traditional American donuts. But unlike other mochi donuts, these are a single, smooth ring, rather than a circular chain of dough balls.

Their range of flavors is small but perfectly formed. Regular donuts are available in ube and li-hing, black sesame and marionberry jam, yuzu vanilla funfetti and triple chocolate. Filled options are passionfruit and passionfruit curd, Key lime pie, horchata pudding and blueberry pie.

The shop is open daily for dine in, takeout and delivery. Opening hours are the same every day, from 8am to 3pm.


13. Donut Palace

Donut Palace

Donut Palace offers a tempting array of original and specialty donuts. And on Saturdays, there’s a special vegan selection, made fresh to order.

Raised donuts include flavors like chocolate rainbow, vanilla, blueberry and strawberry maple bars. Or check out the filled options like apple, lemon, Bavarian cream and Boston cream. There are old fashioneds, cake donuts, fritters, bear claws, cinnamon rolls – the list goes on.

The shop is open seven days a week, with both takeout and delivery available. Opening hours vary, so get your diary out! They’re from 5.30am to 12pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, 2.30am to 12.30pm on Wednesdays and Sundays, 5am to 1pm on Thursdays, and 5am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


14. Donuts Plus

Donuts Plus

  • 14740 North West Cornell Road # 100, Portland, OR 97229
  • Tel: 503 644 2168

Donuts Plus was established back in 1981, and it’s been serving top notch donuts to customers ever since. It’s an unpretentious, old-school donut shop, with a great selection and wonderful flavors. The donuts are always freshly made, and you can get bagels and croissants too.

The donuts are a good size, and they’re very fairly priced. And if you’re lucky, you may get a free handful of donut holes thrown in as an extra.

It’s open seven days a week, from 5.30am to 3pm. There’s no dine in option, but you can get takeout or have your donuts delivered to your door.


15. Tochi PDX

Tochi PDX

  • Pop-up store currently situated at 4246 South East Belmont Street, Portland, OR 97215
  • Contact via the website
  • Website:

Tochi are another donut shop specializing in mochi donuts, a cross between Japanese rice cakes and traditional donuts. Tochi’s donuts look like a series of doughballs joined into a circle – and that’s exactly what they are!

They come in flavors like ube pebbles, chocolate ganache, glazed and churro. You can buy your donuts by the dozen or half dozen. Go to the website to pre-order online and find the latest location and time slot for pick-up.

This does mean this isn’t the place to turn to if it’s late at night and you need a donut RIGHT NOW. But if you can wait to satisfy your craving, it’s a great choice for something a little different.


Ready to Choose?

We’ve come to the end of our tour of some of the best donuts in Portland. We hope you’ve found an option to meet your donut needs!

There’s a great selection of shops here to suit all budgets and tastes. So why not check one out soon, and begin your quest for the perfect Portland donut!

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