Shipley Do-Nuts in Austin (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Shipley Do-Nuts

Address: 10019 W Parmer Ln #100, Austin, TX 78717

Phone: (512) 218-4944

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Shipley Do-Nuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 12PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 12PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 12PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 12PM

Friday,: 5AM to 12PM

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Shipley Do-Nuts Reviews


I was looking for a donut house near my house and found it! Thanks to the kind lady, she bought me a donut^^ American donuts are different from Korean donuts, so I think deeply every time I buy them. This time, it is a big success! It’s really cheap and tastes good. ^^ Cold brew iced coffee is good, too^^ Thank you.

Will Richards

Nice Selection of Great Donuts and Really Great People Work here too

My favorite is the Cinnamon Twist

I really like the Apple Fritters too but only with milk for me

Kolaches are Yummy and nice choice for breakfast…. I like the large ones with sausage jalapeno and cheese

Yes they have a drive thru if you prefer

This is the store that welcomed me to Shipley Do-Nuts for the first time!!!

Super Awesome!!! Highly Recommend!

Juliana And Co.

EXCELLENCE in a donut reigns here !!
Best donuts in Texas & I am a finicky eater of donuts ! I have tried them all. Many other shops make their donuts either too icky-sweet or too dry but Not here!!!! 😀 Never either !! Thank you for making an excellent , classic donut, every time y’all ✓

Nyte Rayne

Very interesting comments from the pregnant girl! I would adamantly disagree! I worked there with two of my pregnancies and the owners were amazing. I was recognized for my hard work and treated like family. I had complications with my first pregnancy and the owners were so accommodating. I even took 3 months off to spend time with my first son. With each pregnancy they had a big shower for my babies. AND believe it or not the CEO is the owner! This is a small business and the owners are more than fair and family friendly not to mention the place is spotless clean and the food and donuts amazing! She did not stay long enough to know how good she really had it with this job!

Michael Barton

Consistently great doughnuts at a really cheap price point. Parking is easy and the drive thru isn’t overly busy. Go inside and smell the sugar hit! Avoid the kolaches because they’re really not good. Get any doughnut, but check out any seasonal options. They’re usually the best.

Jamal Fielder

I was pretty excited to try this Shipley’s down the street from my apartment. I was hoping for some hot and fresh donuts, but I came in on a Sunday around noon and the glaze were cold. Not sure if they only have fresh donuts at a certain time, but yeah, not noon on a Sunday. Donuts taste great though

Stephanie Decaussin

I worked there when I was pregnant and loved it. The owners are so nice. I was allowed to give my off hours as needed for my doctor appointments and when I need an extra day here and there I was allowed. I even got several items for my daughter. I loved working there and would still be there if I didn’t move with family. I miss them.

Dana Ray

Following up on the most recent posts. I was 4 months pregnant when I interviewed with the owners years ago. I didnt tell them during the interview that I was pregnant, nor did they ask. My belly was growing at a rapid pace and it was getting harder for me to hide. I knew I had to be honest with them. A few weeks after I was hired, I informed the owners that I was pregnant. I apologized to them for not informing them. They didn’t fire me – they were accepting and so supportive.They gave me time of for all my pregnancy needs and appointments. I worked hard and did my job. If they asked me to do something, I would do it. Plain and simple. I EARNED their respect. In fact, I worked with them during 2 pregnancies and they were so supportive throughout my 5 years of employment. They would give the shirts off their backs if I ever need help! I have nothing but good things to say about the business and the owners! Don’t let the negative comments keep you from going to the store. The staff is friendly, the store is immaculate, and the donuts are so delicious!

Paul Pacheco

Bald male employee was rude. Seemed like he didn’t want to serve or deal with customers. Think he just wanted me to leave. It was 10AM and he said “I don’t have much left it’s the end of the day” and he said it with a TERRIBLE ATTITUDE. Awful, dismissive, RUDE customer service experience. Also, If 10AM is the end of the day then why are they open until 12? Just close up shop at 10:30 or 11.

Brandon Rogers

I went to buy something for the pediatric intensive care nurses who are taking such good care of us in the most difficult time of our lives. So glad I came here. The gentleman helping me out heard about this and sent us to the hospital with a lot of love and some extra donuts. Everyone was so touched. Including my family. Thank you

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