Yum Yum Donuts in San Jose (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Yum Yum Donuts

Address: 400 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

Phone: +1 408-363-8121


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3

Website: https://yumyumdonuts.com/

What Time Does Yum Yum Donuts Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Yum Yum Donuts Reviews

Cisco L

I stopped by here because I didn’t want to go to the golden arches or the guy called Jack. Plus they’re always open. I ordered the bagel breakfast sausage sandwich and a glaze donut.

I thought the bagel would be freshly baked. It was hard but the rest of the sandwich was edible.

The donut was a let down too. I can’t remember when I last ate donuts. So of course, I wanted to savor every bite. It wasn’t pillowy soft and it was actually dry.

The moment was short lived! Lol

carlos jimenez

Places has a good variety of donuts & stuff. Like breakfast sandwiches, & healthy drinks that they blend. I think there open 24 hours. It can get busy in the morning, an customer service isn’t that good. Usually only 2 people helping customers. But not to bad.

Dallas Hames

My wife and I had our wedding reception in October 2017 and went to all the known donut shops in the San Jose area to find the right donut. Yum Yum was our preference because their dough was more flavorful, consistent, and less greasy. They also had two unique flavors for Halloween that were lime and orange; sounds odd, but they worked really well. Yum Yum made 120 plus donuts to accommodate us. They were made the day of and everyone loved the idea, taste, and flavor options. Rose Café had the big donut for our top tier(little dry), but everything below was the highly complemented product of Yum Yum. Having moved out of state, we would advise you visit this classic strip mall shop to see the flavor du mois(they seem to change month by month) and support these friendly, caring, and creative people. Please tip a dollar more than you think is necessary because they deserve it.

Reginald Hayden

You should totally bring back ,” Winchells Donut House.” They were iconic and legendary…Too bad, now,” Dunkin Donuts ” has the upper hand.

The four Frames

The donuts are really good. I haven’t had the coffee, but between the cappuccinos and hot chocolate, the hot chocolate is best. It’s so nice that they’re open 24/7 too.

Manuel Salazar

I’m typically stopping in here to buy a couple of dozen to keep the office staff happy. Never fails. Short lines, if any, and I’m out of there quickly with zero hassle. Not to mention that I’m a fan of the donuts too.

Veronica Craven

THE BEST PLACE FOR A MIDNIGHT DONUT! The late night selection is on par with the early morning fresh bakes.

Thaddeus Olszewski

They always have great donuts and other goodies. And open 24/7 too!

Aron Dougherty

The donuts here are amazing I strongly recommend trying this place out when you have a chance. They have a great menu selection and the prices are super reasonable.

Jagger Stevens

Love the donuts here and the service is one of a kind. They have a great selection and the service staff are the best.

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