Top 15 Best Donuts Shops in Houston, TX

Head out to Houston, Texas and you’ll find yourself at the heart of a whole range of exciting happenings. It’s known as the capital of space exploration, the capital of the world energy industry and the capital of – er – air conditioning. But it’s also a great place to find a truly excellent donut!

And if that’s what you’re searching for, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a tour of the best donuts in Houston. And we’ll give you all the intel you need to pick your perfect pastry.

Ready? Let’s go find some donuts!

Best Donuts in Houston

1. Hugs & Donuts

Hugs & Donuts

  • 1901 North Shepherd Drive #4, Houston, TX 77008
  • Tel: 713 485 6443

Hugs & Donuts specializes in artisan pastries made fresh with top quality ingredients. Everything here is made from scratch, including the wide range of delicious fillings.

Customer favorites include the cinnamon sugar, sugar cookie, Oreo, and blueberry lemon. And there are plenty of choices for vegans and those avoiding gluten. The presentation is spot on too – your stomach will be rumbling before you’ve even taken a bite.

There is limited seating available if you want to dine in, but most customers choose takeout. Delivery is available too. The shop is open six days a week, staying closed on Tuesdays. Doors open at 7am and close at 2pm.


2. River Oaks Donuts

River Oaks Donuts

  • 3601 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77027
  • Tel: 713 961 9458

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out River Oaks Donuts. Their specialty is custom donuts, and they do a great range of gluten-free flavors too.

You can choose the color of your icing, a message to go on top, the color of the sprinkles and the theme. Standard donuts are available, as well as those shaped like individual letters of the alphabet.

There are cake donuts, yeast-raised donuts, iced donuts and filled donuts, plus apple fritters, cinnamon twists and Long Johns. Also on the menu are donut holes, cronuts – a cross between a croissant and a donut – and savory kolaches.

Either head to the drive through or order for delivery to your door. The shop is open 6am to midday Monday to Thursday, and from 6am to 1pm Friday to Sunday.


3. Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut

  • 3715 Washington Avenue Suite A, Houston, TX 77007
  • Tel: 346 802 3138

Voodoo has been voted America’s best donut, and the chain is known for its innovative and creative flavors. There are more than 50 different options to choose from, including an award-winning maple bacon bar.

The flavors include a range of specials, with proceeds from some of those sales going to various charities. At the time of writing, a banana cream pie donut was raising funds for suicide prevention.

Other options include the Dirt, a raised ring donut with vanilla frosting and cookies filled with chocolate cream. Or there’s the Grape Ape, featuring vanilla frosting, grape dust and purple sprinkles. Or the fabulously named Vicious Hibiscus, with hibiscus frosting and black sprinkles.

You can dine in, get takeout, or order online for no-contact delivery. The shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


4. Queen Donut

Queen Donut

  • 1806 West 18th Street, Houston, TX 77008
  • Tel: 713 869 2335

Queen Donut is the home of some truly beautiful donuts. Here you’ll find chocolate and pastel colored frostings, rainbow sprinkles – and lots of happy donut-lovers.

Everything is made in-house, and all the donuts are fresh and tasty. Favorites with customers include the glazed donut, old fashioned and apple fritter. There’s also a good selection of kolaches if you’re in the mood for something savory.

The customer service here gets high praise for its friendliness and efficiency. Pop into the shop any time between 4.30am and midday, seven days a week. You can dine in, order takeout, or get your food delivered to your door.


5. Le Donut

Le Donut

  • 2803 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054
  • Tel: 713 741 7170

Le Donut can be found inside the medical center on Old Spanish Trail. It’s a cute mom and pop shop that offers great quality donuts, breakfast sandwiches and kolaches. And the service is top notch.

Options include chocolate glazed, blueberry, red velvet cake and twists. It’s not the cheapest place in Houston, but you’ll often get a free donut thrown in. Wash your pastries down with a good cup of coffee or a chilled beverage.

Drop into the store to get takeout – there’s plenty of convenient parking – or get your donuts delivered. The shop is open daily, from 5am to 1pm.


6. Christy’s Donuts & Kolaches

Christy’s Donuts & Kolaches

  • 1103 W Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019
  • Tel: 713 524 7005

Head to Christy’s for a great selection of fresh donuts, kolaches and croissants.

Take the weight off your feet and dine in, with a cup of good coffee to accompany your pastry. Takeout is available too. And if you don’t fancy leaving home, you can get your donuts delivered to your door.

You’ll find all the classics here – old fashioned, glazed, cake donuts, bear claws and donut holes. The flavors aren’t weird and wacky, but everything is fresh, tasty and well executed. There’s plenty of choice, and the prices are very reasonable too.

The shop is open from 4.30am to 2pm, seven days a week.


7. Mrs. Donuts

Mrs. Donuts

  • 14765 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079
  • Tel: 281 679 1600

Every morning the dough at Mrs. Donuts is made and rolled by hand. It goes to create excellent donuts, as well as kolaches, croissants, biscuits and tacos.

The store is known for its caramelized bacon, which adorns an array of its products, including the chocolate and maple bacon donuts. Other donut flavors include Oreos, M&Ms, and chocolate, strawberry and vanilla iced donuts with Sour Patch Kids candies. There’s even a health bar donut.

The coffee is a delicious blend of Hawaiian Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain. You can buy it by the cup or get a large box to take away. Each box contains enough to serve 12 cups.

Mrs Donuts is open every day, from 5am to 1pm. Dine in, takeout and no-contact delivery are all available.


8. Donut Delight 2

Donut Delight 2

  • 2121 North Main Street, Houston, TX 77009
  • Tel: 713 226 7077

Donut Delight 2 offers a delectable selection of donuts, cakes and pastries. They can cater for larger events as well.

They offer pretty much every kind of donut you can think of. There are glazed, iced, cake, old fashioned and twists. And there are fancy options like eclairs, fritters and cinnamon rolls. Top picks include the blueberry donut and pink cake donut.

There’s also a great range of savory items, including kolaches, sandwiches and breakfast rolls, croissants and burritos. Wash it all down with your choice of coffee, espresso drink, hot chocolate or cold beverage.

The shop is open daily, from 5am to 1pm.


9. Snowflake Donuts

Snowflake Donuts

  • 10780 Westview Drive #D, Houston, TX 77043
  • Tel: 713 827 2808

Snowflake Donuts is a gem of a shop on Westview Drive. The selection here isn’t the largest, but everything is served fresh and carefully prepared. And you won’t find better or friendlier service.

The donuts here are light and fluffy. Check out the filled donuts and Bavarian cream éclairs, which get rave reviews from customers.

The savory options are well worth investigating too. The kolaches and breakfast sandwiches are said to be amongst the best in town. And you can get a delicious cup of Thai tea, plus hot and iced coffee. Everything on the menu is fairly priced.

Snowflake Donuts is open seven days a week, and you can dine in, order takeout, or book a delivery. Opening hours are 4.30am to 1pm daily.


10. Dawn Donuts

Dawn Donuts

  • 12132 Sabo Rd # D2, Houston, TX 77089
  • Tel: 832 230 3785

Dawn’s Donuts offers freshly made donuts plus a great range of croissants, breakfast sandwiches and kolaches.

You’ll find all the traditional donut styles and flavors here. The cake donuts get particularly good reviews from customers. Specials are available for holidays too, like heart shaped donuts for Mother’s Day. And you can get giant donuts for special occasions.

The shop is open daily from 4.30am to 1pm. There’s no space to dine in, but both takeout and delivery are on offer.


11. H-Town Donuts

H-Town Donuts

  • 10130 Grant Road A, Houston, TX 77070
  • Tel: 832 688 5793

At H-Town Donuts you’ll find pretty much every style of donut you could wish for. There’s iced, iced with toppings, filled, cake, sprinkled and red velvet cake. Or you can choose a twist, fritter, éclair, cinnamon roll or sugar donut.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from too.  Icing options include chocolate, strawberry, white and blue. Amongst the cake donuts are blueberry, old fashioned, vanilla and chocolate with coconut. And the filled options include Bavarian or white cream, strawberry, lemon, raspberry and apple.

You can order online and pick up at the drive-through or in the shop. Dine in and delivery are available too. The shop is open from 5am to 1pm Tuesday to Saturday, and from 6am to 1pm on Sundays.


12. Happy D Donuts

Happy D Donuts

  • 13526 Tidwell Road #350, Houston, TX 77044
  • Tel: 281 459 2229

Happy D Donuts offer fresh donuts in all shapes and sizes. Those include donuts shaped like letters of the alphabet, perfect for creating a message for a birthday or other special occasion.

There’s a good selection of other styles and flavors too, and all the donuts are light and fluffy. But if you’re looking for a recommendation, the chocolate donut with sprinkles is many people’s favorite. The prices are reasonable, and the service gets high marks from customers.

You can dine in at the shop, or takeout and delivery are available too. Opening hours are from 4am to 2pm, seven days a week.


13. Fresh & Best Donuts

Fresh & Best Donuts

  • 7306 West Tidwell Road, Houston, TX 77040
  • Tel: 832 940 2280

Fresh & Best Donuts does exactly what its name suggests – serves up freshly made, delicious donuts. You’ll also find a good selection of breakfast sandwiches and kolaches to satisfy any savory requirements. And there’s decent coffee to get you going in the morning.

There’s plenty of choice, with cake donuts that are lightly crisp on the outside, and moist and soft inside. They have just the right level of sweetness too.

Most of the flavors are fairly traditional – the blueberry cake donut gets great reviews. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, there are usually a few more creative options as well.

This is a drive-through, and there’s no dine in or delivery option. On weekdays, it’s open from 4.30am to midday. On Saturdays, the hours are 4.30am to 1pm, and on Sundays it opens from 5am to 1pm.


14. Family Donuts

Family Donuts

  • 13801 Hiram Clarke Road # A, Houston, TX 77045
  • Tel: 713 433 4144

Family Donuts have been making fresh, tasty pastries for almost 20 years. Just make sure you visit an ATM before you go there – they only accept cash payments.

The menu is simple, but everything is done well. There are cake donuts, iced donuts, glazed, filled bars, sprinkles, twists and apple fritters. And everything is very modestly priced.

They also serve up plain and filled croissants, and sausage or sausage and cheese kolaches. Everything on the menu can be bought individually or as a dozen. Choose the latter, and with most options you’ll get twelve items for the price of ten.

The shop is open every day and you can either dine in or use the drive-through. Opening hours are the same daily – 5am to 7pm.


15. Vegan Donut & Gelato

Vegan Donut & Gelato

  • 16618 Clay Road Suite 125, Houston, TX 77084
  • Tel: 832 593 7788

If you’re looking for a donut that’s free from animal products, Vegan Donut and Gelato is the place to go. Its whole menu is vegan – and everything tastes so good, you won’t even notice.

There’s a great range of flavors, including beautifully moist vanilla and coconut cake donuts, plus sour cream and yeast raised. Other options include Oreos, fruity pebbles, raspberry filled, bear claws, cinnamon rolls and donut holes.

The kolaches manage to taste convincing enough to fool committed carnivores. And there’s a good beverage menu to accompany your food.

The shop is open five days a week, from Wednesday through Sunday. On Wednesday to Friday, the hours are 6am to 1pm, and on the weekends, it’s open from 7am to 2pm.


Time to Pick Your Donut!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of the best donuts in Houston! Wherever you are in the city, and whatever style of donut floats your boat, there are plenty of options here.

And if all this talk of donuts has got your tummy rumbling, why not check out a shop right now?! Bon appetit!

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