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Little Lucy’s

Address: 75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (424) 235-8297

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Little Lucy’s Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 2AM

Sunday,: 10AM to 2AM

Monday,: 5PM to 2AM

Tuesday,: 5PM to 2AM

Wednesday,: 5PM to 2AM

Thursday,: 10AM to 2AM

Friday,: 10AM to 2AM

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Little Lucy’s Reviews

Lacie K

I was having a late night craving for something sweet, so I ordered Lucy’s donuts. I ordered a variety pack with 2 dipping sauces. Each bag was labeled on the top corner, so I was aware of the flavor. They were delivered warm and so tasty!

LeWayne Ballard

Accidentally stumbled upon this food truck while charging my vehicle at The Domain on a Sunday morning. Didn’t plan on getting donuts, but the food truck and the menu were very appealing. Decided to try a small order of the Peanut Butter & Banana and the Pistachio, Lavender, & Vanilla with a side of the Nutella dipping sauce.

Donuts were freshly made to order and ready within about 5 minutes. They came out hot, fresh, and straight out the fryer. I ordered a small, but they generously gave me extra donuts in both orders. They were both outstanding. The flavors were strong, deep, and not the fake hint of flavors like other places. You could definitely taste the ingredients were real and part of the batter.

This was a nice indulgence that was fun to eat and to enjoy the messiness of eating powdered donuts with a dipping sauce.

Zach Hazelett

I’m only writing this review so no one else has to experience what I experienced. I just paid $8 for two ounces of frozen cool whip called ice cream. It’s literally frozen cool whip. And to top it off it’s frozen so solid that my spoon split in half.

Don’t worry though, after 2.5 hours you’ll be able to enjoy your cool whip as well. Maybe their donuts are better though who knows!

Tanya L

Love this place! John was cool af and recommended the bacon maple rum donuts with a raspberry sauce on the side. They were so puffy and light and lovely. He also told me that they’re open til 2am, and I am betting that these babies hit just a little differently at that time. I’ll definitely be coming back to find out

Melissa P

This was the perfect touch to midnight snack! Walk right up to this” easy to notice food truck”Yep not just for breakfast people! They were hot, really soft, fresh and absolutely delightful! I got the maple bacon and loaded with sugar to perfection! It’s a must try and a winner for me!! Sugar high for sure after this! ❤
Life is to short to not have a mini dognut


The pistachio lavender vanilla donuts are my favorite flavor. Ver soft warm fluffy and sweet
Love the pink lights and vibe of this place after a long night out. Perfect way to end the night .

Lei Lei

It’s over-rated. The donuts was just okay. Smelled really good when they were warm. But the taste was just so so. I ordered chocolate espresso flavor.

Under the instructions of the cashier I added an extra sauce for $1, white chocolate. It’s more like sugar syrup not white chocolate at all ‍♀️

There was a detail I have to mention. When others (a group of young white males and one black male) were ordered, the cashier didn’t wear mask but when he saw me, a typical Asian looking girl, he wore the mask first then talked to me in a distance. I didn’t feel good about it. I might be over-reacting but I don’t know why… I should’ve asked I guess instead of guessing now.

Anyways, overall experience was just so so.

Jake Hewitt

Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts is a good truck I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. The chocolate sauce wasn’t good so don’t waste your money on it. I liked the original cinnamon and sugar more than the chocolate hazelnut. The donuts are warm and fluffy and if you’re a fatty like me, you’ll eat the whole bag. So good!!

Latrice Fondren

Little Lucy’s donuts definitely are good, but it’s the customer service and sanitization for me . Cedric was giving very much rude and it was unnecessary. After 5 minutes of being gone he came back into the truck and didn’t wash his hands and also was very short with my guest as though we’d offended him . Bad for business and will ruin the experience for new customers . It’s a no for me if he’s there .

Great donuts though !
Just enough for me.

John-Paul Lumansoc

You know what you need after a savory meal?
A sweet treat.

You’ve spent all day sitting in boring conferences at the convention center. You deserve a special treat for working so hard.

You what sounds really good after a couple drinks? Carbs on carbs on carbs.

The pistachio lavender sugar flavor is nothing less than amazing.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you later.

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