Mike’s Chicken & Donuts Menu (Updated 2022)

On their own, both chicken and donuts taste amazing. But together? They are an unusual match made in heaven.

That’s the secret ingredient of Mike’s Chicken and Donuts, one of the best places in Wisconsin to grab a bite to eat and experience something genuinely revolutionary.

Nestled in the Lake Michigan beach town of Kenosha, Mike’s Donuts and Chicken combines the best of a tasty treat and a satisfying crisp meal into a hybrid feast.

And whether you’re a seasoned local or visiting Kenosha in the future, we’re here to help you make the agonizing decision on what to order.

From exploring the delectable Mike’s Chicken and Donuts menu, we’ll highlight our personal favorites to help you pick the tastiest food on your visit!

Mike’s Chicken and Donuts Details:

Address: 707 56th St Kenosha, WI, US 53140

Phone: +1 262-764-9520

Email: mailto:[email protected]

Opening hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 7 am – 2 am,
  • Fri-Sat: 7 am – 2.30 am,
  • Sun: 7am – 12am.

About Mike’s Chicken and Donuts

Opened in 2014, Mike’s Chicken and Donuts has been a staple of downtown Kenosha’s thriving food landscape. So much so that several sister outlets have opened since, specializing in all sorts of foods and craft beer.

But its origins, Chicken and Donut, is the go-to spot to experience great food with a twist. Located in the heart of Kenosha, the diner is a moment’s walk from several popular tourist attractions.

These include the Kenosha Public Museum, the Southport Marina, Simmons Island Beach, The Dinosaur Discover museum, and the picturesque promenade beach walk.

The bar has long opening hours too, which means it can be the perfect place to have a delicious breakfast or to finish your day of sightseeing with a hearty meal.

And with over 80 craft beers on tap, cocktails, and Jameson whiskey up for grabs, a short visit could quickly turn into something much bigger.

Lastly, what’s truly special about this donut bar is its signature design. Inside, you’ll be greeted with several artworks and murals dotted around. No matter where you sit, you’ll be greeted with a fantastic design that will demand you take a selfie or two for Instagram.

Did you know:

The Washingpost says that the chicken donut stems back from the 1930s. Harlem chef Joesph Wells created it to feed customers who left clubs too late for dinner and too early for breakfast.

Simply delicious – Mike’s Chicken and Donut Menu

Combining the sugary goodness of a donut with the crisp texture of fried chicken, this donut bar has one of the most delicious menus in all of Kenosha.

But if it’s your first time pairing these sorts of food together, we’ll explore the menu and highlight what we feel are the best of the best on the menu.

Classic Donuts

Classic Donuts:
Image Credit: littlelakecounty

Sometimes, you only want something simple. Luckily, Mike’s Chicken and Donuts has a plethora of freshly made donuts for you to order. These range in shape, size, and flavor and include a variety of glazed donuts, specialty treats, cake donuts, and more.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Praline bacon long john
  • Tiramisu donut
  • Lucky Charms donut
  • Mud pie donut
  • Donut churros
  • Scout Cookie donut
  • Double decker donut
  • Late night donut
  • Truffle donut

But if you had to pick just one to try, we highly recommend their Bacon Maple donut, which has copious amounts of sweet bacon to satisfy you.

Donut Pizzas

Donut Pizzas
Image Credit: chicagofoodiegirl

Yes, you read that correctly – Mike’s bakes scrumptious donut pizzas, which are mouth-watering to look at and taste better than you can imagine.

Donut pizzas come in five flavors, each more delicious than the last. These include a cinnamon toast crunch, a peanut butter explosion, Oreo, S’mores, or the classic pizza covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Donut pizzas are the ultimate indulgence, perfect on your own or sharing with friends. The pizza-like crust is the ultimate deception, as each slice tastes sweet and wholesome. And while there’s still plenty on the menu to explore, we totally understand if you end your search on this choice!

Donut Cocktails

Donut Cocktails
Image Credit: pinterest

Fancy celebrating in style? Want to turn the fun dial on your meal up a notch? There are a plethora of fun donut cocktails for you to sample here.

A range of flavors ensures there’s something on the menu for everyone. Cocktails come with a half donut that adds to the sugar level and allows you to dip and taste your cocktail.

Our favorite is, of course, the incredible Jelly donut martini, which combines the sweeter sugary taste of a jam-filled donut with the sharp bite of gin.

If you want even more sweetness, we suggest you order the Caramel Apple-style martini, which has thick caramel sauce ingrained in the martini for a kick of syrupy goodness.

The Pumpkin Rumtini is another excellent choice. Its pumpkin spices and rum taste make it an especially great drink after a big meal or on a cold day.

Lastly, Mike’s classic Frozen Irish coffee is simply divine – it couples together the textures of a milkshake with beautiful cream, sugar, and of course, whiskey!

Because of their unique ingredients and donut theme, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re inclined to try all these cocktails with friends. After all, it’s not every day you can order these drinks.

Donut milkshakes

But if you’re starting your morning off, or don’t fancy alcohol, don’t worry. There’s a huge choice of fun donut drinks for you to try, too.

Mike’s Chicken and Donut has a series of signature ‘Shakes with Sass’, which can satisfy even the strongest sweet tooths among us. We especially love Mountain Adventure, which has chocolate sauce, ice cream, peanut butter, and Reese’s crumble mixed together into a thick drink.

Their iconic Cookie Moster is also another great choice to make. It blends more Oreos than you can imagine with deliciously thick ice cream – a match made in heaven!

Chicken donut dishes

Chicken donut dishes
Image Credit: chicagofoodiegirl

And now for the star attractions – the reason Mike’s Chicken and Donuts is famous across Kenosha, Milwaukee, and America itself.

Indulge your curiosity and order any of the unique chicken and donut dishes below – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The first option is ‘Chicken and Donut’ and can come as an appetizer or main course. It consists of a pair of pickled, brined, and fried chicken legs served with mouth-watering glazed donuts.

Pairing the ultimate two flavors of crispy chicken with a sweet base, the Blue Buffalo is another chicken classic served here. Its crisp, fried chicken topped with blue cheese and served on top of a light, fluffy biscuit is something we suspect you’ve never experienced before.

Mike’s Chicken and Donut is also well known for their Chicken Fried Steak, which comes topped with homemade biscuits smothered in gravy – great for dipping your donuts!

This brings us to our final point – mix, match, and experiment! You can easily order any chicken meal and donuts separately and combine them on your plate. The bar offers several combo meals, miniature donuts, and donut sides that you can keep on hand to dip, lick and eat with any meal.

Drinks, drinks, and more drinks

At Mike’s. Only one thing compliments a donut more than chicken –their wide selection of hot drinks. No need to jump to your nearby Starbucks – Mike’s serves a variety of coffees to go down a treat with your donuts.

Choose from chai lattes, cappuccino, and Americo, to an assortment of iced teas, Mochas, and espresso. But our favorite? Undoubtedly the hot chocolate that’s topped to the brim with delicious marshmallows.

And for your main course – a great list of over 80 craft beers ensures you’ll have the perfect drink to pair with your donut and chicken. From a variety of ales like Alsasan Blonde, ciders like Strongbow, to iconic stout like Guinness, suffice to say your thirst will be quenched.


Whether you’re looking for a tasty donut, a satisfying crispy chicken meal, or want to combine the two for the experience, Mike’sChicken and Donuts have you covered.

They have a wide selection of donut flavors, toppings, and styles to suit any mood or occasion. Donuts are made fresh each day and come with so much variety that they’re famous across all of Kenosha.

A variety of cocktails and milkshakes means you can turn the sugar levels of your day up in a single order. But what’s truly revolutionary are the chicken and donut combo meals, which perfectly blend salt and sugar in one meal.

Our final piece of advice – take a few pictures of your meal to savor the memory, as we doubt they’ll last long on your plates!

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