11 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu Treats (2022 Update)

Did you know that Dunkin Donuts has a custom secret menu that gets updated every year, based on recipes people try out? You’d be surprised to see how many food and drink options there are on it. The best part of it all – is they all taste incredibly good, thanks to unique flavors that will tickle all your senses. Once you try one of these items, you’ll forget about the Starbucks secret menu! If you want to learn more about what to expect from Dunkin Donuts’ secret menu, continue reading below!

11 Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu items

Below are the most creative yet delicious Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu items you didn’t know. Do note that the secret menu isn’t an official thing but rather a mix of custom flavors you make at the Dunkin Donuts store. That being said, calorie counts vary and may not be available.

1. Almond Flavor Joy

  • Calorie count: 220-550 (Small to Large drink)
Almond Flavor Joy
Image Credit: bostonmagazine

Have you ever tried Almond Joy? You can recreate this flavor easily with Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu. You’ll have to order a mocha flavor swirl, and then top it up with two shots of coconut flavor and spice it up with the toasted almond flavor.

It’s worth noting that this drink wasn’t always a popular secret menu item. Instead, it was a seasonal, limited-time offer that Dunkin Donuts introduced to the customers back in 2016. It was quite popular back then, but everything that’s limited passes, so in 2022, this item is not available on the menu.

Nevertheless, you can mix these flavors up and get a delicious, relatively fat-free drink that will refresh you during the hot summer days, especially if you add some ice!

2. Eggnog Latte

  • Calorie count: around 320

Eggnog is a delicious traditional treat made out of eggs, and egg yolks, with a lot of added sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and some heavy cream. Many people like it, which is why being able to add it to the secret menu from Dunkin Donuts made them quite excited. Nevertheless, some people are concerned about the eggnog due to it being made with eggs and are refraining from trying it out.

The good news is that the original Eggnog Latte isn’t equipped with actual eggnog. Instead, Dunkin Donuts uses the caramel swirl and vanilla chai to make it look and taste delicious. You can whisk it up any time of the year, just ask for Eggnog Latte, and enjoy the powerful mix of strong tastes and flavor.

3. Cotton Candy Coolatta

  • Calorie count:  around 350
Cotton Candy Coolatta
Image Credit: twitter

Cotton candy brings back the memories from childhood, amusement parks, and the circus, and it’s great that we see more and more drinks and treats including the cotton candy taste. One of those drinks is the cotton candy coolatta, from Dunkin Donuts’ secret menu.

If you have a hard time satisfying your sugar cravings and enjoy having your coffee and other drinks sweet, then you’ll love Cotton Candy Coolatta. If you didn’t visit Dunkin Donuts’ much in the past, it’s worth mentioning that it used to be on the regular menu in the past, after which it was replaced with a newer drink.

Nevertheless, you can blend this drink up by mixing Blue Raspberry Coolatta with sour apple and then add some watermelon flavor. That will create the cotton candy taste that you either once used to enjoy or you’re eager to try out as everyone says it’s cool!

4. Dirty Hot Chocolate

  • Calorie count: 280
Dirty Hot Chocolate
Image Credit: wideopeneats

Hot chocolate is a great beverage to warm up during the cold fall or winter days. However, as exciting as it is to drink, hot chocolate doesn’t have enough caffeine to fuel you up and get your day started. The good news is that you can try Dirty Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts’ secret menu to give you more boost.

Dirty Hot Chocolate combines two of everyone’s favorite drinks from the Dunkin Donuts menu. It shares a lot in common with the regular Dirty Chai menu which combines chai latte with espresso. However, you can add espresso to hot chocolate and get Dirty Hot Chocolate. Adding some Mocha swirls can also deepen the flavor. Do this, and you won’t regret it! You’ll be coming back for more!

What we also like is adding some Snickers or caramel flavor to spice it up.

5. Breakfast Burrito

  • Calorie count: 340
Breakfast Burrito
Image Credit: huffpost

Do you need a stronger breakfast before all the important daily tasks kick in? Dunkin Donuts has a big breakfast menu, but you can’t find Breakfast Burrito on the menu. The good news is, that you can customize it on the secret menu by combining all Dunkin Donuts breakfast treats.

That being said, a breakfast burrito is made with sausage, bacon, hash browns, and cheese. These all get mixed up inside a tortilla and served as a breakfast burrito that is a calorie bomb to get your day started. It’s best if you mix it up with one of the coffee secret menu recipes that you can also find here, for richer flavor and more energy.

6. Captain Crunch Coolatta

  • Calorie count: Around 234
Captain Crunch Coolatta
Image Credit: momdeals

This drink may be a little more complex, but every Dunkin Donuts employee will gladly whip it up for you. Cream coolatta is quite popular, as are its combinations. You’ll enjoy the explosion of flavors and delight thanks to this Captain Crunch-inspired drink first made by @Tamara_Mathieu who used to be a Dunkin Donuts employee.

To make this drink, that’s not even that high in calories, you’ll have to mix several drinks. Order Strawberry Coolatta as a base and add cream as well as BlueBerry Flavor Shot. Finally, you want to enrich the flavor some more with the Raspberry Flavor Shot.

Some people also like to add peach shots to make the drink feel more exotic or opt for a combination with pineapple coolatta as an upside.

When it’s all mixed and whipped up together, you’ll get the same aroma you get once you fill the bowl of Captain Crunch.

7. Raspberry Hot Chocolate

  • Calorie count: 300-320

This will be easy and won’t take too much time to make. Hot chocolate is an excellent drink to warm up, and if you feel nostalgic about summer and tropical days on the beach, you should add some raspberry flavor to create the Raspberry hot chocolate secret menu treat.

Finally, you can get a little more playful. If you want a caffeine shot to get a bit more energy from this drink, you can ask for Dirty Hot Chocolate and add the raspberry flavor, or some other fruit flavor you’d like to enrich your dirty hot chocolate. Coco berry is one of the best sellers at all times of the year.

You can also try a similar taste combination with an iced Mocha latte, and see what you get as a result!

8. English Toffee Hot Chocolate

  • Calorie count: NA

Everyone loves English Toffee. But, what if it could be even richer in flavor than now? In this case, you have to try the English Toffee Hot Chocolate as soon as you go to Dunkin Donuts next time. Make sure to remember all the ingredients needed to make this Secret Menu treat.

You’ll have to order the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate or salted caramel swirl, which represents your base drink. Then, add Toasted Almond flavor and mix with toasted French Vanilla iced coffee shot to deepen the flavor making the English Toffee hot chocolate.

The taste is refreshing regardless of the time of the year and feels so comforting after a long day, or at the start of a difficult day.

9. Caramel Coconut Creme Pie

  • Calorie count: NA

The best part about ice coffees during the hot summer is that they can be mixed with a plethora of flavor shots and still taste great. Even better, you can try a new flavor every day without getting tired.

We want to have you try the Caramel Coconut Crème Pie from Dunkin Donuts’ secret menu. All you need is the iced coffee with milk, then have them add the coconut crème flavor swirl as well as the caramel flavor shot. You can also add some whipped cream for a richer taste.

Some people say it tastes like the Iced Caramel Macchiato, but thanks to coconut, the taste is much deeper.

Some people complained that the iced coffee doesn’t taste as strong, and in that case, you can try adding some espresso shots to make the flavor stronger or additional pumps of caramel swirl if you want it to be sweeter.

10. Nutella Frozen Chocolate

  • Calorie count: 300-320
Nutella Frozen Chocolate
Image Credit: carmelapop

Unfortunately, you won’t get the real Nutella in this drink, but the chocolate in it is of such good quality that even the most loyal Nutella lovers could get tricked. Once you reach Dunkin Donuts shop, all you have to do is ask for Frozen Chocolate and combine it with Hazelnut Flavor Shot Swirl or hazelnut shot. Alternatively, you can go for the hazelnut mocha iced coffee and combine it with chocolate.

The chocolate has a rich taste, and the hazelnut is so strong, that it’ll easily trick you into really trying out Nutella. Just don’t drink too fast, or else you’ll experience a brain freeze!

11. Strawberry Shortcake Coolatta

  • Calorie count: 234
Strawberry Shortcake Coolatta
Image Credit: pinterest

Are you craving some strawberry dessert? No matter the time of the year, a strawberry shortcake is something you simply have to try out.

When you get to Dunkin Donuts, you have to ask for the perfect blend of Strawberry Coolatta and Vanilla Bean Coolatta. Mixing two coolatta drinks has never been cooler, especially if the employee perfectly mixes it 50:50.

To make the flavor richer, don’t forget to add some whipped cream!


Dunkin Donuts’ secret menu stretches as long as your imagination can go. Some treats like the Pina Colada Coolatta and Coconut Mint Hot Chocolate were left out, but it doesn’t mean they’re not as good as the menu items we listed above. The employees will mix all the secret menu drinks and shot combinations, no matter how weird or unconventional they seem. Just make sure to always be well-informed about all the ingredients and allergens that go to your drink. There are also dairy-free combinations for those who are allergic to lactose or simply vegan. What is your favorite Dunkin Donuts secret menu treat? Leave a comment and let us know!

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