Does Dunkin Take Apple Pay?( Where Is Apple Pay Accepted?)

Are you planning to take home a box of your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts but unfortunately, you’re out of cash? Out of despair, you may have contemplated whether they accept other payment options. Or perhaps does Dunkin take the apple pay? Know the answers to your questions below.

1. What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay
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A popular mobile payment service, Apple Pay is offered to users of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It enables you to pay for goods and services as well as send and receive money to and from your family and friends in the US.

Paying through Apple Pay is very easy and secure. In fact, it’s pretty much the same or even better than using your bank or prepaid cards directly. Why? It’s because Apple Pay doesn’t store personal information from your bank accounts nor does it retain credit card information from specific financial transactions.

With a built-in secure element, you are guaranteed a protected transaction―whether online or offline. Plus, it comes with a contactless rewards program and offers some gift cards, which lets you redeem rewards.

In addition, some stores allow the use of coupons when paying via Apple Pays. So, be sure to add the coupons before checking out.

To use Apple Pay, you are required to create a passcode, which you may optionally add either a Face ID or Touch ID. After three unsuccessful attempts, a one-time code may be sent to you to confirm your login.

2. Where is Apple Pay accepted?

Just like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple Pay is a digital wallet that is widely accepted across the world. This payment technology system enables you to pay in stores, in apps, in Message Apple, and even on the web via Safari. There are also some countries that use Apple Pay as a payment method for electronic money systems.

In Japan, Apple Pay can be utilized to pay for smart cards and contactless payment methods like Nanaco, Pasmo, Waon, Suica, and QUICPay, among others. Meanwhile, in China, it is accepted for stores with Apple Pay, UnionPay, and China T-union logos.

If you’re in the United States, you can further maximize your Apple Pay to transfer money to your loved ones. Moreover, it allows you to send payments to specific businesses in Message Apple.

If you are unsure if a store accepts Apple Pay, just look for the Apple Pay logo. If you can’t see the logo, but it has the option to “Buy with Apple Pay” or “Donate with Apple Pay”, this means they accept Apple Pay. You may also search using Maps to see shops that allow this kind of payment.

3. Does Dunkin take apple pay?

Does Dunkin take the apple pay

Absolutely! With the partnership of Apple with big businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s easy to buy your well-loved treats like donuts, muffins, and sandwiches using Apple Pay. Through the Dunkin’ mobile app, you may reload the balance in your personal account via the iOS-enabled payment service.

So, instead of using debit cards or credit cards, you can pay for your order via the app using Apple Pay. Another additional feature is fingerprint authentication, which simplifies the payment process online and provides an extra layer of protection.

4. Can I use Apple Pay in Dunkin drive-thru?

Since you already know that Dunkin accepts Apple Pay, the next question would be―does Dunkin Donuts allow payment of Apple Pay for drive-thru orders? Well, the answer is yes. When doing so, you first have to install the Dunkin Donuts mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Then, you need to log in or sign-up if you don’t have an account yet. Once done, tap the side button at the bottom right of the screen. You will then be given the option to enter your preferred location. After selecting the branch, choose either “Walk-in” or “Drive-Thru”.

Add items from the Dunkin menu and check out your order. For DD perks members, there may be an available coupon, so don’t forget to add it upon checkout.

Subsequently, you will be provided with different payment options, including Apple Pay. Click Apple Pay, head to the drive-thru area of the branch, and enjoy! And that’s how easy using Apple Pay is!

5. How do I add Apple Pay to Dunkin Donuts?

add Apple Pay to Dunkin Donuts
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Apple Pay is already included in the payment options offered by Dunkin Donuts. So, if you are buying from their mobile app, either for pick-up or drive-thru, there’s no need to add Apple Pay. It is automatically provided and all you have to do is to select it and pay for your order.

Meanwhile, if you are buying from the store directly, you have to open your Apple Pay and then double-tap the button at the right section. Follow the authentication guidelines that will pop up and hold your Apple device over the contactless payment reader.

Make sure you keep your device in the same position until it registers your payment and it generates a ping sound. Afterward, there will be a green checkmark and you’ll see “Done” on your screen.

6. What stores do not accept Apple Pay?

Despite the public admiration of Apple Pay and other payment methods, there are still some that do not use this digital advancement. So, just to be sure, dial the store in advance and confirm its availability.

Some of the big retailers that do not accept Apple Pay are Home Depot, Kroger, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kmart, and the like. Restaurants and fast-food chains include Applebee’s, Black Bear Diner, Cheesecake Factory, Cook Out, Red Lobster, and Wendy’s, among others.

And in general, smaller retail stores, merchandise stores, convenience stores, and gas stations are more likely not to allow payment via Apple Pay.

7. Why do some stores not accept Apple Pay?

While Dunkin Donuts and big restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s accept Apple Pay, there are several stores that do not permit this kind of payment service.

One of the main reasons is due to the fact that some major retailers like Walmart and Kroger already have their own payment systems. As a result, it may be irrelevant for them not to have Apple Pay.

Another possible reason is because of the insufficient access to customers when paying via Apple Pay. Unlike using bank cards, Apple Pay does store the actual card numbers when you pay for a transaction. Instead, it generates a unique device account number to be dispensed and encrypted to the device.

And though the adoption of Apple Pay and other contactless payment options has been slow in the past decades, it actually accelerated during the pandemic.


With Apple Pay, it’s easy and convenient to purchase and pay for your sugary treats and beverages from Dunkin Donuts at any time of day. Plus, you won’t have to bother bringing cash or perhaps your visa or Mastercard, which is definitely a more secure payment!

So, if you haven’t tried using this one, try to discover and maximize this digital wallet to the fullest! Apple Pay and other top-rated virtual payment methods like Google Pay and Samsung Pay are truly transformative. And you may also opt to avail of the Apple Pay card if you want!

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