Top 15 Best Donut Shops In Minnesota

The beautiful state of Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And when you’ve finished soaking up its scenic beauty, why not refuel with a delicious donut?

If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! We’ve truffled out the best donuts in Minnesota, and we’ll give you the lowdown on where to find them.

Ready? Let’s start out tour!

Best Donuts in Minnesota

1. YoYo Donuts

YoYo Donuts

At YoYo donuts the donuts are made fresh on site every day, using a recipe over 40 years old. The secret blend of spices gives the donuts a unique flavor that wins high praise from customers.

The top choices are the maple bacon Long John, apple fritters, and sour cream old fashioned donuts. And don’t miss out on the caramel rolls either.

This is a great choice for anyone with a nut allergy, as the whole facility is nut free. The only exception is coconut, which is used in some of the fillings and toppings.

Head to the shop to dine in, or collect your food to go. There’s also a delivery option. The shop is open every day except Monday, from 6am to 5pm.


2. World’s Best Donuts

World’s Best Donuts

When you give a shop a name like World’s Best Donuts, it has a lot to live up to. Fortunately, the donuts meet that challenge head on.

The family owned business has been running for more than 50 years, so they know what they’re doing. The menu includes gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free options. All the donuts are fried in lard, however, so they’re not vegan.

You’ll find all the classics here, as well as some specialties like White Chet’s Best and Chocolate Chet’s Best. There’s also a donut kabob, and even donuts for dogs!

The shop is open five days a week, Thursday through Monday, from 7am to 3pm.


3. Mojo Monkey Donuts

Mojo Monkey Donuts

If you’re looking for artisan donuts with amazing flavors, you won’t go wrong with Mojo Monkey Donuts. This relative newcomer to the Minnesota donut scene has quickly won a legion of fans.

There’s a huge range of donut styles here – raised, cake, crullers, fritters, bars, twists and Bismarks, to name but a few. Toppings include innovative combinations like chocolate ganache with pistachio and mango glaze with coconut, as well as classics like cinnamon sugar.

The flavors available change regularly, so head to the website to see what’s on offer.

You can order takeout in store or at the drive-through – the outside window is often quicker. Opening hours are 7am to 3pm from Thursday to Sunday inclusive.


4. Cardigan Donuts

Cardigan Donuts

Head to Cardigan donuts for innovative flavors and pastries that are hand-made fresh on-site every day. You can even sign up to be part of the Donut Lab, playing a part in creating new flavors.

The donut styles include classics like the raised bar, old fashioned, vanilla cake and glazed ring. But there are also creative combinations like a vanilla caramel coconut bar, bourbon apple fritter and Blackeye coffee cake.

And there are “Inspired” options too. These hit the menu for three days before being replaced with a new special.

You can also try healthy options like Greek yoghurt and oatmeal bowls.

There’s no space in the shop to dine in, but you can get takeout from 6.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. It’s also open on a Saturday, from 8am to 3pm.


5. Glam Doll Donuts

Glam Doll Donuts

All the doughs, fillings and icings at Glam Doll Donuts are prepared fresh from scratch every day. And there’s a great range of creative flavors to choose from.

There are cake donuts, raised donuts, fritters and crullers. Flavors include the Flirty Frenchie, with espresso cream cheese and chocolate icing, and the Calendar Girl, with salted caramel and chocolate.

There are vegan donuts too, and they’re every bit as exciting. There’s the Femme Fatale, filled with fresh raspberry curd and coated in vanilla icing. Or how about the Dark Angel, with vanilla bean pastry cream and chocolate icing.

This is a great place to dine in. There’s a photobooth, a patio for lounging, and a rotating display of work from local artists.

If you prefer, though, you can collect takeout – just pre-order online for collection at a time of your choice. Note that a $15 minimum order applies. Alternatively, get your donuts delivered to your door.

Opening hours are 7am to 3pm Monday to Thursday, 7am to 8pm on Friday, 8am to 8pm on Saturday, and 8am to 4pm on Sunday.


6. Old Fashion Donut Shoppe

Old Fashion Donut Shoppe

As you might expect from the name, the emphasis at the Old Fashion Donut Shoppe is on the classics. And they’re executed brilliantly.

The cake donuts, apple fritters and maple cinnamon rolls all get rave reviews from customers. Everything is made fresh daily, and the prices offer good value for money.

The shop is open for takeout only six days a week, staying closed on Sundays. On weekdays the hours are 5.30am to midday, while on Saturdays it opens at 7am and closes at midday.


7. Puffy Cream Donuts Plus

Puffy Cream Donuts Plus

Puffy Cream Donuts Plus is a neighborhood favorite serving what some customers say are the best donuts they’ve ever tasted.

The business is family owned and run, and everything is made with care and attention to detail. Amongst the donuts winning rave reviews are the chocolate cream filled, raised sugar and apple fritters.

It’s good to get there early, as they sell out fast. But if that’s a challenge, call ahead and they’ll set your order aside for you. The shop is open from 5am to midday, Tuesday to Sunday.


8. Donut Hut

Donut Hut

The donuts at Donut Hut are made fresh every day. Get there well before closing though, because the shop shuts early if they sell out.

There are plain and fancy options including crullers, twists and Long Johns. And you’ll find enough flavors to keep any donut connoisseur happy.

It’s a popular place, so don’t be surprised if there’s a line. The service is friendly and efficient, though, and it moves quickly.

The opening hours are 5am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday, and 6am to 2pm on weekends.


9. Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

Bogart’s Doughnut Co.

At Bogart’s the donuts are made with 18-hour brioche dough and dipped in glazes that are made from scratch. And the donuts are made throughout the day. That means you don’t have to be an early bird to grab the freshest pastries.

The range isn’t huge, but everything is very well made. Customer favorites include the brown butter glazed and lavender cake donuts. You’ll also find filled donuts with Nutella or vanilla bean buttercream, raised glazed donuts, and vanilla, chocolate or sprinkle cake donuts.

Curbside pick-up and no-contact delivery are available seven days a week. From Monday to Thursday, it’s open from 7am to 3pm, and on Friday it’s 7am to 4pm. The shop opens slightly later on the weekend, from 7.30am to 6pm on Saturday, and 7.30am to 5pm on Sunday.


10. Donut Star

Donut Star

Donut Star offers a small but perfectly executed menu of classic and specialty donuts.

Into the former category go a variety of cake and raised donuts, old fashioned, Bismarks and Long Johns. Flavors include chocolate, cherry, vanilla, maple and cereal. And you can choose from fillings like Bavarian creme, lemon and raspberry.

There are three different specialties: blueberry cake, apple fritter and cinnamon twist. Be sure you’re hungry if you order a fritter – they’re big!

The shop is open from Wednesday through Sunday. From Wednesday to Friday, the hours are 5am to 11am, and on the weekends, it’s 6am to midday. Dine in, takeout and delivery are all available.


11. Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is a chain that’s well known for its fresh and innovative pastries. Here you start with a vanilla cake donut that’s fried the moment you order it. Everything from there is up to you, from the coating to the topping and the drizzle.

You can choose everything yourself, or go for one of the tried and tested “fan favorite” combinations. These include the Beach Ball with vanilla icing, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle. Or there’s the Blueberry Pancake, with vanilla icing and maple drizzle.

Also on the menu are coffee, espresso, ice creams and sandwiches.

The shop is open 7am to 3pm Sunday to Tuesday, and from 7am to 7pm the rest of the week.


12. Valley Pastries

Valley Pastries

Valley Pastries is a well-loved strip mall bakery offering donuts made fresh in-house. Pretty much any donut style you could imagine is on offer, alongside a range of creative flavors.

Cake donuts include blueberry glazed, chocolate frosted and plain spiced. There are maple, vanilla and chocolate Long Johns, all with the option of added coconut. Bismarks feature strawberry, lemon, raspberry and Bavarian cream fillings. And there are glazed, chocolate and vanilla raised donuts.

Go for the first time, and you’ll get a free treat – a bag of giant donut holes. You can also order those in advance in your favorite flavors.

Head to the shop to collect your donuts to go. It’s open six days a week, from 6am to 11am, closed on Sundays.


13. Café Donuts & Ice Cream

Café Donuts & Ice Cream

  • 11175 Commerce Drive North, Champlin, MN 55316
  • Tel: 763 571 4616
  • Website:

This cheery little shop offers a winning combination of great donuts and delicious ice cream, cakes and coffee. You can also mix them together, with a truly excellent donut ice cream sandwich.

Everything is made fresh, and there’s a good range to choose from. Customer favorites include the cookies and cream and the Homer pink donut. They also do donut walls for weddings and other special occasions.

You can dine in the shop, or order takeout or delivery. Opening hours are 5.30am to 3pm Tuesday to Friday, and 6am to 3pm at the weekend.


14. A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop

A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop

If you appreciate a traditional bakery, check out A Baker’s Wife Pastry Shop. There’s a huge menu of freshly baked sweet and savory goodies here, including some top notch donuts.

There are thirteen donut flavors to choose from, and there’s nothing unlucky about them! Options include custard, lemon and raspberry Bismarks, plain, maple and white sprinkled cake and raised donuts, and apple fritters.

Drop by the shop for takeout, or get your donuts delivered. Opening hours are 6am to 6pm, seven days a week.


15. Moon Donuts & Café

Moon Donuts & Café

Head to Moon Donuts & Café for a great selection of donuts – as long as you get there early! This popular local haunt often runs out fast.

You’ll find all the traditional favorites here, plus cute marshmallow donuts with eyes, and M&M and Oreo toppings. Specials include chocolate and maple Long Johns, Bismarks, and raised donuts with fruity pebbles. And there a donut holes by the half dozen and dozen.

It’s a cozy option to dine in, and the service is fast and friendly. Alternatively, head to the drive through and get your donuts to go.

The shop is open from 5am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday, and from 6am to 2pm on the weekend.


Ready to Pick Your Donut?

That brings us to the end of our tour of the best donuts in Minnesota! Is your stomach rumbling yet?

If so, why not try one of these brilliant donut shops right now? Whether you’re in the mood for a classic or an exciting new flavor combination, there’s plenty to choose from.

And who knows – you could be about to find your perfect donut!

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