17 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Drinks to Try

In days gone by, Dunkin’ Donuts was the place to go for a satisfying and consistent selection of donuts. But over time, this high street stalwart became just as well known for its other offerings – particularly its drinks.

These days that change is reflected in its name – the franchise is now known as just Dunkin’. So what are the best options to quench your thirst there?

That’s what we’re here to find out! Step this way as we take a tour of the best Dunkin’ Donuts drinks on the menu …

Best Dunkin’ Donuts Drinks

1. Cold Brew

Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew
Image Credit:dunkindonuts

Although a relative newcomer on the American coffee scene, cold brew has been around for decades. Some credit the Japanese with its invention, others believe they took the idea from Dutch traders.

But whatever the answer, cool brew is a great way to get your caffeine hit on a sunny day.

As the name suggests, it’s coffee brewed with cold water. That means it needs a lot of time for the coffee flavors to be extracted from the bean.

The Dunkin’ version steeps Arabica beans in water for 12 hours to create a full, smooth taste. Get yours with extra ice for double the refreshment.

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2. Iced Latte

Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Latte
Image Credit: fastfoodgeek

Iced coffee is another excellent way to get a delicious coffee flavor when the mercury rises. Unlike cold brew, it’s made with hot water. But the key to a good iced coffee is to chill it straight away.

We’ve heard some reports of coffee shops using coffee that’s simply gone cold to make iced drinks. That will give you a very unpleasant result, with a stale taste. Any reputable coffee bar – like Dunkin’ – will add ice as soon as the coffee has brewed to capture the perfect flavor.

With an iced latte, you’ll get a great balance of creamy milk with the coffee hit. It’s the perfect summer drink for coffee lovers.

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3. Iced Macchiato

Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Macchiato
Image Credit: dailydot

Another in the family of iced coffees, the iced macchiato is perfect for those looking for a layered drink.

The Dunkin’ version doesn’t bare much resemblance to the traditional Italian macchiato, normally served in an espresso cup. This one is a long drink, with more foamed milk and two shots of espresso on top.

The ice is added as soon as the coffee has brewed to seal in the perfect flavor. The coffee hit here is more intense than you’ll get with an iced latte.

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4. Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee

Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee
Image Credit: mrswebersneighborhood

In the mood for something truly decadent? Check out the Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee.

This is a traditional Americano, made with 100 per cent Arabica beans and milk. But what makes it really special is the mountain of whipped cream on top. If you like the idea of drinking a tiramisu, this is the Dunkin’ beverage for you!

It’s available in regular or large. Note that anyone calorie counting will want to keep this one as an occasional treat. The regular option contains 208 calories, while the large has 261.

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5. Espresso

Dunkin' Donuts Espresso

Ah, the espresso – the core of every delicious coffee drink out there! And served alone it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up.

The Dunkin’ version is brewed from 100 per cent Arabica beans. And it’s brewed fresh the moment you order it.

In an espresso, the hot water is forced through the ground coffee beans to release their flavor. There are whole books on how to calibrate the perfect espresso! But the key thing to know about this drink is that it’s small and mighty.

That’s because the caffeine is concentrated in a small amount of liquid. So if you need something to give you a quick energy boost, it’s the perfect choice.

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6. Cortado

Dunkin' Donuts Cortado

If you want the boost of an espresso but prefer a creamier flavor, a cortado could be the coffee for you.

The Dunkin’ cortado is made with equal parts espresso and steamed milk. So you’ll still get that caffeine hit, but with a creamy texture and milder taste.

It’s another short drink, great for those on the run. So if you’re rushing to school or work, a cortado could be just the ticket!

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7. Flat White

Flat White

One of the trendiest coffees around, the flat white has achieved its superstar status for a reason! It’s made with micro-foam milk – in other words, milk that’s been carefully steamed to have the smallest bubbles. That gives it a distinctive texture that’s quite different from other milky coffees.

Another way to distinguish it from a latte is its size. A flat white is usually smaller, so the caffeine is slightly more concentrated. But as with a latte, it’s usually made with two shots of espresso to balance the coffee flavor with the creaminess of the milk.

As with all other Dunkin’ coffees, their flat white is made with 100 per cent Arabica beans for a smooth, rich flavor.

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8. Latte

dunkin donuts Latte

A latte is a great choice for anyone who loves a creamy coffee. The coffee is blended with steamed milk. And with the Dunkin’ version, there’s also a layer of foam on top.

It comes in two different sizes, regular or large. The milk content means that this is one of the more calorific standard coffee options on the menu. A regular latte will have about 170 calories, while a large has 227.

As a longer drink, this is a coffee that’s best savored. That means you won’t get the same caffeine hit as you would with an espresso or cortado. But you will get a delicious and soothing drink. And it’s great for lingering over as you enjoy a chat with friends.

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9. Cappuccino

Dunkin' Donuts hot Cappuccino

The ultimate choice for lovers of creamy coffee has to be the cappuccino! Smothered in a layer of delicious milky foam, the Dunkin’ version doesn’t usually have chocolate on top.

Surprisingly, the calorie content here is actually lower than the latte. That’s probably because the steamed milk in a cappuccino has bigger bubbles for a bolder foam. More air means less milk for the same volume of coffee.

A regular Dunkin’ cappuccino has a positively abstemious 113 calories, while a large has 151.

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10. Americano

Dunkin' Donuts Americano

The Americano is the classic American take on coffee. The Dunkin’ version is made with 100 per cent Arabica beans for a rich, smooth flavor. Two shots of espresso are brewed with hot water for a long black coffee. If you prefer it white, you can add your choice of cold milk afterwards.

And because even a white Americano has relatively little milk, the flavor of the coffee shines through. It’s low in calories too. A regular white Americano has just 29 calories, while a large has 38.

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11. Macchiato

dunkin donuts Macchiato

Just as with the iced version, a hot macchiato is all about the layers of milk and espresso. Dunkin’ make their macchiatos with three shots, so it’s also great when you need a caffeine energy boost.

The coffee is combined with steamed milk, with the espresso poured on top. You’ll see a dark circle in the foam where the coffee has been added.

This is another coffee that’s big on the milk content, and hence on calories. A regular Dunkin’ macchiato has 170 calories, while a large has 227.

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12. Mocha

Dunkin' Donuts Mocha

If you’re looking for a comforting drink on a cold, miserable day, there’s not much that beats a mocha. The combination of coffee and chocolate flavors is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

And if you’re in the mood to really treat yourself, Dunkin’ offer an optional topping of whipped cream. It’s the perfect addition for a truly decadent drink.

This is another coffee that’s best enjoyed in moderation though. The regular has 233 calories, while the large has 309. And there’ll be even more if you add the whipped cream.

Now and again, though, we all need a treat. And the mocha is one of our favorite offerings in the Dunkin’ range.

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13. Filter Coffee

dunkin donuts Filter Coffee

If you want to keep things simple, a filter coffee could just hit the spot. The pure blend of Arabica beans and hot water is brewed continuously throughout the day at Dunkin’. So your coffee will arrive hot and fresh.

Take it black to focus on the coffee flavor, or add milk if you’re in the mood for a creamier texture. Either way, this is a coffee you can enjoy any time of day.

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14. Tea

Dunkin' Donuts Tea
Image Credit: flavormosaic

Tea is a veritable institution in some parts of the world. And while coffee might be the more usual choice to accompany a donut, tea goes down a treat too!

Dunkin’ brew their tea using loose leaves for maximum flavor and freshness. Choose black tea and add milk – or not, as you prefer.

Green tea is available too, and it’s very refreshing. We’ve heard strange tales of customers who add milk to their green tea. Each to their own, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

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15. Hot Chocolate

Dunkin' Donuts Hot Chocolate

On a cold, miserable day there’s not much that tastes better than a cup of hot chocolate!

Keep it pure and simple, or add extra flavor with one of Dunkin’s delicious syrups. The Salted Caramel is one of our absolute faves. Other options include Roasted Hazelnut, Morello Cherry, Mojito Mint, Cinnamon and French Vanilla.

Dunkin’ also mix things up from time to time with various hot chocolate specials. In the past, we’ve seen Oreo hot chocolate and the Dunkaccino – a mix of chocolate and coffee.

We don’t want to put a dampener on things, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this isn’t a great option for the waistline. A regular plain hot chocolate has 271 calories, while a large has 353. If you add in syrup, the number will only get higher.

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16. Chai Latte

Dunkin' Donuts Chai Latte
Image Credit: theimpulsivebuy

When you fancy something a little different, a chai latte could be just the ticket. It’s based on the chai drunk in Asia, filled with spices for a sweet, creamy and aromatic beverage.

The Dunkin’ chai latte features cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and cloves, all mixed into hot frothy milk. Yum! On a hot day, you can also opt for a frozen version.

It comes in regular and large. And it’s another fairly calorie-laden option. The large contains 342 calories, while the regular has 256. If you go for a frozen one, the large has a whopping 373 calories, while there are 268 calories in the regular.

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17. Frappe

dunkin donuts Frappe

Sometimes you just want an indulgent treat. And it’s for days like that that the frappe was invented!

This delicious beverage is more dessert than it is drink. Choose from three different flavors – strawberry, chocolate or caramel – all topped with whipped cream, sauce and sprinkles.

This isn’t the option to go for if you’re counting calories! But if you’re interested, the exact calorie content varies slightly by flavor. Strawberry is the least calorific and caramel the most. A regular version of any of them has between 364 and 381 calories, while a large has between 540 and 556.

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18. Coolatta

dunkin donuts Coolatta

Fancy something cold and fruity? The Coolatta could be the drink for you!

It’s basically fruit juice and puree mixed with ice. Choose between mango, strawberry or passion fruit. They’re all delicious!

They come in two different sizes. And just like the frappe, the exact calorie content depends on your chosen flavor.

Strawberry is the lowest calorie option, with a regular drink containing 221 calories and a large containing 306. Passion fruit has the most calories, with 226 in a small and 313 in a large serving.

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19. Shaken Lemonade

dunkin donuts Shaken Lemonade

Want something cool and fruity that you can finish without waiting for it to melt? A shaken lemonade could be the answer.

This zesty and refreshing treat comes in a choice of original, strawberry or passion fruit flavors. It’s served with ice cubes to keep it at the perfect temperature for chilling out on a scorching day.

The original is low calorie too – there are just 67 calories in a regular serving and 117 in a large. The fruit versions contain about 100 calories more in each serving size.

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Time to Quench Your Thirst!

That brings us to the end of our look at 19 of the best Dunkin’ Donuts drinks! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the different options. Whether you’re looking for something warm and comforting or cold and zesty, there’s plenty to choose from.

And if you’re a Dunkin’ regular, why not try something new on your next visit? You might just find a brand new favorite!

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