Top 13 Best Donut Shops in Mckinney, TX

Off the top of your head, where do you think Mckinney is? It’s a small but rapidly-growing city in Texas. In the year 2000, it had a population of about 50,000 residents, but by 2020, that had quadrupled to almost 200,000 people! This suburb is part of the 11-county Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that stretches to Arlington. Let’s find the best donuts in Mckinney.

Best Donuts in Mckinney

1. Donut World

Donut World

Towns can sometimes start in unusual ways. Here in the US, many early settlements came from European migrants that wanted to start afresh on this side of the ocean. Mckinney was initially part of a 3,000-acre ranch that belonged to one William Davis. When his neighbors wanted to start a town, he gave them 120 acres of his land so they could set up a little city.

Whether you live in a tiny town or a mighty city, doughnuts (or donuts, both versions are acceptable) can spell happiness. And at Donut World, this phrase can literally come true. With a wide assortment of plain and filled donuts, you can order birthday donuts where each one forms a different letter and flavor of the alphabet. And they’ll even spell out your name!


2. Happy Donut

Happy Donut

Although William Davis handed over the land in 1849, the spot didn’t formally become a town until 1913, when it took up the name Mckinney. It lies roughly 30 miles north of Dallas and is the seat of Collin County. For reference, a county seat is kind of like the ‘capital city’ of a county, and you’ll hear this word used in Canada, Hungary, China, Romania, and the US.

As for the best donuts in Mckinney, you need to swing by Happy Donuts. They serve yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts, and croissant sausage rolls. Their candy doughnuts are bright and colorful, with thick, opaque, pastel glazes and sprinkled candy dotting and drizzling the tops. They also serve large donut holes filled with chocolate and frosted with tons of jimmies.


3. The Donut Kitchen

The Donut Kitchen

When the town began, it only had 35 permanent residents. They had grown to almost 5,000 by 1912, and their town now boasted multiple businesses built around corn and cotton. They had flour mills and cotton processing plants including a gin, a compress, and an oil mill for cottonseeds. Schools, churches, banks, and newspapers sprang up to serve this growing city.

The Donut Kitchen in Virginia Parkway shut down early in the pandemic (May 2020), but they’ve re-opened under new management so this top donut spot is worth revisiting. They specialize in gourmet doughnuts and some of their niche treats include strawberry shortcake, tiramisu, red velvet, and cream brulée donuts. You can also try their colorful mini donuts.


4. Cremcrittos


Where did the city of Mckinney (and the county of Collin) get their names? Well, a politician named Collin Mckinney was in charge of counties in the area because he wrote the bill that established their existence in northern Texas. So naturally, the county seat and the county itself were both named in his honor. He was the congressman for the Red River District.

  • Name: Cremcrittos
  • Address: 3755 S Lake Forest Dr. #600, Mckinney, TX75070
  • Website:
  • Phone: 214-856-3007
  • Hours: Tue to Fri – 7 am to 3 pm; Sat & Sun – 7 am to 2 pm

How strict is your definition of doughnuts? Some places bake or fry donuts made of rice flour, potatoes, or brioche dough, so if you’re not finicky, then Cremcrittos counts as a donut spot. They don’t have traditional donuts, but they do offer milk choc ganache and cinnamon sugar cronuts (croissant-donuts), apple fritters, Danishes, and croiffles (croissant-waffles) …


5. Max’s Donut Shop

Max’s Donut Shop

Apart from authoring county bills, Collin Mckinney was an important founding father of the state. He signed the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836. Before then, Texas was under the authority of Mexico. The sixty signatories included Jose Antonio Navarro, George Childress, Bailey Hardeman, Jose Francisco Ruiz, Edward Conrad, and James Gaines.

  • Name: Max’s Donut Shop
  • Address: 105 N Greenville Ave #13 Allen, TX 75002 – Collin County
  • Website:
  • Phone: (972) 727-8171
  • Hours: 5 am to 11.30 am daily

Allen isn’t strictly in Mckinney, but part of its territory extends into the city. Plus, Allen is officially part of the Dallas-Fort-Worth metroplex, so its donut spots do qualify. Specifically, we’re thinking about Max’s Donut Shop. It’s the place to go if you want plain old regular donuts, none of that fancy gourmet stuff. And it’s ethnic-owned so come support the locals!

6. Donut Station

Donut Station

The city of Mckinney covers roughly 60 square miles, and a square mile or so is underwater. About half the population is Caucasian, with maybe 10% African Americans and another 10% Asians. The Mexican roots of this city mean close to 20% are LatinX while the rest are Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. Roughly 5% of the population identifies as mixed-race.

The demographics of Mckinney are sufficiently intermingled. And when you visit a shop called the Donut Station, you want to see an equally mixed selection behind the glass display case. And this spot delivers! You could stand there for hours just staring at the endless assortment, and as one reviewer so aptly put it, ‘10/10 for aesthetics!’ They taste great too!!

7. Donut Bliss

Donut Bliss

Administratively, Mckinney is operated by a city council that comprises the mayor and six council members. Of these seven, the mayor and two members are elected by public vote. The other four members represent their individual districts. The council then appoints a City Manager with day-to-day responsibilities. This city manager is in charge of implementation.

  • Name: Donut Bliss
  • Address: 5080 Virginia Pkwy McKinney, TX 75071
  • Website:
  • Phone: 972-540-6404
  • Hours: 5.30 am to noon daily

With a name like Donut Bliss, your expectations are probably pretty high. Fortunately, this doughnut spot delivers. They’ve been open since 2002 and you can grab your favorite flavors from 5.30 am to noon every day. Their menu isn’t too fancy, but you can find the standard donut fare from chocolate glaze and sprinkles to buttermilk, fritters, and twists.

8. Sugar Boy Donuts

Sugar Boy Donuts

The biggest cities in Collin County are Plano, Frisco, and Mckinney, with Mckinney holding the Number #3 position. And all three are part of the Dallas-Fort-Worth-Metroplex. So a donut shop with outlets in Prosper and Frisco definitely qualifies for this list. Sugar Boy Donuts has two shops in Prosper and another in Frisco. All three open from 5 am to 1 pm.

Apart from delicious doughnuts and other breakfast options, you can enjoy a Cuvee coffee or a branded smoothie from the famous Dr. Smoothie. Excite the kids (both big and little) with donuts that are filled and frosted to resemble their favorite cartoon characters. Samples include the cookie monster, spiderman, smiley-face Oreos, or even a grinning unicorn donut.


9. Fat Straws

Fat Straws

We’ve looked at a doughnut spot from Frisco, so now let’s check out Plano. Most of us enjoy our donuts with tea or coffee. Maybe even with milk for the little ones. But if you’re into boba tea, you’ll be in heaven at Fat Straws. This Plano eatery is the home of mochi donuts and bubble tea delicacies. Their special donut variant is the Chewy Puff – or rather Chewy Puffs.

  • Name: Fat Straws
  • Address: 6509 W. Park Blvd. #425, Plano, TX 75093
  • Website:
  • Phone: 972.403.7403
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday – 11 am to 9 pm

If you’re familiar with mochi donuts, you know these donut holes are joined together like a strand of pearls or a string of beads, then sold like a sort of edible bracelet. Fat Straws serves these mochi doughnuts that are crunchy outside, fluffy inside, and frosting on top. And you can enjoy them with assorted beverages that include bubble tea, smoothies, and much more.

10. SD Donuts

SD Donuts

At the start of this list, we thought birthday donuts were cute. Not birthday cake doughnuts – which are also a thing. We’re talking about doughnuts shaped to spell the words ‘happy birthday’ complete with the person’s name and age. But this seems like standard fare in Mckinney, seeing as this is the third donut shop on our list that provides this birthday treat.

But even if you’re not celebrating your birth, you can enjoy the colorful sweet snacks available at SD Donuts. The SD stands for Seven Days by the way, and they’re open every day including holidays and weekends. Only in the morning hours though, so plan ahead. And you can ask for themed donuts frosted to mimic baseballs, basketballs, superheroes, or mascots.

11. Donuts R More

Donuts R More

In some ways, discovering the best donuts in Mckinney is easier than ever. But in other ways, it can be tricky, because lots of cafés and eateries shut down during the pandemic and didn’t open up again. Also, many of these donut shops have idle social media pages and no personal websites. So when you see an out-of-date Facebook or Instagram page, it can get puzzling.

  • Name: Donuts R More
  • Address: 101 North McDonald Street STE 101 McKinney, TX 75069
  • Website:
  • Phone: (972) 542-1945
  • Hours: Mon to Sat – 5 am to noon; Sun – 6 am to noon

One tip is to check the date on the most recent review. After all, the owners may have forgotten their passwords – maybe that’s why their page isn’t up to date. But a current customer review confirms the shop is still open. The website for Donuts R More has been quiet since 2018, but they had a happy customer at least a month ago, so swing by and enjoy!

12. Shipley Do-nuts

Shipley Do-nuts

When the dot-com bubble started inflating in the late 90s and early 2000s, everyone and their uncle had a website. But as social media took hold, lots of businesses opted for pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. This is fine, except lots of these pages are neglected. And when they’re not regularly updated, customers can’t find your shop.

A bigger issue is … as the algorithms change, it gets tougher for clients to find your business page. It may be stashed behind a paywall, privacy settings, copyright issues, or lost access to passwords. The lesson? Get a website, even if it’s a cheap one. The old dogs at Shipley Do-nuts took in this new trick, and their website is the easiest place to peruse their menu. Yum!


13. Hurts Donut

Hurts Donut

We’ve talked about the importance of websites and an active social media presence. It’s essential in a fast snack niche like this one. So we’ll close with an eatery that has mastered both these marketing techniques, packaging its skills into an unbeatable franchise. Their doughnuts are amazing too! Hurts Donuts may have a weird URL, but they run over 20 stores!

For our purposes, we’re focusing on the Frisco outlet because it’s within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But they also have a food truck that serves as an Emergency Donut Service and delivers their king-size gourmet treats all over the county. Their doughnut menu changes every day, they have 70+ flavors, and they’re open 24/7 so you can try a new one every day!

What’s your favorite donut spot in Mckinney? Give us directions and recommendations!

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