How To Keep Donuts Fresh? (5 Easy & Effective Ways)

If you are a self-confessed donut lover, it’s important to know how to keep donuts fresh. But how does one actually extend the freshness of these fluffy treats even after a day? Well, stay on this page as we give you some clever tips for storing your favorite snacks!

1. How to keep donuts fresh?

First of all, let’s have an introduction to donuts. These sweet, tasty pastries are a staple for an afternoon coffee break or perhaps some late-night cravings. Donuts are normally deep fried and then served plain, glazed, or even with fillings. Some are also baked in an air fryer!

Now that you know the basics, it’s easy for you to understand the nature of these tasty fried-dough pastries made extremely popular by top chains like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. Donuts are generally fluffy and delicious. But just like most pastries, they can get moldy and turn stale in a couple of days.

While the shelf life of donuts largely depends on the type of donut as well as the ingredients used, proper storage takes up a pivotal part in its longevity. And if you want to extend the freshness of these delectable delights, it’s important to learn some methods on how to store donuts properly.

Here are five ways you can follow through for a fresh and tasty treat even after several days.

How to keep donuts fresh

1. Placing it inside an airtight storage container

Donuts and any other pastries with access to air can easily dry. Therefore, the best method to keep donuts fresh is to place them inside an airtight container. Aside from ensuring there is no air exposure, this also protects the donuts from contamination caused by microbes.

Another trick is that you may use resealable bags or cling wrap, though this could end up messy if the donuts come with toppings.

So, if these are frosted or glazed donuts with toppings, it’s suggested to only have only layers so that they won’t stick together. Furthermore, don’t forget to remove any excess air from the storage bag.

2. Storing donuts at room temperature

Plain donuts or glazed ones often do not require refrigeration. You can place them inside an airtight storage container and keep them at room temperature. Storing them at normal room temperature and away from heat or direct sunlight is very important.

This helps in limiting the acquisition of moisture as well as for the glaze not to melt. It’s also pivotal not to keep them at room temperature for too long, especially if you can’t consume them in a day or two. Leaving them on your kitchen countertop for many days may result in harder dough and possible spoilage.

And if you think eating donuts for straight two days is not plausible for your lifestyle, don’t worry. There’s actually another way to store donuts while keeping them fresh. This leads us to our next method, which is using the ever-reliable cooling equipment, the refrigerator.

Storing donuts at room temperature

3. Keeping donuts inside the refrigerator

There are some donuts that require refrigeration, particularly dairy-based and cream-filled ones. This kind of pastry is highly susceptible to bacteria, which could affect the freshness of the donuts. That is why donuts and other desserts with dairy should be stored inside the refrigerator

Colder temperature minimizes the risks of fermentative bacterial growth, which results in spoilage of the dairy and the dough in general. Aside from avoiding spoilage, keeping the donuts in the fridge also maximizes their shelf life.

And if you follow this method, you can expect your donuts to last more than 3 days or even after a whole week! Just make sure to store them in a separate, airtight container or plastic bag so it lasts longer and it won’t acquire odor from other food.

4. Putting donuts in the freezer

Did you know that you can actually freeze donuts for up to 3 months? This is the best way if you want to keep them for a long time without spoiling them. When doing so, you can store donuts inside a large freezer bag.

If there are several donuts to be kept, try to separate them using wax paper. The paper helps the donuts not to freeze together. Also, be sure to squeeze the bag tightly to get rid of excess air. Or if you don’t have wax paper, you may try freezing one donut at a time to prevent the glaze from sticking to other donuts.

5. Reheating donuts

But of course, donuts are best served hot! So, whether it’s stored at room temperature or inside a fridge, you can definitely reheat your donuts. First, you have to preheat the microwave oven to 350 degrees. Then, wrap the donut with aluminum foil and heat it for 5 to 20 seconds.

Be cautious with the time duration because heating it over the ideal time can cause the donuts to get burnt. Also, when reheating cream-filled donuts, be careful because the filling can get very hot.

2. Where should I store my donuts overnight?

If you just plan to keep your donuts overnight, you can store them inside an airtight container at room temperature. There’s no need to put it inside the fridge. Then, you can just heat it the next day.

3. How do you keep donuts fresh in a container?

Keeping donuts inside a container is one of the best ways to extend their freshness. However, you need to make sure that it is covered properly. In addition to that, it’s suggested to wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to secure its freshness.

How do you keep donuts fresh in a container

4. Why is my donut hard the next day?

No one wants an unfluffy, stale donut, right? Aside from the unappealing texture, hard donuts may have an unappealing taste, to begin with. Well, there are several factors that affect the quality of the pastries.

A typical reason is because of air exposure. Therefore, if you’ve got a hard donut after leaving it on the kitchen countertop without proper storage, you just have to throw it in the microwave for a couple of seconds. This can help in softening the bread and make it fresh once again.

But if you store the donuts correctly, wrapping them in a foil and keeping it inside an airtight container, then there’s a lesser chance of having a rock-solid dessert the next day!


Storing your donuts correctly means you can enjoy your favorite treats for as long as possible! On top of that, this gives you ample time until you get your hands on a new, fresh batch.

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