Top 5 Duck Donuts in Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are a string of islands off North Carolina that are perhaps the most scenic spots in all of America.

With open sea beaches, dunes, shipwrecks, and wildlife aplenty, there’s only one other thing that drives tourists to these tropical hotspots every season – their world-famous handmade donuts!

The Outer Banks is the birthplace of one of America’s most popular and delicious franchises, Duck Donuts. Although you can enjoy Duck Donuts in over 100 locations across America, these five original stores scattered across the Outer Banks are the true source of southern-style, homemade donuts.

Duck Donuts – changing the classic American treat forever

Duck Donuts has been a staple of the donut industry since 2007, when founder Russ DiGilio opened up his first shop in the town of Duck, NC. Pairing delicious donuts with a selection of coffees in the heartland of beaches, marshlands, and promenades was a recipe for success.

Now, his chain of donut stores is found across America and beyond. But one thing that remains consistent throughout every franchise store is the family-friendly experience.

The shop’s mascot, Ollie the duck, is a constant reminder and nod to the shop’s beach town roots. The hashtag #OllieLovesDonuts is used by fans worldwide to celebrate him and pay tribute to the Outer Banks community.

The 5 Duck Donuts of the Outer Banks

In the heartland of the Outer Banks are, what we feel, five of the best Duck Donut stores you can find. If you’re in the area or planning a getaway, we’re here to highlight where you can find these hidden gems – and, most importantly, what you should order!

1. Duck Donuts, Corolla

Duck Donuts, Corolla
Image Credit: google map

Address: 603D Currituck Clubhouse Drive, Corolla, NC 27927


Phone: (252) 453 3210

Hours: Mon-Sat: 7 am – 1 pm.

Corolla is a community famous for its beaches, lighthouses, wild parks, and herds of wild horses. If you want to take in all of these outdoor sights in style, you need one thing handy – a delicious, local donut.

The Duck Donut here has a delicious menu of classic donuts, including their signature Beach Ball which goes down a treat every summer. It has vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles drenched in a chocolate drizzle.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a modern twist to a classic southern recipe, they also serve the Coconut Island Bliss, which combines the beauty of chocolate and peanuts for the ultimate nostalgic treat!

The shop is in the heart of Corolla – you can’t miss it! Just off Clubhouse Drive, it’s close to the Wild Horse Adventure Tours and the Currituck Golf Club, to name but two local attractions.

You’re also a short minute’s walk away from the breathtaking oceanside beach of Corolla itself, where there are several shipwreck diving sites you can explore. Not to mention a host of seabirds, aquatic life, and hundreds of sailboats drifting beautifully along the coastline – perfect for savoring while eating your delicious donuts! 

2. Duck Donuts, Duck Road

Duck Donuts, Duck Road
Image Credit: google map

Address: 1190 Duck Road, Duck, NC 27949


Phone: (252) 480 3304

Hours: Thurs-Mon: 7 am – 1 pm.

Simply put, the Ducks Donut on Duck Road is a piece of American history.

This was the first shop to open in the now-massive franchise and is a tourist attraction. No doubt visitors will flock to tit’s doors for a photo with the original southern donut house.

But history aside, Duck Road is one of the prime destinations in the Outer Banks for its signature delicacies. It boasts a wide selection of irresistible treats for you to indulge in.

Their seasonal donuts are some of our favorites and include the delicious S’mores donut with cracker crumbs and marshmallow drizzle. You can also try their signature French toast donut, which has maple icing paired with powdered cinnamon sugar for the ultimate sweet-tooth experience.

Located on the West Coast of the Outer Banks, it’s one of the few eateries with a prime view of the Currituck Sound lagoon. An abundance of aquatic life, such as turtles, and seabirds, all live throughout the willow marshes. The sights and sounds are truly picturesque.

What we love most about this shop is there are several picnic benches dotted around the locality, each one allowing you the time and space to enjoy your donut and take in the many scenes.

Wash your donut with a wide choice of hot and cold drinks, including cold brew coffees, cappuccinos, and cookie crumble frappes. But whatever you do – keep your camera close, as who knows what natural marvel will appear on your walk!

3. Duck Donuts, Kitty Hawk

Duck Donuts, Kitty Hawk
Image Credit: google map

Address: 5230 N Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949


Phone: (252) 261 3312

Hours: Fri-Wed: 7 am – 1 pm.

Kitty Hawk is home to some of the most spectacular viewpoints in the Outer Banks region. It has many hotels, B&Bs, and holiday homes on the beachfront.

From the famous Kitty Hawk pier that juts right into the ocean to the long promenade of unspoiled sandy dunes on either side, it’s the perfect spot for a beach stroll.

And suppose you find yourself soothing into a long summer evening by the sand. In that case, you should know that delectable donuts are just a short walk away at the local favorite Duck Donuts.

Enjoy several Duck Donut classics like the blueberry pancake donut, the chocolate caramel crunch, and the unmatched maple bacon donut to satisfy your hunger.

This shop is also one of the few Duck Donuts to serve their signature breakfast sandwich menu – which we highly recommend you try. It combines the savory tastes of bacon, sausage, cheese, and maple drizzle with the fresh texture of a homemade donut.

Located in the heart of the Ocean Centre Shopping Center, you can visit several popular souvenir shops and boutiques before heading home for the evening.

4. Ducks Donuts, Nags Head

Ducks Donuts, Nags Head
Image Credit: google map

Address: 5000 S Croatan Highway Unit M 25, Nags Head, NC 27959


Phone: (252) 255-5730

Hours: 7 am – 1 pm every day.

Banks, with beautiful scenery at every angle. From the world-famous Jockey’s Ridge State Park to the endless sand dunes and local wildlife, to sports outlets like hang gliding

– there’s plenty to do here – but not on an empty stomach!

The local Duck Donuts has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the franchise. With a wide selection of fresh donuts, there’s something for everybody.

Why not even create your very own donut? Select from a delicious array of coatings, toppings, and drizzles to make a recipe that will live long in your memory and tastebuds. And just like the Kitty Hawk outlet, you can also order a delicious savory breakfast sandwich here.

But what seals the deal on the Nag’s Head shop is its prime location. It’s nestled between several outlets, souvenir shops, and boutiques for you to explore. And it’s just opposite the esteemed Nag’s Head golf course, where you can experience pristine green lawns set to a calm ocean sea breeze. Simply perfection!

5. Duck Donuts, Kill Devil Hills

Duck Donuts, Kill Devil Hills
Image Credit: google map

Address: 1716 N Croatan Highway MP 6


Phone: (252) 480-3320

Hours: 7 am – 1 pm every day.

If you’re in Kill Devil Hills, taking in the sights, scenery, and famous marketplaces, no doubt you’ll be hungry for a treat. The good news is that the Duck Donuts that was originally in the area has relocated into brand new premises – perfectly mixing the old, classic homemade donut with a modern twist to the setting.

The newly relocated Duck Donuts is sure to impress with their ultimate service of warm, fresh, and delicious donuts made-to-order. Pick your glaze or icing and watch your donut freshly made before your eyes. Finish off with a signature drizzle to make it a dessert worth remembering.

Because of its prime location, the shop is a moment away from all the best attractions In the Kill Devil Hills area, including the Wright Brothers memorial, First Flight Airport, and the beautiful Run Hill State natural area.

But perhaps our favorite thing about the Kill Devil Hills branch is that they are one of two spots that serve the iconic breakfast sandwiches. These tasty treats are loaded with bacon, cheese, and sausages, all added to a savory donut of your choosing. They can be a great start to your busy day or a fitting meal to end your evening.

Duck Donuts is constantly expanding across the USA. With over 100 franchises across the country, you’re never too far away from a homemade, classic treat.

If you can’t wait until you visit the Outer Banks, you can find a nearby Duck Donuts here!

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