Top 15 Best Donut Shops in Cincinnati, OH

Locals know Cincinnati as Queen City. And there’s food and drink fit for royalty here, including no fewer than 40 different local breweries.

But enough about the beer, I hear you cry – we want to hear about the donuts!

Your wish is our command. We’ve checked out some of the best donuts in Cincinnati. And we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Best Donuts in Cincinnati

1. Holtman’s Donut Shop

Holtman’s Donut Shop

Holtman’s have been serving up their donuts for over 80 years – so they must be doing something right!

Their cake donuts have a great consistency, and they’re full of flavor. The glazed donuts have the perfect old-school taste. And there’s an excellent range of specials that change by the day.

Options include maple bacon, fudge cake, crème brûlée, and the Buckeye, with chocolate icing and a peanut butter mousse center. The prices are good value, and the service is friendly and helpful.

Order online to check availability, or head to the store for takeout (there’s no dine in option). The opening hours are 7am to 2pm Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and 7am to 9pm on Friday and Saturday.


2. Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Hyde Park

Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Hyde Park

Peace, Love and Little Donuts make what numerous customers describe as the best donuts they’ve ever eaten. So why not head over to Hyde Park and see if you agree?

The donuts here are, as the name suggests, a little smaller than usual. That just means you can enjoy the rich flavors without feeling boated. And there’s plenty to choose from.

The menu is divided into four sections: funkadelic (with and without nuts), far-out and groovy. Pick from nutty options like Shaka Pecan, Snick Jagger, Elvis and the Peanut Nutter. Or there are more traditional choices like lemon, strawberry, vanilla, maple and chocolate.

If you’re catering for an event, you can place bulk orders online or in the store. Or you could hire their warm donut bar, and have donuts decorated on the spot for your guests.

The shop is open daily. On Monday, the hours are 7am to 3pm, and from Tuesday through Friday, they’re 7am to 5pm. Head there on the weekend, and it’s open between 8am and 3pm.


3. Bonomini Bakery

Bonomini Bakery

Many of Bonomini’s loyal customers say they make the best donuts in Cincinnati. It’s also been voted Cincinnati’s best bakery by Food and Wine magazine.

Here you can find a great range of cake donuts, plus delicious paczkis, Polish filled donuts. They also do plenty of other pastries, including celebration cakes and cookies. And there’s a good selection of savory breads and croissants too.

The shop is open for takeout only – there’s no option to eat in or get your order delivered. And the opening hours are pretty restricted – from 6am to 2pm Thursday to Saturday only. But the friendly and efficient customer service makes it a pleasure to visit.


4. Busken Bakery

Busken Bakery

Busken Bakery has been in the same family for four generations. And you can taste that accumulated wisdom in every mouthful of their delicious donuts.

The flavors on offer change daily – check out the schedule on their website. There’s always plenty to choose from, but Fridays are the days to go to get the biggest range.

The options include glazed chocolate cake, cheese kettle, cinnamon twist, chocolate iced custard filled, and maple Persian. Some say the plain cake donuts are the best – get there early, as they sell out fast.

If you fancy something to go alongside your donuts, the choice is vast. The menu covers breads, cookies, Danishes, muffins, pies, dinner cakes and decorated cakes.

The shop is open from 6am to 8pm every day except Sunday. Both takeout and delivery are available.


5. Brown Bear Bakery

Brown Bear Bakery

Brown Bear Bakery is an artisan bakery where everything is made with great attention to detail. And there’s an emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients, including locally sourced cream, milk, honey, maple and fruits.

The menu changes daily – check out the online ordering portal for the latest selection. The cinnamon rolls get top marks, but anything you choose will be delicious. And if you’re not sure what to pick, the friendly staff will talk you through the options.

The shop offers takeout and dine in, or you can order online for delivery to your door. The opening hours are 9am to 2pm Wednesday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm on weekends.


6. Silverton Donut Shop

Silverton Donut Shop

Head to Silverton Bakery for glazed cake donuts that customers describe as “incredible” But whatever you choose from this artisan bakery, you’ll be getting top quality.

The donuts are crisp on the outside and light and fluffy inside. You can find options like chocolate crullers, honey dipped sticks, honey buns, and truly delicious apple fritters. There are regular specials too, including themed donuts for the holidays.

The shop is open for takeout only, every day except Monday. Head there between 5am and midday Tuesday to Friday, 6am to midday on Saturday, and 7am to midday on Sunday.


7. Wyoming Pastry Shop

Wyoming Pastry Shop

The Wyoming Pastry Shop is nearing its 90th anniversary of serving up delicious pastries. The secret to its success? Fresh bread baked daily, great cookies, and pastries that taste as good as they look.

Amongst those pastries are some top class donuts. They include delicious cinnamon rolls with apple chunks, cherry and vanilla donuts, and specialities like cinnamon toast crunch and strawberry dough. The customer service is excellent too.

You can either dine in or get takeout, but there’s no delivery service. The opening hours are 6am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 6am to 4pm on Saturdays.


8. Moe’s Donuts and Pastries

Moe’s Donuts and Pastries

Moe’s offers a good range of donuts, plus breads and other pastries. Get there early for the best selection – this local favorite can sell out fast.

The signature donut here is the old fashioned, and it’s amongst the best you’ll find. The powdered and custard filled donuts also get rave reviews.

And whatever donut you choose, you’ll find it’s very generously sized. The prices are a little higher than some places, but you get plenty for your money. The coffee is on point too.

The shop is open seven days a week for takeout only. From Monday to Thursday, the hours are 5am to 1pm. The rest of the week it’s open from 5.30am to 3pm.


9. Bizy Bees Bakery

Bizy Bees Bakery

Get to Bizy Bees early to choose from the widest selection of donuts. The news of their top quality pastries has traveled far and wide – and they sell out quickly as a result! Call ahead to place your order to guarantee you get what you want.

Customer favorites include the glazed donut. Here the entire surface of the donut is covered in delicious glaze. Or there are the generous bear claws, and a donut shaped like a pretzel that tastes divine.

The shop is open every day except Monday. The hours are 5am to 11am Tuesday to Friday, 6am to 1pm on Saturday and 7am to 11.30 am on Sunday. Note that if you’re paying by card, there’s a minimum spend of $10.


10. Servatii Pastry Shop and Deli

Servatii Pastry Shop and Deli

Servatii offers all the donut classics, plus a new special every month. And you can also choose from their range of cold pastries, Danishes, cookies, petit fours, tortes and cakes. If you’re in the mood for something savory, there are croissants, buns, rolls, breads and pretzels.

Cake donut flavors include plain, chocolate iced, cinnamon and vanilla iced. Or try glazed, zebra striped, chocolate or sprinkles yeast-raised donuts. The specialties include Long Johns, twists, custard filled, raspberry filled and cinnamon Persian.

Everything is freshly made and served efficiently.

The shop is open seven days a week for curbside pick-up and delivery. Doors open at 6.30am every day except Sunday, when it’s 7am. Closing time is 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 5pm on Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays.


11. Cherbourg Bakery

Cherbourg Bakery

The donuts at Cherbourg Bakery are baked fresh every day. And they’re so tasty you’d never believe they’re gluten free. All their products are nut and dye free too.

Amongst the flavors most recommended by customers are the cinnamon, pumpkin, coffee and banana. There’s also a wide range of other sweet baked goodies, including lemon bars, blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, check out the jalapeno bread and shakshuka. They also serve great pour over coffee, made by Deeper Roots.

Both takeout and delivery are available. Note, though, that the shop is only open four days a week, from Thursday through Sunday. Opening hours are 7.30am to 2pm Thursday to Saturday, and 8.30am to 2pm on Sundays.


12. Marcella’s Doughnuts and Bakery

Marcella’s Doughnuts and Bakery

If you’re looking for freshly made gourmet donuts, check out Marcella’s. Many of their customers say their donuts are the best in town. It’s a small local chain, with just three outlets. But between them, they make over 4,000 donuts a day.

Those include cake, yeast raised and cronuts, a cross between a croissant and a donut. You’ll find classics like glazed, chocolate sprinkled and blueberry cake, as well as new additions like Oreos, fruity pebbles and butter crumb.

If you’re celebrating, order the jumbo donut – a massive 10 to 12 inches in diameter. You can have it iced with a message for a special occasion.

Drop by the shop to get takeout – there’s no delivery option here. The opening hours are 5.30am to midday Tuesday to Friday, 6am to midday on Saturdays and 7am to midday on Sundays.


13. Happy Chicks Bakery

Happy Chicks Bakery

Happy Chicks is the home of some of the most beautiful cakes we’ve ever seen. And they make some seriously impressive donuts too.

It’s a vegan bakery, but you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy their sweet and savory treats. As well as donuts, you’ll find empanadas, quiches, savory sandwiches, croissants, cookies, muffins and brownies.

The menu changes regularly – if you have something particular in mind, it’s a good idea to call them in advance. Opening hours are 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, for takeout only.


14. Moonrise Doughnuts

Moonrise Doughnuts

Okay, strictly speaking, Moonrise Doughnuts aren’t in Cincinnati. You have to cross the Kentucky river to get your hands on them. But the quality of the pastry here means they’re well worth the effort.

The must-try donut is the hot one. The flavor changes regularly, and it’s made the minute you order it. Recent examples have included a maple hot donut that won high praise from customers.

Other favorites include the chocolate with sprinkles – but there’s plenty to choose from. They offer an astonishing 230 different varieties of donut here.

Unusually, the shop opens late afternoon and closes late into the night. Opening hours are 4pm to 9pm Tuesday to Thursday, and 5pm to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Both takeout and delivery are available.


15. Blossim Donuts

Blossim Donuts

You can order Blossim’s delicious donuts in four different ways.

Head to the store on Montgomery Road, or call ahead to collect your order from there the next day. With a week’s notice, you can also book their food truck. And if you’re catering a special event, give them a call or visit their website at least three days ahead.

Their flavors change regularly – check out their Instragram page for the latest info. Recent options have included pineapple fritters, lemon and peach filled, blueberry cake, and cream cheese filled red velvet cake.

The shop is open to dine in or get takeout from 6am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday, and from 6am to midday on Sundays.


Time to Find Your Perfect Donut!

That brings us to the end of our tour of the best donuts in Cincinnati. We hope you’ve found something here to tickle your taste buds!

Whether you’re looking for classic or creative, there are lots of great flavors to choose from. And with so many places claiming to make the best donuts in the city, there’s only one option – you’ll have to try them all!

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