U.S.A. Donuts in San Antonio (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

U.S.A. Donuts

Address: 4535 Rigsby Ave, San Antonio, TX 78222

Phone: (210) 994-7022

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3

Website: http://u-s-a-donuts.lany.io/

What Time Does U.S.A. Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Monday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

Friday,: 5:30AM to 1PM

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U.S.A. Donuts Reviews

Jennifer Henriquez

Delicious! I came around 11:30am on a Sunday… I know, worst time to come if I have a certain preference in my donut shop products. Luckily, I got the last chocolate cake donut, as well as a bacon egg and cheese croissant.

The casing still had various twists, some fried donuts, about 5-6 of 3 filled-type donuts (lemon, raspberry, Bavarian), lots of glazed donuts, a good pile of large glazed donut holes (the other reviewer was right on size), large cinnamon rolls, and LOTS of kolaches. My BEC was not on the rack in front but in the back, so that tells me not to write it off on first glance.

The mother/child duo in front of me was able to get frosting on one of their glazed donuts, although no frosted donuts were out, the shopkeeper even asking what color frosting they’d like. That showed me they are amenable to even small requests like these!

I got home and reheated my sandwich (as we all do, microwave style), and boy! The croissant was soft, buttery and decadent. The size was great and price was fair ($3.29+tax at time of review). The cake donut ($0.79+tax) was also soft and had a balanced amount of glaze. I’m usually more a fan of plain cake with a chocolate icing, but this was still good without being too rich or dried out. Thank goodness the mom didn’t get the kid this donut since he apparently “wouldn’t eat it.”

Long story short, the food was great and I would definitely make the drive down to the SE side again… earlier this time!
Excuse the half eaten food pics, I didn’t think to take any until I realized how good they tasted.

Vean Bean

If i could have given 0 stars i would have! I just had an experience that ruined my morning here! I’m standing in line waiting to be helped and when it’s my turn i tell him I’m there to pick up an order. He didn’t ask me any questions and says she will help you, talking about the lady taking a payment through the window. So he helps the man behind me and when the lady behind me takes the next window order instead of helping me, I say to the man I dont understand why you helped him before you helped me. Even the gentleman that was helped before me said it didn’t make sense to him either! After he helped the gentleman, then he helped me! So I asked why did you help him before you helped me? He said Because she was supposed to help you!
So I asked her why did you help the next drive thru customer before helping me? She said because they were before you. I said how were they before me if they had to drive to the window to tell you what they wanted and I was already at the counter! I hate to think it was because of my race or gender, but what else could it have been! I’m very bothered by how I was treated! I told them they have horrible customer service! They tried to defend their actions, but there is no defending that! They ruined my morning!! And the worst part about it is the boxes were sitting on the counter ready to go. All he had to do was pass them to me from behind the glass. He actually had to actually get the man’s dozen donuts and box them up and bag them up AND pay. My stuff was already paid for prior to arriving. So my transaction would have taken less than 30 seconds from Hand to hand!

Manuel Gracia

Best bear claws I’ve ever ate! Delicious donuts, apple fritters, kolaches/pig in a blanket and boudin! Very lovely people working here. I like having the croissants for breakfast here with a bottle of Thai Tea, simply delicious!!!

Rose Willis

Picked up some donuts came to @4.75 of course i did not have cash so I debt i walked out after I signed when i got to the car i realized i did not get a receipt and i thought should not be a problem (yes it was my mistake) just for FYI they gave themselves a $5 tip and of course I could not fight it because I walked out withmy receipt again my fault for being carelessly just a reminder they are not honest people regardless if the donuts were good or not. My lost but a reminders to others.


This is a great local shop that will fill all of your breakfast needs. Awesome sausage and jalapeño kolaches as well as other breakfast sandwiches. And of course if you have a sweet tooth in the morning, you can’t beat their cinnamon rolls. If you are in a rush just head to their drive thru and you’ll quickly be on your way.

Austin Jones

Trash. 11am on a Thursday 6/30/22
Closed with no warning. Drove all the way there for absolutely nothing. Thanks. Must be hard to update that you’re closed or at least leave a note on the door.

Princess Rodriguez

Best tasting glazed donuts that smell so good! Kolaches are big. Everything is fresh. There is a drive thru.

Anita Franklin

Always enjoy a hot croissant from them. I like the donuts holes when available.

Kuulei Apao

Love it here. Ordered Breakfast Croissants, an iced caramel coffee and 4 eclairs (2 with chocolate & 2 without). Everything was terrific and we will continue going here.

Carol Ann

Has some great donuts but, their donut holes are dry unless they came out right away. They donut holes are huge as well don’t know if that has anything to do with them being dry or not. Only been there once and that was good enough for me. I go to the drive thru behind the building and order Mexican food.

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