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Oui Melrose

Address: 6909 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Phone: (323) 852-3944

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6

Website: http://www.ouimelrose.com/

What Time Does Oui Melrose Open?

Saturday,: 11AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 8PM

Monday,: 11AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 11AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 9PM

Friday,: 11AM to 9PM

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Oui Melrose Reviews

Luna Moon

Their wraps are so delicious. They are so stuffed that I can never finish it all in one sitting… not complaining I saved the second half for the next day and it’s still just as yummy!! The spiced chicken and the spiced cod ones are my favorite. Their cookies are great too. Oh and their lattes/cappuccinos/coffee drinks always hit the spot.

Evan Baldaccini

When I say these are the best donuts in all of LA I mean that these are the best donuts in all of LA. The Vanilla Bean will blow you away, the pistachio orange blossom is beyond, the banana cream pie wow, and the STRAWBERRY FRITTER!!! don’t get started.

I love this place & the master pieces that Tony cooks up. The donuts are so incredibly amazing that compared to the cookies I had I was underwhelmed. Nevertheless 5 stars for Tony & his operation.

Jenn Holland

My girlfriend and I have very different food desires, and this place matched both of us perfectly. I would have NEVER imaged a burger THIS GOOD came from this cute little cafe. They have various teas, coffees, sandwiches, burgers, and salads. They have a few different style of fries—we got the garlic fries and they did not disappoint either. This was the best food we had the entire trip—10/10. The gentleman that helped us at the counter was very helpful. We will absolutely come back when we visit!

Michael Harrold

Bacon and chive khachapouri – 5 !

Oui Melrose is a lovely, small bakery cafe close to the Melrose shopping area. I discovered them via social media and was very pleasantly surprised.

Their menu mixes American and I believe Georgian (European not US) cuisine. I was there for lunch and they clearly are loved because it was busy the entire time I was there.

I have never had a khachapouri before and was super happy with my first one. It reminded me of a cream based pasta on top of baked dough that resembles pizza dough. I’m not sure if these are a breakfast item but the fresh egg yolk and bacon give it a breakfast/brunch feel.

It was excellent. I went to the cafe to try the khachapouri but I was really tempted by a lot of their menu and their bakery items also looked impressive. Apparently they do a donut special on the weekend. Parking was easy to find right out front. I certainly will return to try their donuts and something else from the cafe menu.

Christopher Roman

Small, modern, airy cafe offering both baked goods and savory eats. We came for the donuts, which were extra extravagant and delicious. Counter-serve and there’s limited seating inside, though there were some spots available on Sunday afternoon.

Ruby Sulter

The best restaurant I’ve been in California by far. The food was absolutely amazing, and everything is completely fresh. The menu is not at all over whelming but there is still something for everyone. Location could be better but the place itself is super cute and modern. The service was outstanding and the employees actually knew about each dish to help make choices. The cashier even gave us a free donut to try out! The prices were super affordable as well.

George N.

I just had khachapuri for the first time here and I was quite impressed. If you’ve never had khachapuri, it’s kinda like a deep dish pizza with an egg yolk and without and tomato sauce. It’s a Georgian dish which is pretty hard to find. I’m definitely coming back for their khachapuri!


sandwiches and laffa’s are very good, fresh and feels light, latte is good but id say skip on the donuts.

Ruben Reyes

I’ve been following this place on Instagram for a year and finally tried it, and I gotta say i loved it, it lived up to the hype. I ordered a lot, a spiced chicken laffa, a soujouk khachipuri. Zatar hummus, and burgundy truffle double burger. I was most excited anoint the burger but the laffa is what blew me away. So many amazing spices and pickled flavors with perfectly spiced chicken. It was an amazing surprise to eat while I drove home in traffic. The burger had a lot of truffles but the thousand island flavor overwhelmed them. Still a great burger though. The khachipuri was similar to a pizza. The dough/bread was the best part. Looking forward to coming back again.

Jason Thome

I was blown away by their House Double cheeseburger. Everything was incredibly fresh. The meat is freshly chopped on site and the taste and texture is perfect. They get that grill sear that is so good on a burger. The bun is soft. The flavors are fantastic. This is hands-down one of the best burgers in Los Angeles. And the staff is super nice. I ordered it with a Mexican Coke and was in the burger zen zone!

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