Holey Cream in New York (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Holey Cream

Address: 791 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 247-8400

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.8

Website: https://holeycream.com/

What Time Does Holey Cream Open?

Saturday,: 1PM to 2AM

Sunday,: 1PM to 1:30AM

Monday,: 1PM to 1:30AM

Tuesday,: 1PM to 1:30AM

Wednesday,: 1PM to 1:30AM

Thursday,: 1PM to 2AM

Friday,: 1PM to 2AM

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Holey Cream Reviews

Barb Rappaport

This place is delicious! I am visiting New York with my husband and two kids from the Midwest and we like to find unique restaurants and dessert places when we travel. The ice cream selection was super unique. My teenage son got a fruit loops donut, which they cut in half, and he had Birthday cake flavored ice cream in the middle. We also tried the cotton Candy and blueberry pie ice cream and they were both so yummy. This small place is clean, well lit, has a cute mural on the back wall, and I highly recommend it! The guys working there were excellent, pleasant, all smiles. There are 5 chairs inside but outside there are about 4 little round tables with chairs.

Nathan Boland

I really wish I could have relied on the amazing reviews. Perhaps these customers have never traveled to Italy or anywhere with truly amazing ice cream. The only thing great about this place was the staff. And the peanut butter sauce. But honestly none of the ice cream had any flavor at all. And I ended up throwing most of the ice cream sandwich away. The calories to taste ratio just wasn’t there.

Kelsey Contreras

They have an excellent variety or ice cream and donut options. The donut ice cream sandwich is a great deal. We received good customer service. Some seating is available inside, but there was no tables at the time of our visit.

Danella Williams

Wow. I am not one for over-the-top desserts but something compelled me to just try the donut ice cream sandwish last night. I had low expectations because I’d never heard of it before and figured the donut would probably be gross and stale. I figured that maybe the ice cream would be good.

Ha…wrong on that bit. From the first bite I was transported. The donut was nice and soft and warm. The frosting was freshly drizzled. It complimented my ice cream very well and it stayed warm for much longer than you’d expect. I ate far too much but still couldn’t finish it. That’s not to say I didnt try! Yummy


It wasn’t horrible, as many of the reviews suggest, but that being said, it wasn’t great. The ice cream was less than average and the donuts weren’t spectacular either. Overall, I would recommend you try a different dessert spot in NYC.

Tanja Zoric

Delicious ice cream. Tried the raspberry cream and pistachio and they were both really really good! The hot donut sandwich was over the top, but delicious.

Rocky R.

Great ice cream! Love getting my Brownie A la mode shake! … Side note, just something I noticed, their turnover rate is high. But I’ve seen their owner, he’s such a rude guy. Be nicer to your employees!!

Steve Bronder

The ice cream is very good and the servers are super friendly. I think the donut sandwich is worth having once or twice. While it’s surge of flavor it’s something I can only recommend in moderation. Gf loves it tho so will of course be back!

Fiona Alison Kibblewhite

What an experience!! I came to try the doughnut ice cream sandwich and it did not disappoint! I was lucky enough to have a great ice cream expert serving me who explained everything in great detail and had awesome recommendations for how to pair the different doughnuts and ice cream flavors. The serving size is huge, but so good. Would definitely recommend!

ashley s

I have been here on multiple occasions and I have no idea what these reviews about bad service are talking about. The people working there are always friendly and I have never had a problem. Not only that, but they also have great ice cream flavors and donuts. Great place to go to satisfy an icecream craving.

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