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Address: 43-46 10th St, Queens, NY 11101, United States



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Rating: 4.5

Website: http://fromkora.com/

What Time Does Kora Open?

Saturday,: 3 to 6PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: Closed

Friday,: 3 to 6PM

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Raoul Mata

Kora’s donuts were amazing. Authentic Filipino flavors, great presentation on the box and on the donuts. The donuts themselves are fluffy and the amount of filling is hefty. Although there is a lot of filling, the donuts themselves are not super sweet, therefore, you can appreciate the flavors on a deeper level. To nail each flavor, having them shine but not overpower in each donut is overlooked. Try out Kora.

Kaity E. Molina

The donuts are beautifully done. However the concept of having to get all 5 donuts suck. The flan one was delicious, best donut out of the box. The qeso one was good too. I really wanted to like the rest. The ube, I couldn’t tolerate it. I really wanted to love it. It just wasn’t for me. I hate chestnuts and white chocolate, I still tasted the donut just to see if maybe their spin would make me like it. Nope. If they had an option just for the flan at an obviously lower price point for that specific donut, since I highly doubt, that donut has any ingredients imported, I would happily purchase just that one. Try it for yourself, some people clearly love it. I am glad I tried this fad. It just wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t purchase again.

Mark Nowell

Amazing Filipino donuts! OMG all my childhood flavors on a donut! What else can you ask for? The flavors are amazing and the donuts are soft and delicious! Must order online!

Location: It is located on Long Island City. It is just a pick up location, I believe they make the donuts here. I drove here and it is kinda far, and traffic is crazy but hey it is worth it. Also, if you google map it, its is not the exact location you have to go around the building so you can see the sign.

Service: The pick up was easy you just show the guy your confirmation code and you will receive the boxes of donuts.

Food: We ordered the Sari Sari pack which is compose of all their flavors that month, 5 donuts in total. LECHE FLAN NI LOLA: this is one of my favorite, the custard inside is so creamy and silky and the brioche is soft. UBE: the ube flavor is not that strong, but it is not that sweet so I like it. CHAMPORADO: omg so good because it has real rice inside the brioche and resembles the chocolate rice porridge. SANS RIVAL: good as well, the buttercream has liquor on it and cashews are perfect addition to give the donut a texture. KAMOTECUE: this is their new flavor, and it was a street food in the Philippines. I love it because the sweet potato is so good. AVOKADO: this is so yummy too, because it has guac on it. HALO HALO: this is one of my favorite as well, because all the flavors are here. It definitely taste like the shaved ice dessert. KALAMANSI AMAPOLA: this is one of my favorites as well because it the tangy taste of the kalamansi is perfect with the soft brioche. KESO: my favorite! The cheese filling is so good! And the frico crisp is so good too! CASTAÑA: my not so favorite, it was okay. CHURRON: omg it so good, the banana filling is so delicious and it compliments the crunch of the churros! To be honest all the flavors have their own unique elements, so get everything.

Price rating: 7/10, it was not that bad for the price. The donuts were amazing.

Ordered trice already so definitely will try their other flavors! Get the sari sari so you can taste everything in 1 box!

Kenneth Liang

After hearing so much about Kora, I finally managed to secure an order. Presentation is top-notch 5/5. The amount of decoration and detail to the donuts just shows how much time we put into them. Taste-wise it was a 3/5. I found the donuts to be quite heavy and doughy. I prefer lighter and airy donuts like Krispy Kreme. I also prefer strong flavors and have quite a sweet tooth. These donuts did not cut it. They were more subtle. The only one I really enjoyed was the flan. The others were meh in my opinion. I say try it out just to try it out and decide yourself. But if you love light, airy, and sweet donuts like Krispy Kreme then you may find yourself disappointed like I did. I probably won’t be coming here again due to price and having different donut tastes.

The Reviewer

(More like a 4.5) Love the flavors and the design! I found that the doughnuts were slightly oily which really took away from the amazing unique flavors of the filling. Such a fun concept and the doughnuts have so many amazing components.


Great presentation, we really liked 2 of the donuts, and thought the other 3 were okay. It’s all based on preference, I saw other reviews that loved the flavors we didn’t like and hated the ones we really enjoyed.

Betty Li

i agree with the many others saying these are the best donuts i’ve ever had. presentation is easily 5/5, you can tell there’s thought that goes into every single donut and its presentation which, in my opinion, makes the box a STEAL, 5 for $35.

for those that are planning to get them, these are not your daily krispy creme donuts, they are extremely decadent and hefty, loads of filling with each bite so do keep that in mind when you order.

i highly recommend kora to those that love trying out new combinations and different foods. if you’re a picky eater, you can give it a shot but it’s likely not for you.

in addition, i love the idea of only allowing people to buy a box, it forces those that are unfamiliar with the combination to try something new. my personal favorites were the ube and the halo halo, the flan was amazing but a tad too sweet for me (still ate it all nonetheless though). would 100% purchase again!

i literally decided to get separate boxes for my friend and i since we’re both huge foodies, aint anyway we would let something like this go.

Di Feng Tan

2nd try I got the donuts. Really good. Even out the microwave. Nice and warm filling. Really good stuff. 36 dollars worth if you include tax. I’d get it again every once in a while. Its like a nice weekend treat you can keep to yourself.

Alice Yu

All the donuts seem to have the concept of filling in each bite, which is pretty . These donuts compared to most donuts taste good because it isn’t super sugary like most donuts. Though the cost is a bite pricey for a donut, hence the 4 stars, but if you YouTube the effort it takes to make it, then it kind of all makes senses too.

I can confirm that there was just a 2 min timeframe to place the order on Jan 10th. Parking was easy to find closer to 6pm for the pickup. They also sent a text if you haven’t picked up your order 30mins before the store closes.


The best donuts I have ever had. The brioche is soft, each filling is perfectly seasoned. Had the pleasure of trying the flan, ube, lemon, chocolate, and abocado. The attention to detail is stunning. I enjoyed each and every one of them.

I understand that the ordering process was difficult. I am giving 5 stars because they really are that perfect.

Favorite details:
The abocado is rich and balanced with white chocolate. I typically dislike guac and raw avocado so it was a pleasant surprise.

The chocolate came with a perfectly salted condensed milk. The flavor combination was wild to experience.

The ube was wonderfully represented with delicious chips on top.

The lemon meringue was the star of the show. Poppy seeds were a great touch.

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