Noah’s NY Bagels in Stockton (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Noah’s NY Bagels

Address: 123 Lincoln Center, Stockton, CA 95207

Phone: (209) 951-2284

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Noah’s NY Bagels Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 2PM

Monday,: 6AM to 2PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 2PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 2PM

Friday,: 6AM to 2PM

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Noah’s NY Bagels Reviews

Joel Beutel

This location is hit or miss.

Food is always good (if not always well stocked). Service is good, other than two bad experiences.

Today I received a serving of lox (maybe) and paid for two. Also what happened to just selling lox? I do not like the sandwich and having prepackaged lox was helpful.

But $10 for this much lox?

Eric Johnson

Amazing bagels, great breakfast sandwich and fresh orange juice. Tons of options ! Coffee is pretty good.

J Rob

I love Noahs Bagels and I usually buy their bagels for my early morning Saturday meetings. However most Saturdays I came in, their workers at the register always seem to be either monotone or bland in their customer service. I usually look past this kind of service when buying from them. However, this morning was completely not acceptable. The young lady at the register showed no interest in serving me, I asked for the bagels to be cut and it seemed as she was just throwing my bagels in just any type of way without any delicacy. As a result all of the bagels were cut very poorly and had to be ripped open. I was very disappointed in this service. Hopefully this issue can be fixed by management. Maybe teach on good polite customer service for everyone and train them on how to place bagels in the cutting machine properly. If this was a personal problem then that employee should be trained on treating each and every customer with politeness and equality…
Thanks you!!

Andrew Linder

This place is horrible. Every time I go here something is wrong. On my last visit, they:

1) Removed the coffee from the drink station right after I ordered coffee…not to brew a fresh pot, but to simply clean every pot in the building and did not even give the courtesy of letting me know when it would be available again. I left without getting what I paid for because I didn’t have time to wait over 20 minutes for it.
2) When my wife asked to make sure they hadn’t forgotten to toast her bagel, they got upset and were talking about her in the kitchen. Oh, and they didn’t toast her bagel.
3) On my last visit, they didn’t even honor my birthday reward. They gave a small discount which was incorrect, and when I asked about it they assured that they were right.

The staff was extremely unfriendly and uncaring. I doubt I’ll be back to this location.


Cute little spot for coffee and bagels. Not too busy and I came on a weekend. It’s right next to Starbucks so I guess there might be competition. The bagels were just okay but not bad.

Brenda Mitchell

Best bagles in town. I was so happy with my purchase.

Billy Duong

Hi everyone. I’m a former Noah’s Bagels employee at this location when I used to live in Stockton, CA. My supervisor was Cuong Le and our manager was Rich Peterson. I’d work in the early morning and I’d set up tables and chairs and prepare for the early morning rush. The other people that helped me were Lynn Nguyen, Steven Nguyen, Cuong Le, Natalie, Dana, Rich Peterson, and that was pretty much it until the afternoon or so. It was very busy and many of us that were part-time employees. Steven was the person that thawed out the bagels to put in the oven and for quite a while, it was only me and him in the morning. I’d check the soda machines, sweep and mop, wash dishes, cashier, food prep, and etc. Back then (2000-2002), the wage was $7.00 per hour and we’d have to ask for a raise of $0.25 and if we got it, we’d actually feel happy about it (lol). After a couple months, the boss – Rich Peterson, wanted me to deliver early morning bagels to UOP (University of the Pacific) and it was a lot of fun! I had to wake up in the morning around 6:00 a.m. or so and I’d drive my grey Acura Integra (a well known Asian vehicle), I’m Vietnamese btw, to deliver the bagels to the university. There were bags full of bagels (hot bagels) and it was dozens and dozens of different types of bagels: asiago cheese, plain bagel, chocolate chip, sesame seed, poppy seed, cinnamon, onion. I was one of the best employees during that time (Hoang) and Rich Peterson liked us all a lot. Lynn Nguyen and I wanted some new shirts since we didn’t have that many shirt designs back then. Rich told us we had to wait because we were new employees. I think it was because he wanted to wait to see if the people he hired would be able to contribute to the place. Since we did well, Rich was willing to order new shirts for us and to also work with us and our ideas. I was 16 or 17 years old back then and I had my haircut spiked up. Sometimes, I’d have it dyed and have it highlighted blonde yellow (I went to my junior prom at Stagg High School with my girlfriend: Tina Dang) like this. Since my hair was spiked up (usually black), I wanted hats that were visor-like so that my hair wouldn’t be messy. Lynn didn’t know why but after Rich ordered it for us, she liked it a lot. The new visor-hats (black) and new shirts were very good looking. Many of the customers that saw us told us we looked great and that we did a great job! It was steady business that were constant rushes. From morning to lunch, it was very busy! The morning crew members were: me (Hoang), Lynn, Cuong Le, Natalie, Dana, and Rich (cashier). It was hectic and I found it very fun. It was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot from my Noah’s Bagels years! The last time I spoke with Rich Peterson was a couple years ago when I asked if he was still looking for employees. He said he was willing to give me a job at the rate of $12.00. Since I’m in Sacramento now, it is a little bit too far. I told him I’ll think about it after I explore this area a bit (I’ve tried a lot of places: FedEx, UPS, sushi restaurants, the Amazon Fulfillment Center, casino dealer class at Thunder Valley, AM/PM in Elk Grove) and it’s not that great of a city/county. I enjoyed my life in Stockton a lot more and I think the reason is because it’s not as safe as Stockton was. There are a lot of clubs and parties in Sacramento and it can be very crowded. The mall at the Arden Mall is full often and nobody notices anybody around here. It’s a county or city that people can get lost in. I’ve been to many places such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Toronto – Canada, Portland -Oregon, Seattle – Washington, Hue – Vietnam, and a couple other cities or states and I find the entire Sacramento disappointing. I spend most of my time in the south near Stockton Boulevard and I think it is due to a lack of college graduates being safe. Anyway, if anybody reads or likes my review, I’d recommend Noah’s Bagels to everyone that likes subway style foods! For the females, I’d recommend a little blueberry or a little strawberry!

– Hoang

Vickie Chan

I’m very fond of Noah’s NY Bagels. I use to order baker’s dozen multiple times a month and the travel coffee for our office. No problems doing so.
However today I thought it would be nice to order a dozen and a half as a surprise for my teacher and students. I was rudely told to place my order 24 hours in advance because she didn’t have enough bagels for the morning. Now how is that my problem. The case was full of bagels and you can smell the ovens working. As a manager you have to expect the unexpected. Customer service is number one. Also she was complaining about having a terrible morning to an employee who just walk in for his shift. Common courtesy take it to the back or word it differently. Its your tone. I love your bagels but this left a bad start to my morning. I know we can be kinder and just breathe.
You got this. I believe in you.
Have a great weekend.


I love the bagels here and have been happy with the employees for the most part. In the past I’ve asked for a fresh knife to be used when adding the cream cheese because of cross contamination of flavors. I get looked at like I’m crazy. Today I forgot to ask and lo and behold! My sweet cinnamon sugar/blueberry bagel had chunks of jalapeño on it! Ruined my mouth for a good hour! I can’t eat spicy stuff. Maybe teach the people who do the spreads to wipe the knife in between, or keep a seperate knife for each cream cheese tub. Thank you! I’ll be sure to ask again next time.

bingcute nguyen

The old lady work here she have very long nails . She helped me get the bagels but she wearing no glove . She just used the napkin to pick up the bagels. I don’t think this is sanitized when you work with foods. She is also very rude. I don’t want to come back again although I’m very love the bagels here.

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