Mikiko Mochi Donuts in Portland (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Mikiko Mochi Donuts

Address: 300 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97232



Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.7

Website: https://www.mikikodonuts.com/

What Time Does Mikiko Mochi Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 3PM

Monday,: 8AM to 3PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 3PM

Friday,: 8AM to 3PM

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Mikiko Mochi Donuts Reviews

Constantine Johns

100% Gluten Free donuts!! Awesome spot. Very unique flavors. Loved the atmosphere they have. We tried Passion Fruit, Horchata, Sesame & J, and the Marionberry donuts. They were not dry at all. Tasty and packed a lot of flavor. A great alternative that non gluten eaters can still enjoy!!

Lindsey Floyd

Absolutely delicious! I’ve tried a couple of the flavors when I found these at New Seasons and Tea Bar. I hosted a friend with a gluten sensitivity and picked these up so we could try out some of the different flavor offerings. The friendly staff helped me select flavors and packed the order with care. The Passionfruit with passion fruit curd was my favorite! The donuts have a nice spongey texture. Will definitely be keeping my eye out for new flavors to come.

Jacqueline Brooks

I’m obsessed with these gluten-free donuts! The texture is different from your standard cake or yeast donut, but it’s absolutely delightful. I love the fun and creative flavors. So glad to have such a unique and delicious donut option. Plus the shop is just cute af.

John Abano

Ive gone to Portland a lot and often wondered moving here. The one thing i keep coming back for is the different types of donuts. Ive changed favorites for years as new places opened. Im happy to say that after several years, i have a new favorite. Mikiko!

I cannot explain the donut. Its just a spongy unexpected delight. Its like heaven. Basically if i died today and was asked if i can bring anything to the afterlife, it would be a dozen donuts from Mikiko!

Jaclyn G

The donut texture is incredible. I am not gluten or dairy free, but am still obsessed with mochi and these mochi donuts. The glazes and fillings are top quality, perfect consistency, and very unique flavors.

The store environment is really cute and bright as well! Friendly workers that were very enthusiastic about the donuts as well:)

Alyssa Nicole

I really love and appreciate this place. Being gluten free, I crave donuts so often and these really hit the spot. I absolutely love the flavors they have, both classic donut flavors and original. You’ll never be disappointed. They remind me of home, especially with their Ube and Red Bean flavors. 10/10

Amanda Rodriguez

Been wanting to try this spot and finally had the opportunity to visit! First off staff was super friendly and helpful in selecting my very first mochi donuts. Went with the Black Sesame Jam and Thai tea. They were so so delicious with the perfect balance of sweet and salty and the texture of the cake was amazing. Looking forward to trying more flavors soon!

Jordan Bayles

Incredibly good mochi donuts. The fresh passion fruit curd was incredible, and the texture and flavor of the mochi is unreal.

Gluten and dairy free (NOT vegan unfortunately) is a big plus if you swing that way, but even if you don’t the donuts are awesome.

Josh Belville

Donuts were delicious and I didn’t miss the gluten or dairy at all. They were just the right amount of sweet as well. Definitely will be going back here soon!

Jasmine Agnor

Explosion of delicious and unexpected flavors. Incredible texture. I had the sesame and passion fruit and was blown away.

Came back to try them again in the store and got such wonderful customer service! I’d put in my order but couldn’t pick it up until later. They sold out but waited for me to pick up my order for almost an hour. Thank you for being so professional and kind! This time I tried the horchata, banana pudding, chocolate, and passionfruit. Absolutely delicious and the filled donuts are even better than the non filled ones. Everyone in my family loves them,

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