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Mochill Mochidonut

Address: San Francisco, CA 94132, United States



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Rating: 4.4


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I love mochi donuts and I love the ones in japantown but this ones taste a little different. My favorite is the fruity pebbles one is delicious, the donut is chewy and the cereal is crispy. Sadly, the cupcake was just weird, I wouldn’t recommend it. The place is really pretty and in the opening it was open and you could walk in and take pictures but now is just a window and you get in line. sometimes the line can be pretty long.

Angela Dang

Newly open at Stonestown. Long line but worth it. Not sure if the flavors change daily but I tried most of their flavors & so far the Taro, Matcha, Cinnamon sugar, Black Sesame are the winner. The donut itself is soft & chewy but not overly sweet with the topping. The cinnamon sugar is right amount of sweetness. Will definitely come back for more. Pack of 6 for $15. Different price for individual flavor.

Ethel Chua

This place is such a good deal if your looking for a snack. $2.50 for a donut. Place is clean and has an adorable feel.


Donuts: 5/5 : fresh, delicious flavors and texture

Atmosphere: 3/5: cutely decorated but wreaks like burnt oil. Smokey

Service: 2/5*:

workers are nice and friendly so 4/5 for them

BUT ordering system is TRASH! Workers are manually taking orders on post it notes which leads to incredibly long lines.

It’s totally ineffective and I hope they fix it soon for the sake of the workers, the environment (all those post its) and the customers.

Freddie Valencion

The donuts are pretty awesome! Never had a mochi donut, I would say they are a bit chewier then regular donuts, but other than that they taste about the same. About 3 bucks a donut, little pricey but stop here all the time for donuts with the wife

Also like how they have some different/fun flavors here

Asi Afuhaamango

Really good. I got the cookies and cream mochidonut and it was soo good. My daughter got the fruity pebbles mochidonut and she enjoyed it too. I got half a dozen cupcakes too and they were yummy too. Would recommend do anyone

Yao Wong

I’ve been to another location that seemed to have fresher donuts. Not sure how long the ones here were sitting in the case, but the donut we got had a runny glaze and didn’t taste particularly fresh. Unfortunate.

Ton T

Pretty good Japanese mochi donuts

Reo Francois

The taste quite interesting.. good ones..

Seung Nam

Extremely pleasantly surprised. Soft and chewy doughnut that was much, much better than I expected. Not too sweet, and the shape makes it strangely convenient to bite and eat easily.

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