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Krispy Kreme

Address: 75 Los Altos Pkwy, Sparks, NV 89436

Phone: (775) 387-3007

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Monday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Tuesday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Wednesday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Thursday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

Friday,: 5:30AM to 11PM

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Bryan Espana Chavez

I am a big fan of Krispy Kreme all the way. I love their donuts and especially when they are hot and fresh! Unfortunately, this morning experience I had at Krispy Kreme was just horrible.
I had arrived around 5:40 AM to get some donuts for our clients that come in at work. The sign and website says they open at 5:30 AM which is perfect since I started at 6. I came up to the door and it was locked. The lights were on and I see the employees walking back and forth, so I knocked. They saw me, ignored me and continued doing what they were doing. So I sat in my car til 6:10 AM when they finally opened the door.
Went in and was just served by the worst attitude and customer service ever. It felt like he did not like his job too much, but unfortunately I promised my job I would bring donuts because if not I would have definitely walked out and have gotten donuts somewhere else.
I love Krispy Kreme but this experience was just very poor and it should never be like this no matter what. Early bird till closing, pride should be taken in your job and great the customers with best service consistently.

Robert Lopez

Awesome staff and delicious donuts!

The donuts here are beyond amazing when fresh! You got to get there when the light’s on! My food critic agrees (notice there’s barely any left after 30 seconds of getting it )


I’ve always loved Krispy Kreme donuts, but this location needs a lot of work. Their hours are inconsistent. Google shows they close at 11pm, but when I called I was told 10pm. I went there the other day at 9:15pm and they were already closed. I’m not sure who’s managing this place but clearly they aren’t doing a very good job of it. Krispy Kreme is good, but not good enough for all the inconsistencies. I highly recommend another donut shop whose hours are consistent and everyone knows their hours.


It’s back!
Drive through line was out to the shopping mall complex, and it was hard to find out the way in to pick up online order. If you didn’t place an order ahead of time, it’s better to park your car nearby and walk in.
The donuts are so soft and fluffy. It tasted little different from what I expected. May be it was due to the green dye for the St. Patrick’s edition.
I hope the store stays this time.

Since the opening, made several attempts to get variety pack, but plain original are the only available online regardless of time or days. If you want variety pack, I suggest to walk in.

Rachael Stahl

They had advertised a special seasonal donut but did not have them ready when I went in around 7:30am. Most of the donuts on the shelf were not in the right spots. I do have to say that the cashier was attentive and polite so that is why I gave a 2 star instead of 1.


Krispy Kreme is always my favorite donut place! The original glazed tastes that best! This location just opened on March 16th 2021. Everything is clean and organized. A dozen of original glazed donut is $11.99. However, Don’t know why the price at this location is higher than other KK in different states.

justin arreaga

Grew up on the east coast eating these with my family every other weekend. Watching the fresh donuts get glazed was my favorite part as a kid. Its a little outta the way for me, but, its still pretty great.

Lauren Rolley

Just don’t make the trip! Not one person in line besides us…after waiting for help…asked what the specialty box was. Then when at the window away from the menu…asked what we ordered and what donuts we want. Obviously ridiculous to the person that I asked for a menu to see what donuts they have…apparently you should have their menu memorized. We actually left when the girl in the drive thru began to read the menu to us and couldn’t have sounded more irritated. We will never go back and will gladly give every
other donuts shop in the area our business! If I could give zero stars I would!

Leanna Maschino

Order was spot on and wait wasn’t very long. Haven’t had Krispy Kreme since I left Tennessee so this was like a little bit of home sweet home. Nothing beats a warm fresh Krispy Kreme. Raspberry filled is still my favorite

Stephanie Chong

I just went through the drive thru and the cashier treated us to free donuts on our order! Made our day. This was very sweet, so we definitely recommend this Krispy Kreme location.

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