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Address: 124 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003, United States

Phone: +1 917-261-7080


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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Mochinut Open?

Saturday,: 12 to 10PM

Sunday,: 12 to 10PM

Monday,: 12 to 10PM

Tuesday,: 12 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 10PM

Thursday,: 12 to 10PM

Friday,: 12 to 10PM

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Rehema Trimiew

It was different and tasty. Although I thought the black sesame donut I got could have more black sesame flavor, it was more sugary and cloying then flavorful. Also, the 2 people behind the register touched their faces a lot with their gloves on and masks partially on. It worried me!

Ildiko P

A cute spot in the village, the donuts are fun,light and really yummy. The corn dogs are so delicious that you want to keep coming back for more. There are vegetarian options as well. Reasonable prices, friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Crystal Aponte

So sooooooo good!!!
I ordered: donuts- ube, yogurt pebbles, white chocolate raspberry, black sesame, churro, Oreo and recieved a dark chocolate for free.
For the hot dogs we got a ramen hot dog, potato half mozzarella half hotdog & a ramen mozzarella.
I also bought a Thai tea boba.
My absolute fav donuts were the black sesame & the white chocolate raspberry! Those flavors, omg I wish I would’ve ordered more. The lady was super nice and very patient, especially since I was with my 2 little ones. Great experience. Def going back

Angela Peng

One of my favorite mochi donut bakeries in NJ/NY! This location also sells other Korean pastries and Korean corn dogs! I love the brown sugar boba I got, it came with a cute can! The donuts are sweet and chewy it’s unlike any other American donuts! 10/10 would recommend!


I was so excited to try out this place because the drinks look so good, not to mention the plethora of good reviews. I am sad to say that I was pretty disappointed. All the bubble tea drinks tasted watered down and the same (taro vs brown sugar, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if my eyes were closed). The drinks looked pretty and aesthetically pleasing ‍♀️

Aya Mourea

Sesame, Oreo and dark chocolate we’re my favorite! Irresistible I must say! They might be a little pricey for me but couldn’t compare the quality they got on their amazing Mochi donuts to other stores who sells it- theirs is definitely the best and worth the price!


Not a fan of mochis. But my partner loved the strawberry flavor. I got the Thai tea. Asked for no bubbles but got it anyway—wasn’t a big nuisance since the tapioca was quite soft and added a nice sweetness to the drink.

Kasandra Macababayao

Giving this place 5 stars because the Hot Cheeto hotdog was AMAZING!!! I ordered the half cheese and half hotdog one and it was just SMOTHERED in Hot Cheeto dust. My sister had the original and she was jealous that she didn’t order what we had. I was a happy customer that day. I went to another Korean hot dog place in the city that sold Hot Cheeto dogs on their menus, but was devastated that it had a “sprinkle” of it. Didn’t come out what it looked like in their pictures. So if you’re a Hot Cheeto lover, definitely try out their Korean hotdogs here.

You can’t leave without a donut of course. We tried the Nutella, Oreo and Vietnamese Coffee one. All of them were good. My favorite was the Oreo. I loved the coffee one as well. Strong coffee taste and it had a whole biscoff cookie on top.

I didn’t want to comment on this, but I wasn’t a big fan of the drinks. Except for the Brown Sugar Boba which was really good. There are other Boba shops around the area that you can try out if you want something to drink.

Alex Aguirre

The mochi donuts here are delicious. Not too greasy, not too sweet. Ordered a black sesame, a matcha, and a plain donut. The light glaze on the black sesame was awesome and easily the best. Original was a good base to start with and the matcha is definitely for the green tea lovers. Can’t wait to come back to not only get more donuts, but also try their Korean corn dogs as well.

ecmie luki

We got a potato corn dog w/ half cheese half sausage as well as the injeolmi mochi donut.

The mochi donut was amazing! As someone who has tried various mochi donut places in the U.S. and used to regularly go to the OG Mr. Donut in Japan, I was quite impressed by the chewy texture of the donut that most mochi donuts in the U.S. fail to master. The injeolmi flavor was a nice, light flavor–kind of tastes like a glazed donut.

As for the corn dog, there are mixed reviews. (This account is run by a couple)

I (girlfriend) personally wasn’t a huge fan of the potato dog. First, they somehow flipped the cheese and sausage ordering and put the sausage on top, which resulted in no satisfying cheese pull on the first bite (in fact, there was no cheese pull at all because the cheese melted and ended up thinly lining the inside of the corn dog resulting in a cave under the sausage). The corn dog also lacked flavoring. Additionally, we were the only customers and they took a very long time making our one corn dog.

My boyfriend thought the corn dog was good though…

TL;DR, come for mochi donuts but go elsewhere for corn dogs (like two hands)!

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