Krispy Kreme in New York (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Krispy Kreme

Address: 1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Phone: (646) 540-1153

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


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Christopher Andrés Núñez

These are thee best donuts in Times Square, maybe even in the world. They’re fast, flashy, and friendly. Got my donuts in a jiffy as soon as my craving appeared.

The variety 6 pack was worth every penny. Each one was some how fluffy, but squishy, but definitely Krispy! 😉

The vanilla iced latte wasn’t the best but hey you don’t go to Krispy Kreme Donuts for the latte right?

Anyways, overall my experience was awesome, delicious, and is a Times Square staple visit that everyone should try at least once here in the city.

Jiovani Rivera

Damn Krispy Kreme you did it! What a delicious scrumptious filling donut you are. The service was quick and on point. You have to visit and also try their coffee and ice coffees! So spacious and cool stuff you can buy as in merchandise as souvenirs.


This is a good store, overall. It’s clean and hygienic. There’s a wide range of stuff to choose from, from merchandise to donuts and bags of coffee. They also do the famous red apple donut here, which although very expensive, was a delight and came with its own memorable box which you can keep. The staff here weren’t particularly friendly. For instance, I didn’t appreciate being barked at the step back from an unmarked line when waiting to be served. However, overall, I’d recommend this shop.

Jackie Davis

Even with masks on, tourist can smell the the wide selection of freshly made donuts. The pastries continue to update their toppings, fillings, and designs along with the seasons and holidays. The highlight attraction is where guests may walk up a ramp to gaze upon workers and machinery producing delicious glazed donuts. There are limited products available but for the merchandise that is offered can be great for both practically and collections. Certainly, this is a place to bring anyone of any age to for a visual and tasteful treat.

Sadae River

Very good donuts in a nicely decorated environment, it would be a 5 star place if it wasn’t for the employee at the door. While enjoying the donuts sitting down I heard shouting coming from the entrance. I thought it was someone asking for money, but no, it was the person in charge of the entrance. I didn’t really understand why, but when I went to the bathroom I understood perfectly. The employee saw me throwing away the box of donuts that I had just eaten and I was about to enter the restrooms. Well, he refused to let me (and a few other customers…) in because we didn’t have a ticket. The problem is that when you buy the donuts they don’t give you one!!!! It is unfortunate how they can have an employee like that.


Best donuts in NYC, right in the middle of Times Square

I love Krispy Kreme, I’ve only ever had window service so I decided to get in. The inside does get packed but it is spacious and has a few places to sit.

They have merch on sale, from T-shirts to cold cups.

The donuts are super amazing, the staff is extremely pleasant and the price is totally value for money.

Millie Eatz

Donuts are absolutely yummy. I like that they have small ones too. This location is nice because you can also watch the donuts go through the machine as they get glazed. If you’re in Times Square, you should definitely check it out.

Fountain Channel

A great stop in Times Square! Even when there is a line, it moves fast given the multiple registers. Stay long enough in line and you’ll see the projection mapped travel of the donuts that kids will for sure love. A decent selection of donuts are stocked as well as merchandise but sizes are limited.

Amazing Grace

The ‘talk of the town’ donut shop…Everyone loves Krispy Kreme hot donuts…they are delicious and can reheated the next day still holding the same delicious flavor …this shop is located near Times’s beautiful decorated and you can view the donuts as they get glazed, they also offer a wide variety. There are also souvenirs you can purchase. The reason for 4 stars…I think the price for the donuts is expensive

Emily Case

OK I admit. We stopped here twice on our trip. The workers were super nice and seamed to love there job! They had a little shop selling some goods for a good price. Also the one side is open 24/7!

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