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Krispy Kreme

Address: 3145 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43606

Phone: (937) 795-7055

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.8


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 8PM

Monday,: 8AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 8PM

Friday,: 8AM to 8PM

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Sumanth Reddy

Update 2/13/2022: The staff situation has gone from bad to worst, now they are straight up rude, impatient and not making the order right. The doughnuts were stale, cold and most of the local doughnuts taste better than these, now.

Old review:
While the doughnuts are great when ever they are available, the availability itself is up for toss. The staff could be little more friendly.

Amanda Everidge

I wish I could give 0 stars. Worst customer service so none of these bad reviews are lying. They could not get my order right an Lord forbid them wanting to listen to you order. I love KK doughnuts but I can not come back to this location with those employees working there. They were mad at each other after bein mad at us cause we hadta keep tellin them our order at the window because 3 of them couldn’t comprehend 2 1/2 dozen of custard filled. It was insane!

megan deland

Edit: donuts were stale and cold. They couldn’t take credit card at the drive through and made us go in. It took over 2 minutes to even take our order in the drive through, and no one was in front of us. Terrible terrible, go to speedway and get donuts from there if you want Krispy crème. Avoid this establishment at all costs. They will probably be fresher and have much better service at the gas station.

Donuts are amazing, but the inside was filthy. Employees standing around talking to each other, but not working. Workers were rude, when I said thank you, they didn’t look at me.
With these poor standards, it makes me wonder how clean the food standards are.

Amy Sue Nylander Van Walsen

Sunday morning at approximately 830 am on Father’s Day, and there wasn’t a single glazed donut in the entire building. Really? The number one requested donut, and you don’t have any? Hmmmmmmmmm….. I only went here as my friend wanted to treat him and his daughter to donuts on Father’s Day. I don’t eat them, as I don’t care for them. The window attendant didn’t seem to be too bothered by the lack of donuts, she was distant and disinterested. And they weren’t cheap. We did settle for a dozen berry-glazed, as I guess that’s all they had? We weren’t given any suggestions. A shame. I hope this comment reaches the corporate office. You might not notice a little consumer like me. But I am less than impressed, and wouldn’t waste any of my money in your establishment or on any of your retail products. Ever!

R Vinn

Once you’ve experienced a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut, you’ll never forget it!! So glad they have a location fairly close to home and was really excited when this shop opened up. Sign up on their website and you’ll get emails telling you of their offers, limited flavors, as well as coupons, etc. You can order online for pickup which is nice and they are also a really great source for your fundraiser events.

Aisha Chaudhry

Customer service here sucks. We missed hot donuts while waiting in the drive through, and we were the second car. Waited 25 minutes because who the hell knows what the car infront of us was getting. They have terrible service every single time we’ve come here. And we usually order just two originals which should take a minute to grab. But for some reason it always takes 5-6 minutes to get cleared. Like why? Even when we’ve gone inside, workers are kind of standing around dragging for no reason. They don’t tell you what they don’t have until you start listing out every donut. Like why don’t you just tell me what you do have instead of me going through every flavor for you to say we don’t have that. They need to hire better staff.

Madalyn Hunt

I’m not usually one to leave reviews but this place is extremely unorganized. I ordered a mobile order to pickup on Mother’s Day and wasn’t told they were out of everything on the order until I arrived. When I was there they told me that nobody there could give me a refund at that time and to come back another day to do so. The next day I came back to a sign on the door stating that they were not opening until 11, apologizing for the inconvenience. I was not bothered by that because they could have had issues that were out of their control. So, I waited until 11 and gave them a call. On the phone the person I spoke to claimed to be the supervisor and asked if I could give her 10 more minutes and then I could come inside to get this issue taken care of. Again, I waited the extra time and went inside only to be met with a few employees telling me that there were no supervisors on shift and that they left for a meeting so I would have to come back another time…How are they functioning day to day with no supervisor?? On the 3rd day of trying to get a refund they were able to do it over the phone with no questions asked. I have read multiple reviews explaining that this exact situation happened to them as well. Unfortunately, I will not be back to this location and I will be going to Tim Hortons instead.

Jonathan Hayes

Krispy Kreme is one of my all time favorites! I was 3rd in line when this location first opened. Normally I have a great experience but I just recently visited this location for 3 dozens of donuts for my job and I was really disappointed. All of my original glaze were cold and stuck to the box so bad that they were tearing apart when taken out of the box. They didn’t even taste fresh. I was extremely disappointed. Will only visit again if fresh donuts are available

Brett Kirkland

Came in here for a donut and iced coffee and left pleasantly surprised. The donut was clearly fresh (pretty impressive for the afternoon) and the iced coffee was tasty. Most importantly, the girls working were super friendly and helped me decide what to get.

MandaPanda 01

I check out donut shops in all of Toledo. This establishment has attentive employees, and great donuts , but the inside is so so disturbing when it comes to cleanliness inside. It was so so dirty!! And the restroom was even worse!! The baby changing table was dirty and the floors and walls!! This is where they make our donuts in front of us!! Gross!

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