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Address: 500 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: (312) 648-5711

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 2.5

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/il/chicago/500-w-madison-st/306605?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=306605&y_source=1_MTIxMTI5NzktNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 10PM

Monday,: 5AM to 11:30PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 11:30PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 11:30PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 11:30PM

Friday,: 5AM to 11:30PM

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Dunkin’ Reviews

Anvesh Nadipelli

I really like this Dunkin. I go like once every day no matter what to get that hot coffee or carmel cold brew.

Staffs knows about their coffees, donuts are the real delights.

Staff were always courteous and helpful. Definitely this is my place for quick bites 🙂

Marquetta Hawthorne

I had the worst experience ever this morning at this Dunkin Donut. Getting donuts for my team and asked for my receipt and the manager began to speak with the cashier saying next time if they want a receipt they need to make sure they ask for it when ordering and I was so confused because I did, she then went on to say if you want a receipt it will be tomorrow we can’t give it to you right now. Then she started speaking with the other workers saying I thought this was going to be a good day. I got here at 748am did not leave until 8:02am because no one made my order and the line was to long for the cashier to do it. Once the cashier Varsha got all the orders done she asked me what was my order again and she began making it which was so nice of her. I asked the cashier what was the young ladies name that I was speaking to and she told me Marcy or Marsha I can’t recall but the other young lady said what you give her my name for she said because she wanted to know. Marcy/Marsha got very irritated saying don’t give nobody my name and what you asking my name for because I said you won’t get your receipt until tomorrow. I said no because you are ruled and someone needs to know that she said Oh well I don’t care go tell what you want I been here 10 years that ain’t gone do nothing and then she went on to say its always the black people trying to get other black people in trouble and they be the ones starting it. I did get upset when she said it and I told her stop being ghetto this is a business and you need to conduct it as one and I left. I want to say the young lady who took my order was very respectful and professional but the other young lady made it a hostel environment for everyone. I am sorry to have to write this but if I don’t you will not know who you are hiring. Overall this dunkin donuts is my go to for team meetings and I never experience this before so I wouldn’t say don’t go but they really need to do something about Marcy, the crew may be afraid to say they are afraid but I am not, she needs to stop this immediately before you lose customers.

Anna Polowin

This dunkin is the worst. So many times my coffee has been mostly cream even though I ask for 1 cream. Got the wrong cream cheese twice now and to go orders are not ready 90% of the time. There’s one lady that constantly yells at everyone and about everything and talks terribly about staff and customers.


Someone reviewed them as gangs, but that’s exactly how I want to explain them. I’m scared to buy from them because I don’t even know what they put in my drink… You can understand what I’m saying when you witness the gang…

Andrew Rease

Came by at 5 and the employee behind the counter said they were closed. Walked by like 20 minutes later and he was making someone a coffee. Interesting.

Justin Lockard

Service was harder than the bagels. Could not get what I ordered. Gangster D&D. Be safe

Paul Copeland

This location is way too understaffed for the amount of customers it receives. Everyone behind the counter is struggling to keep up. I did a mobile order and half of it wasnt there at the pick up counter. They had no record of my order… it ended up taking 15 minutes for them to toast a bagel for me.

Curt Blow

This location has not had a working cooler all year, they literally stock the cooler with drinks ( water, juice, and even milk) that they overprice to the consumer and the drinks aren’t even cold. I tried to buy a milk and it was warm, he didn’t even tell me the cooler still isn’t working he just let me purchase my items then when I said the drinks aren’t cold, he says oh I can get you ice. I’m like there’s a good chance the milk is spoil if it’s been sitting in that non working cooler all day

Ibtisam Asiri

I went this saturday evening at 9:30pm and didn’t find anyone, the website mentions that it closes at 10pm, although my order was online now I didn’t receive my order and didn’t get my money back.

Amanda Salinas

I’ve gone to so man Dunkins outside of ogilvie and I’ve never been satisfied w my order. I always get a toasted plain bagel w a side of cream cheese and side of regular snackin bacon instead of the maple bc it’s too sweet for me. Anytime I stop by the one located in ogilvie they always accommodate my breakfast order and I truly truly appreciate that. The manager that works in the Morning as well as the staff are always super nice and always reach customer service satisfaction. I highly recommend this Dunkin location a 10 ⭐️! Keep up the amazing work ladies!!!

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