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Doughnut Plant

Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 505-3700 ext. 89

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Doughnut Plant Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 6PM

Monday,: 7AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 7PM

Friday,: 7AM to 7PM

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Doughnut Plant Reviews

Hope ALM

Passed by this downstairs in the dining concourse of #GrandCentralTerminal on 42nd st. I was drawn to the cute and colorful donut display. But of course I had to try some . The pistachio and wild blueberry were delightful. I am going back for the others. There are other #DoughnutPlant locations in NYC like in Chelsea, Long Island City, Brooklyn, Grand St downtown, so if you are hankering for flavorful donuts, you should definitely try them out.

Deborah Rose

Thankful today for Harold ! Got there right before closing and he really brightened my day. He was attentive, kind and still smiling after a long sticky NYC summer day. Even though the ran out of my favourite Brooklyn Blackout they had other great flavors! Thanks Harold for going above and beyond today!
I love Doughnut Plant… can’t wait for then to expand globally starting with Jersey City! #PresidentOfTheDPFanClub

Jena Brouillette

Vegan pistachio donut was delicious. They were out of the dark chocolate vegan but staff was very vice and helpful. Good coffee too. Best vegan donut I had in nyc

Aimjai H.

I’ve tried a few famous donut shops in NYC and Doughnut plant is by far the BEST ever. PB&J and creme brulee are the best! I don’t eat extremely sweet and these 2 are just the decent sweet level for me. The plain glazed one is too sweet but the dough is super good. I also tried Brooklyn blackout cake one and it was ok for me, not too sweet, dark, cakey and a bit wet :/
If you’re getting the one will filling inside then I recommend to eat right away after you get them from the shop because the sauce will sink in and make it less doughy.

Livia Chrostowska

Doughnut plant is my favorite donut shop is NYC. I have been a patron of these establishments for over 10 years. However, i have recently moved to Westchester and seldom have a chance to indulge in a delicious treat.

This week, i was taking a train from Grand Central and had to stop by. I rang up a bill of $90 worth of donuts. The only problem was, i had about 8 minutes to catch my train. I asked the employee if he would be so kind as to help me out with quickness.

I have never been treated so rudely in my life. After spending almost $100, the employee told me, “you’re probably going to miss your train, that’s not how it works here.” To say i was shocked is an understatement. He then proceeded to take his absolute SWEET TIME loading my boxes. I made my train with 1 minute to spare but only due to my sprinting across grand central.

Please fix the service at grand central because that is really not okay. I don’t expect you to make miracles happen, but you could certainly scoop more than 1 donut every 25 seconds. They were going slow on purpose. Ill be going to another location from now on. So embarrassed by the staff here.


The donuts are great as always, the service could definitely improve. I ordered two separate orders of half a dozen to pick up and they put them in a bag. Other locations always box them, when I told them why aren’t in the box they said they can do it. I understand if you put one or two donuts in a bag but how do you put six. When I asked for another bag to place the second box she just handed it to me. What’s up with the you’re doing me a favor service? Will continue going to Grand Street.

Ananda Lila

A little on the expensive side, but their donuts are amazing. Our favorite is the square coconut one, but most are super delicious. Since our last visit they only had egg free ones, not vegan, so I am hoping we will be able to find some vegan options since our vegan daughter, who was already vegetarian, can have some. Still, delicious donuts with you are allergic to eggs or are just a vegetarian.

Eric Balter

We ordered a half dozen here to try an assortment of their donuts. Below are the donuts and the score we gave them as an average.

Creme Brulee (3.12/5)
Brooklyn Blackout (5/5)
Dark Chocolate (4.5/5)
Vanilla Bean (2.25/5)
PB&J (2.75/5)
Carrot Cake (7.5/5)

Doughnut plant clearly does chocolate doughnuts right. But the carrot cake was the star of this show. Fully recommended! Hope to have more than just one next time.

Ellen Eun

The vanilla bean with strawberry jam doughnut tasted good and relatively fresh as I got it early in the morning. They have a lot of options to choose from.

Jeanette Rodriguez

The gluten free donuts are delicious, soft. When I took a bite i thought they gave me a regular donut. But no, it was gluten free!!
I have celiac, so gluten free is important to me. Thank you for making them!!

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