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Krispy Kreme

Address: 12505 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

Phone: (206) 440-1900

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Krispy Kreme Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 4PM

Monday,: 8AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 4PM

Friday,: 8AM to 4PM

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Krispy Kreme Reviews

Ramiro Alejandro Restrepo

I came specifically for the special “Chocolate Glazed” Donut that Krispy Kreme has every once in a while. The employees at this store though kept giving me the wrong donut every time I explained what I wanted. I tried three different times throughout the day, but no one got it right. The donuts were good either way, just disappointed that there isn’t consistency between the announcements and what the local stores know.

Anna B W

Absolute chaos and stress! Doors are locked during business hours to prevent too many customers in – thankfully another customer let me in. I’m guessing they were short staffed with a full line of 12+ people ahead of me and the drive thru totally overflowing. I had done an online order and went to ask about getting my order picked up. The staff don’t acknowledge you so since they’re so busy so I waited in line for about 25mins with still 7 people ahead of me. Finally they started taking online orders and it was out of hand, the customers in the regular line stared yelling and an uproar ensued. The atmosphere was pretty scary and aggressive and I just got out of there.

Donuts are fresh but it took people 30+ minutes just to order. I feel sorry for the staff and how all of this was handled. Management should be ashamed they set up failure for customers and workers given the conditions. You’ve been warned.

Kamelia Vineva

We started buying donuts when the pandemic started as some comfort food and I order online and pick up in the drive thru. Every time we go during last two years we always get our donuts from a staff member with the biggest smile on her face (different ladies). It just makes you feel better. And now they have mini donuts which are easier for my kids to eat. Also the donuts are good the day of purchase but the next they they are not, which makes me think that they are not full of preservatives as the ones you buy from the grocery store which are ok for up to two weeks.


The donuts are always good. The woman at the counter has NO clue how to run an efficient, counter nor ANY business. They need to fire her and hire someone who is efficient, is familiar with hygiene, handling food without wiping and coughing on the donuts and has customer service skills. Ridiculous wait (like she enjoys her “power”) of making people wait 48 minutes for one regular customer pre ordered every week and me simple ready to go glazed dozen. If you’re looking fo an easy decent paying gig,GO APPLY!

John Remington

Wow. They were extremely slow on Sunday morning. Lobby was not open, I saw several staff inside and it took over 20 minutes in the drive thru to get a simple mixed dozen.
Still awesome donuts, but they need better staff.

Robert Powell

I remember when this location opened — the first Krispy Kreme in the Seattle area.

Wow. What a change from then to now.

First, as I entered the store, I was greeted not by a smiling face handing me a fresh glazed off the line but, a literal swarm of flies.

Next, based on the general grime all around it was clear the store hadn’t been cleaned in a LONG time.

The donut machine wasn’t on and I got the impression based on all the racks full of donuts that they no longer make the donuts here anymore — just have them brought in every morning. The donuts weren’t bad they just didn’t have the freshness that used to be what the Krispy Kreme experience was all about.

Only one employee was on duty and they had to cover both the in-store customers and drive-thru. As she was filling my order, I thought she was asking me a question but, she was just taking a drive thru order.

Krispy Kreme, what happened to ya? Have you just given up?

ankitesh shanu

My wife loves all the donuts from here. Only pro or con is the location depending on who is going. This is near the Aurora lane where you can see prosties roaming around. If you are going with family definitely not a great view.

Tea Grey

You would think Krispy Kreme of all donut shops would have good donuts but not at this location. I went through the drive thru around 9am they didn’t have any raspberry filled or chocolate creme so I said just replace them with another assortment as long as they were all different donuts. They gave me the 4 I chose that they did have then 2 more maple, so my assorted 6 pack was 3 maple, Bavarian creme, strawberry sprinkle and a oreo. Sigh. I guess I could live with that if the donuts weren’t all cold, really cold and hard almost crunchy. I would almost say they were stale. Maybe they should change their name to crunchy Kreme. Terrible donuts that morning.

Leigh Wright

Don’t ever preorder from this place. They said they were going to have the chocolate glazed donuts. But they don’t, they canceled my order and didn’t refund me. I had to call them to get them to refund me. They were extremely rude about it too. Like you have to refund someone if your going to cancel their order. Unreal……

Scott Hill

Fast and friendly, but none of the doughnuts are good enough to justify the price. Way too sugary, mostly air. Drive thru available if you need a quick dozen for the office.

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