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Seattle Donut Boat

Address: 1001 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Phone: (206) 719-1773


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Rating: 4


What Time Does Seattle Donut Boat Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 8PM

Monday,: 10AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 10AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 10AM to 8PM

Friday,: 10AM to 8PM

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Seattle Donut Boat Reviews

Melissa Jordan

If I could give this business zero stars I absolutely would. After booking the 7:45 to 8:45 sunset cruise I was contacted 10 days later via email by one of the owners, John Fahey, asking if I would move my cruise time from 7:45-8:45pm to 6:30-7:30pm due to a glitch in their system which overbooked sunset cruises. I then received a phone call shortly after the email from a female asking me the same question. I agreed to move my reservation to the 6:30pm leave time. I also changed a dinner reservation to accommodate their change in schedule.

I then arrived at their facility at 6:15pm on the day of my reservation where two minors were working. They proceeded to tell me that the owners moved up the sunset cruises without blocking off the later sail times which caused confusion. I also noticed that my reservation was written on their schedule for the 7:45pm sail time. They then told me they had a “walk up” at 5:30 that was supposed to return by 6:30 but they had not returned yet.

When I asked to speak with their boss they spent 20 minutes calling multiple phone numbers without anyone taking their calls. They also tried to call the late to return boat (that was the 1 hour “walk up”) and 30 minutes later finally spoke with them to be told that they would not return the boat until 7:30pm.

As I had moved my dinner reservation from 5:30pm to 7:45pm to accommodate the owners of Seattle Donut Boat Co. I had to decide between missing my reservation or hoping that a boat would return by 7:45pm. After waiting for 45 mins from our 6:15pm arrival we decided that the experience had been ruined by this poorly managed business.

As an Active Duty service member currently in an out of state position that has limited ability to take time off I was greatly disappointed with this business and the lack of professionalism from the owners.

Clients beware when booking with this company as your reservation may not be honored as intended when you book and pre-pay for this experience a month in advance.

David Nelson

Take food, drinks, a phone w/Bluetooth to pair with the free speaker they give you, and you’re off!!!! Don’t forget to secure the umbrella!

Bruce F

We went as a family birthday party for a great two hour trip on the new Seattle Donut Boats. First thing to know- there is no donuts. The boat is shaped like a donut and you all sit around a table. There is a small electric motor that drives the boat and is both quiet and slow. LOL It took us around 1/2 hr. to get from South Lake Union to the Gasworks Park. We were passed by Kayakers, Paddle Boarders and all sorts of boats. Many took pictures of us in our cute Donut.

Fortunately we picked a great day and it was not too hot with a slight overcast. They do have an umbrella over you which you can take down – it comes down easy – hand crank on bar holding it up.

We brought Cheese and Meat with Cupcakes for dessert – to enjoy as we leisurely (very leisurely) cruised the lake enjoying the sites. It is a great way to get up close to the famous house boats, watching Seattle’s skyline including the Space Needle and relax.

I would recommend it for a nice relaxing day on the lake – but unless you are having a party, I would probably choose the one hour tour.

Divyachapan “DC” Padur

It’s a fun simple boat. Good for families. The canopy doesn’t stay open and makes it hard to steer the boat. The place was hard to find. Parking is a hidden.


So much fun. The staff was kind and Very helpful. The boats were nice size and we were able to fit our family just fine (6 of us). There are one or two resturants around that you can get meals from if you didn’t bring snacks or food. They both were seafood places though. I recommend using the bathroom before you leave the dock. Bathrooms were a little ways away but we found it with some help. I loved that the staff provides a speaker so you can connect your phone and get the tunes playing. Would do this again as its very relaxing. Also, The lake is very active so the driver really needs to pay attention.

Dave Potter

The boat was incredibly slow, almost embarrassingly slow for our out of town guests. Our electric motor died on the way back to the dock, we had to be towed in. We didn’t really get much of an apology or any compensation. If your goal is to go 100 yards from shore and just hang out, then come back, you’d probably enjoy it, but don’t plan on going very far. We had the 2nd boat pass us (slowly!) as we were stuck and they didn’t seem to be loving it either. There are other electric boats on Lake Union that allow you to move around better.

The1nOnly JennHawk

Our donut was clean and ready on time. I got to drive and was given quick and simple instructions on how to operate the donut as well as pointers concerning the weather that day and safety protocol. We had 7 average size adults and fit comfortably. 2 hours is just perfect!

Parni Bali

The boat was incredibly slow, almost embarrassingly slow for our out of town guests. Our electric motor died on the way back to the dock, we called but got no help. They said a rescue boat is coming but water came above our ankle inside the boat with no sign of a rescue boat. We emptied 8 beer bottles to pull out water from the boat. We didn’t really get much of an apology or any compensation.

Regardless the owner really made it up to me and said he will take the appropriate measures to never have the same experience .

Manesh Lakhani

It was fun but they were way too slow, especially after an hour. Not sure they have enough power for two hours on the lake. Lovely people working there, no issues with service


Super friendly staff, made us feel comfortable before going on the water. We can’t wait to come back next summer.

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