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Hollywood Cone in Whitby (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Hollywood Cone

Address: 75 Consumers Dr, Whitby, ON L1N 9S2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-430-2663


Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.9


What Time Does Hollywood Cone Open?

Saturday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Monday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Thursday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

Friday,: 11:30AM to 12AM

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Hollywood Cone Reviews

Samson Tsui

We got Donut Burger, Cujo Hot Dawg, Funnel Cake and Cloud Nine Mutant Shake. We have had our fair share of Burgers, but have you tried a DONUT BURGER before? Donut Burger came in a Bacon Cheeseburger with a Root Beer Sauce on a Glazed Donut, the savoury and sweet combination was BOMB, highly recommend this! Cujo came in a Beef Hotdog, topped with Bacon, Jalapenos, Cheese, Onions, Nacho Chips, Sour Cream and Sriracha, it was a bit dry, but we love a LOADED, flavourful dog fosure! Both of these came with crispy, thick cut fries as well! Funnel Cake came in the crispiest Funnel Cake topped with Strawberries and Ice Cream, been awhile since we had this, felt like we were at Wonderland! Cloud Nine was a Brownie, Cheesecake Shake topped with a full sized Brownie, Cheesecake and Reese Peanutbutter Cups, MY GOSH, I was totally on Sugar Cloud Nine!


The food and desserts here are absolutely amazing. The quality of everything was very impressive and the presentation was gorgeous. The flavours were all delicious too.

Shannon V

We were so excited to try out these amazing looking desserts, but were left very disappointed. The ice cream creations were all right tasting.

To begin with, the prices on the website do not match the prices on the menu :(. Either don’t put the prices on the webiste, or update them at the same time as the menu.

We ordered and waited 33 minutes to receive our order (well part of it) with only 10 other people in the place and all but 2 people were waiting on their order. Twice we saw that they couldn’t even bring the food out all together. One couple had their burger/fries had their food delivered about 5 minutes apart, while waiting, he ate her fries. We had the same kind of experience. The ice creams were delivered minutes apart. Not acceptable!

Suggestions to the manager: have food all ice cream creations brought to the customer on a plate, since it’s bound to drip, instead of bringing the cup then going back to the station to get a plate. The napkins/cutlery/straws should be delivered shortly after the order.

Lastly, I requested a paper or email copy of my receipt to verify what we ordered and the amount of tax, etc. However, this was not possible, only a copy of the credit card receipt was available. How am I to know that the clerk entered it properly.

Sorry for the long post. I think you’ve figured it out that I won’t be going back there.

Amanda Grace

I got the funnel cake mutant shake, it was incredible! Fresh strawberries and fresh dough. The milkshake was thick and yummy. Cute little joint with a huge selection of ice creams, shakes, and sundaes. Definitely will be back! Just wish they had patio!

Viking Fury

Really delicious treats here, definitely a place to come and share a dessert. The waitress said she was new but did a fantastic job, she was polite and attentive and we appreciated her excellent customer service. We will definitely be back again.

Jessica O

My donut radar being as fine-tuned as it is, I was very nervous for how these were going to turn out. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The donuts are huge, fluffy and definitely not short of toppings. Don’t sleep on the French toast donut even though it looks basic, also the dunkaroo, cookie d’oh and nutcracker are worth telling your friends about.

Sky S

TLDR: Fun restaurant to take the kids or go on a date! Huge variety of foods to choose from. Orders take a bit of waiting as they are made to order.

Update: Took my 2yo daughter here for her first time and she loved it! The staff were fantastic and friendly. Got her a donut, and a mutant shake and burger to share. Everyone enjoyed and will definitely be back to my daughter’s favourite “donut place”.

Original review: The Nach-yo Burger was a cool combo of some classic good eats. For people with small hands and/or mouths, like myself, might end up a bit messy or just pick and eat pieces separately. We got the Frozen donut and it was very pretty. It had a good chewy bite and as sweet as it looks. My toddler loved it and her blue lips she ended up with.

I really like their seasonal items, super cute stuff! Will be back to try some other items. We took the donut home, so that pic was not taken in restaurant.

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Ikran Mohamed

Last night we tried out desserts, and they surely did not disappoint! We got their Strawberry Milkshake, Birthday Cake Mutant Shake, Salty Little Focker Mutant Shake, Cookies n’ Cream Donut, and their Chocolate Brownie Sundae. They have so many choices for you to chose from and whatever you end up choosing will be delicious! Their staff is very friendly, and the restaurant has a very stylish interior. I would highly recommend visiting this dessert place.


The banana sundae donut was okay, looked better than it tasted. The hotdog and nacho fries are pretty good but a little on the saltier side. Customer service was a little slow especially if you sit in but the servers are nice. It seemed like they spent more time preparing online orders.

Kat Yachouh

I’m very picky about where I get my donuts. And I’m also picky about customer service. So that’s why I come to Hollywood Cone, because I never have to settle on the quality of the donuts OR the customer service. My experience at HC has been 10/10, every single time I come. The donuts are AMAZING. My favourite, without a doubt, is Peanut butter and Jelly. But everything on their menu is amazing. I’m just so happy I found this place, and I can’t wait to come back again. If you haven’t tried Hollywood Cone yet, you’re missing out.

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