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Coffee Time

Address: 500 Rossland Rd W, Oshawa, ON L1J 3H2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-240-2436

Price: $

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Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Coffee Time Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 5PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 4PM

Monday,: 6AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 6PM

Friday,: 6AM to 6PM

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Coffee Time Reviews

Darcy Scott

I am a regular customer at this location. Everyone has always treated me with the upmost respect. They work very hard to ensure that the customers are happy. I have witnessed great professionalism when the counter emoloyees were dealing with entitled, unreasonable customers. A few days ago, a customer was extremely rude to the employees. The review left by this person is not true. These people are not racist or rude. My colleagues come to this location regularly as well. There has never been an issue; only great service with a smile. Keep doing a great job!


For the past two weeks I have been stopping here in the morning for my coffee and sandwich, and the two ladies working there run that place smoothly. Very friendly and courteous. Will continue to come here!

Heather Keefe

I wish I could give this location 0 stars
The service was terrible and the girls at the counter were rude and didn’t acknowledge me what so ever, for instant I was in the middle of placing my order and the girls stop taking my order to take care of two customers behind me. (They must of been regulars) even if they are doesn’t give you the right to disregard me. When I started to order I wasn’t even through ordering what I wanted and the lady went off doing something else. When I got frustrated because I couldn’t understand what was going on she began to throw my beverage across the counter. There is no communication between the two girls I could’ve walked out of there without paying for my order but me being me I made sure she had everything on the screen so I could pay. Needless to say I will not being returning to this location and will not be recommending to others.

Richard Cunningham

Even after 3 years since my first review .. the staff, coffee and food is still the GREATEST!
Thanks to Carla, Hugo, Theresa, Stefanie and Shannon and all the CT Regulars who make my day more pleasant


Great staff .. Great Coffee .. best in the country. Even the baked goods are the best. Baked not frozen .. Sandwiches and soup like homemade.
Served up by staff that makes your visit a great experience!!
==========================<< This location is visited by lots of students from 3 schools in the area, mostly polite young people who buy their lunch and snacks there. Lots of troublesome student freeloaders in the past who took up seats from paying customers bringing food from other takeout restaurants in the plaza. The staff has worked hard to make it better for paying customers by asking the freeloaders to buy something or leave. Done with respect. Some still cause trouble .. and even parents of freeloaders cause trouble. Not fair of them - this is a BUSINESS not a school LUNCHROOM.

Anonymous Anonymous

Worst place I had the worst experience I got kicked out because one of the workers wanted to sit in my seat to charge their phone I don’t understand how that is valid because aren’t these people supposed to be working. You work at coffee time for a living get a real job u greasy hobo.

Anthony Richards

The food here is terrible do not come here for breakfast, the lady’s working the cashiers have a lot of attitude and can’t understand what I’m saying, the food quality is not something to look forward to, and nothing looks the same as the image they are completely different.

Jay Bird

The worst attitude I’ve seen in years displayed by the girl working at the counter this morning. I almost cancelled my order and walked out if it weren’t for the fact that I was buying a treat for someone. Between the two working they didn’t appear to be getting along, and not just with me another customer felt it too. Ignorant responses, eye rolling, tossing stuff around, first and last time for me!

preety rattan

Served too sweet and cold coffee. Not a good place to get coffee.

dave laport

BEWARE if your getting doughnuts.
Stopped in here Sunday morning for coffee and doughnuts thinking they would be fresh. What I received was disgusting!! No way they were fresh they tasted like they’ve been sitting around least a couple of days. probably more. I should have taken them back. This has happened more than once but the last couple of times I let it go. This time I had to leave a review.
Never again!! Coffee was ok but the doughnuts were gross!
I will not be going back.

c george

Avoid!. Slow service. They cant handle more than 2 customers at a time.
Last time I was there they sold me stale donuts (day or more old) Even after I asked them to confirm they were fresh. This is not the first time I’ve received stale donuts from this location.
I’m trying my best to support small business during this pandemic, however receiving sub par products and service makes it very difficult to want to support this location.

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