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Grand Donuts

Address: 21920 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78259, United States

Phone: +1 210-481-2002


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Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Grand Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 1PM

Monday,: 5AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 1PM

Friday,: 5AM to 1PM

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Monica Eberhardt

I stopped by at 9:15 am on a Tuesday. Thankfully, the line was short, and there were plenty of donuts to choose from. Aside from the large variety of donuts, there were kolaches and fruit danish as well. I ordered a chocolate frosted donut, jalapeno sausage and cheese kolache, and a cream cheese danish. The server warmed everything up for me, and the price was very reasonable. Lastly, they had a drink refrigerator on the left when you first walk in with plenty of drinks. I even saw some organic and kid options too. I highly recommend you check this place out when you are trying to satisfy a sweet tooth!

Chris Rod

I’ve gone to this place at 6 am sharp when it opens … “sorry we don’t have cinnamon struts right now.” I’ve gone at 10 am, “ sorry we’re all out of maple bacon donuts.” If I order more than 2 donuts and a variety of donuts, croissants, and coffee, I get the evil eye as if I’m being a bother to what they’re doing inside. I moved to the area in March and have given this little donut shop a try many times. I’m done. This morning did it for me with the attitude I received from the little pimple face kid working there. I’ll take my service to Royal Donuts 20 min away.

Richard Green

I love the donuts. Better than christy crème or Dunkin’. The girl at the counter was a little short with us and the coffee only comes in one size, or I’d give it 5 stars.

Powdered sugar donuts were the best of the ones I tried. Classic and simple

Daniel Martinez

Just went this morning for the 1st time. I loved it! The staff was very polite and welcoming. They also have a drive thru. Here are my pictures from my 1st visit and cost was about 23$. Look at the size of the bacon egg&cheese. So I got a total of 14 different pastries and 4 tacos. Well worth it! The BEAR CLAWS ARE AWESOME

Jason Nicholson

I love this place! Part of my family’s weekend routine. Donuts, kolaches, croissant sandwiches, and good iced coffee. Don’t bother with the drive through, and probably park down the street a bit.

Joe Kamal

A good and simple donut shop without all the crazy toppings some places try to throw on.

Ryan Quiroz

Amazing donuts and service! Great selection of donuts and kolaches and bfast sandwiches. Just need to put out a couple tables and it would be perfect.

Chris Gresens

I was going to stop by Dunkin’ Donuts this morning to satisfy a donut craving. I saw Grand Donut the other day while driving toward TPC. I thought, “Why not?” Boy, I am glad I did. Their donuts were delicious! The Long John was so fresh I could feel the heat through my bag. Also, the donut was bursting with Boston Creme. They were not stingy like most places. I will visit Grand Donuts again soon!

Jackie Smith

If the line out the door and the drive thru to the red light isn’t enough to make you wonder what is going on inside this business, then one step inside will answer your question. There is always a smiling associate behind the counter and hot fresh donuts hitting the shelf. They are the closest to perfection I’ve had since leaving Europe. Go early because they sell out of my favorites early. Not looking for a fresh donut…. not to worry there are sausage and bacon breakfast tacos and croissants laying beside delicious kolaches! Yum


Have you ever heard of a boudin kolache? Me either but this place sells them and they are amazing.

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