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Address: 6999 Merrill Rd Ste 1, Jacksonville, FL 32277

Phone: (904) 743-0300

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.7

Website: https://www.dunkindonuts.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=350298

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 6PM

Monday,: 5AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 8PM

Friday,: 5AM to 9PM

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Dunkin’ Reviews

Lori Jones

This is by far the best Dunkin’ around. Anytime I’ve ordered on the app, by the time I get there it’s ready. The people there are awesome, hard working and knows exactly what regulars want and how they want it. My coffee is always made the way I love it. Love this location!


If I could give a -5 stars I would! I have never had a problem when I visited this location. However this morning was the worse experience ever! On my way to WORK I went through the drive thru. My order was taken immediately. When I turned the corner the car in front of me had pulled to the window. I saw her get something from the clerk. They were talking & another clerk came to the window & they were all talking. I’m thinking she was waiting on an order but NO!!! After about 8 minutes she waved & drove off! I was livid & still mad! This is totally unacceptable! I told the clerk after she decided to open the window that that woman should have come in! I also told her she could keep that sh#t because I didn’t want it!! Worse morning ever and i will never come there again! HORRIBLE!!!

Shatavia Eady

I wish I could give a -100. This was my favorite location. Not anymore. I won’t be coming back. I ordered my food at 6:18am and didn’t get it until 6:40. That is terrible. Plus the cashier was rude. He gave me my food and not my drink. Usually when I do a mobile order everything is already sitting at the counter. The food was cold. The donut holes are in a bag bit no other container. That is awful. He pulled me up for a refresher he could have made at the window. He gave me the wrong one probably on purpose as this is lemonade and not green tea. That is okay. Dunkin Donuts you lost a loyal customer. The drink the cashier made was the worst drink I ever had. I had to dump it down the drain.
04/16/22 I just came for the hummus toast.


ATTENTION If dine in or walk in be SURE to use the Kiosk . Walking up to the counter is no longer the process for Dunkin at this location. You can pay at kiosk and receive receipt as well listen out for number called

lila christiansen

I go here often and I’ve always had very good service and often drive away with a happy word between staff and i….I…..

Well today…..the absolute, and beyond belief opposite. First at call box, the attendant kept screeching at me, apparently could not hear me, but instead saying,would scream….”what’d you say”, in a chalkboard on nails screech. Every single thing I said I had repeat, and I never increased volume, I believe it was a “paying attention” problem. So no total given, get to window, know approximately, hand her $5…. with her back to me she says price, and then starts talking co worker, gets distracted with making change, is having some kind melt down and I just keep hearing her say….whipped cream (I didn’t order so wasn’t for me) she hands me change, still back to me, just haphazard hand well communicating others in store, then says, oh and throws my donut at me and says ok, and starts shut window, I still have coffee coming and I begin saying, excuse me, I have a coffee….and slam ….window in face. Now I just yell excuse me, so she knows i have question….and yup, there she is, I CAn see her watching me, ignoring, I finally wave arms (because I have ZERO knowledge from her throwing donut, slamming window, if coffee coming or not, was just iced coffee, didn’t require much, most often get with donut, ……..finally she opens window, screams what? .. I say I still have coffee, and she yells and I mean YELLS, “she’s making it”, as I sit ahgast at such abusiveness, she slams window in face again and again as I am speaking. Someone else brings me my coffee, I say thank you and I say that girl needs an attitude adjustment. I can’t remember last time I FELT ABUSED by a customer service person and I’m never rude to workers, I except same respect. That girl zero respect for me, herself or her position. It was between 1/1:30 today, and she had her hair dyed red and crazy long nails.

I hope a manager sees this review and helps that poor child because she’s got lot years left to work,I know she can do better than that behavior, but not unless someone tells her it us unacceptable.

Abuse should have ZERO tolerance in every way. I’d not expect you to allow me to be abusive toward staff, I’d hope same respect granted the customers. It was intense.

Ps….tried calling to speak to manager, 2 calls in 2 hours, 20 rings, no answer.

Tierra A

Wouldn’t come here if it weren’t for T-Mobile Tuesdays QR codes…
This particular location always has slow service, drive thru especially. Once I had a hair in my donut. Or try going on and there’s no counter service, you HAVE to use the kiosk (line for it) . Just left the drive thru ordering a pumpkin cold brew. She confirmed “cold brew”. Me, not knowing anything about what the drinks are and such (trying something new) went along with it. Paid and pulled off, after a 10-15 min wait in the drive thru mind you, only to find that all I was rung up for was a cold brew-cold coffee tastes like 🙁

Murina Wescott

If I could do no stars I would first they have 5 people standing around not taking orders want people to use the kiosk in the store the drive threw line was out till the gas station I come to dunkin because the Food is better and the coffee but after today I’ll just pay extra for starbucks at least I’ll get good service.

ramona morrow

This was one of my favorite locations. It is close and convenient. Unfortunately, today, that all changed. I was given watered down regular coffee instead of the decaf that I asked for as if I wouldn’t know the difference. I waited at the drive through for fifteen to twenty minutes for a simple decaf coffee and a plain bagel with cream cheese. I literally called the store while the three girls walked back and forth ignoring us customers at the window and of course they didn’t answer the phone. I was so aggravated by the time I got my order i left immediately. It was then that I realized the bagel with cream cheese was actually a bagel loaded with butter and not cream cheese. I didn’t know until I took a bite and tried to swallow it that I had a mouth full of butter. Customer service truly sucks these days. Sadly, this Duncan donuts location is no longer my favorite. I hope they are reprimanded for how these workers represented their store.

Alonda Simmons

That kiosk ordering was holding up progress. 3 workers and it took forever because it was people who didn’t know how to work it (they were older) no one offered to show them. Some people walked out my 4 love the Snacking bacon so I waited

David Aaron Posey

Walked in and was redirected to the self checkout kind of rudely. Asked if I could pay in cash, and was told sharply, Sir, We are too understaffed to take cash. So my kids and I went to another location on Atlantic and they were very helpful and professional. It’s a shame that as a customer, You can feel like such a burden.

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