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Duck Donuts

Address: 2920 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084

Phone: (248) 781-3825

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Duck Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 3PM

Monday,: 7AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 7PM

Friday,: 7AM to 7PM

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Duck Donuts Reviews

Tara Deneau

The people at Duck Donuts are top notch! Their donuts are delicious, warm and made to order! Try the Maple Bacon for sure. They delivered to my husband’s work, Fire dept headquarters, with a personalized message and two adorable firefighter duckies… Just everything from the beginning to the end of the process was seamless and well thought out! Thank you.

Running ThePeralta Household

This is our first time trying this place. Not only are the two girls working patient and kind, they work really quick too! Donuts are made to order, served hot/warm.
The donuts are melt in your mouth delicious!!

Devin Holler

These were very well made donuts. I love the fresh made style and that it was made in front of me. I was actually regretful that I had so much stuff on them because the donuts themselves were so good alone. They had a nice combination of doughy softness and crunch on the outside. Very well made. Recommend trying a plain or glazed first.

Johanna Langlois

AMAZING VEGAN DONUTS!!!!!! My family came in from just seeing the vegan donut poster on the window. I have allergies so we were a little skeptical when we saw the donut making line, but the staff were very kind and offered to make the donuts completely separate in the back. There was no cross cross contamination! We were blown away by how good the first 4 donuts we ordered were, and ended up going back and ordering 2 times more they were so warm and amazing. The donuts were made to order, and were gooey and warm and not Cold at all. I would definitely recommend to any vegan or person with allergies in the area!

Bruce Popejoy

Drove from Ann Arbor to see how close to the original Duck Donuts from Duck, N.C. the experience would be. I will start off by saying it was worth the drive. I found no one at the location that really knew it all started in Duck, N.C. Once I was given the paper form to build my order I was good to go…created my order and waited in line to pay. My friend who was with me was watching the whole process as he had already shared what he wanted on his donuts and paid them. They tasted, looked and just like the ones from N.C. I later called my brother, who loves Duck Donuts and told him he will definitely have to visit as it is closer than being on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where we vacation.


Great variety

I really like the variety they offer, from simple glazed, fruity, custard and many others. These are more than a typical donut. They are sweet and not dry, with the glazed being just the right consistency of cream and sass. Picture perfect donuts.

Penny K

Donuts Were over priced for average donuts. They forgot one of the toppings all together. They also had alot of people in the small area and nobody seemed to be greeting customers or even looking up to say hi. The donut itself before any toppings is very basic. The idea of picking your own flavors is great but the taste overall needs improvement.

Muhammed Elgammal

Duck Donuts was first introduced to me on my trip to Outer Banks, NC in 2018. It was without question the best donuts I have ever had. There really was no comparison to it anywhere here in Michigan that I have had. When I saw that they opened here in Michigan, I really wanted to go. The hype experienced at Duck Donuts in North Carolina was not met here at the Troy, MI location. In fact, this location was absolutely terrible.

My order:
– Apple Cobbler
– Pumpkin Roll
– Peanut Butter Paradise
– Pumpkin Streusel
– Coffee Cake
– Cookies & Cream

The coffee cake donut was not received. Instead I received a second pumpkin streusel in place of it. The donuts were poorly packed and it was messy. The dough was really heavy too like it soaked up all the oils. It was so bad to the point that the bottom halves of the donuts were stuck to the box/tray, unacceptable.

I would not recommend this Duck Donuts.

Adam Birmingham

As a recently transitioned vegan I was excited to try this donut shop that I heard about from my girlfriend who is also vegan. Upon entering I was greeted with a warm welcome and great customer service. As a new vegan I came with questions and everyone was so helpful in answering them. This shop has great vegan options from their donuts to coffee. This location in Troy is still relatively new. Opened last March and Covid happened days later and shut everything down. They have since re-opened and it is definitely worth the stop for some tasty donuts and coffee. They also have breakfast sandwiches, milkshakes and ice cream. Unfortunately for now their breakfast sandwiches are not vegan friendly. However, they look tasty! Definitely a must stop. Nikki the store manager was incredible and professional as were the staff. Thank you so much for a great first experience! Will definitely be back.

kelly kreiner

I can say this establishment truly exudes customer service. I called at 12:55 to verify if they were closing at 1. Ebony answered and told me they will be there if I need a little more time. I needed a lot of doughnuts and individually wrapped and she said she would be more than happy to accommodate me with this order. To see such dedication from an employee is truly heartwarming. When I arrived Ebony and Charity worked together to fulfill the order and we’re so polite. I haven’t seen this type of customer service in so long. I definitely will be back. Thanks again ladies.

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