Chesapeake Doughnut Co. in White Stone (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Chesapeake Doughnut Co.

Address: 500 Rappahannock Dr, White Stone, VA 22578, United States

Phone: +1 804-499-3111


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Chesapeake Doughnut Co. Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 7AM to 1PM

Friday,: 7AM to 1PM

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Chesapeake Doughnut Co. Reviews

Sarah McCoy

Best donuts around if you ask me! My partner is a donut connoisseur and former chef and we were both impressed. Interior is beautiful. They serve Blanchard’s coffee and the food looks great too. Worth the drive from Gloucester!

Joseph Raczynski

Appreciated almost everything here! The sausage egg and cheese was unreal. The basic donuts, especially yeast, stood out. Shockingly, the only minus was the premium Samoa.

Corinne Knight

The coffee was delicious iced and strong for an already hot day! I live for doughnuts! They are my favorite food! This place really focuses and takes care when it comes to icing flavor. The homer didn’t just taste “ pink” it tasted like strawberry! Their yeast doughnut recipe was a little dense for me but that didn’t stop me from trying everyone of my dozen! Their cake recipe is on point! These guys take their doughnuts seriously!

Dale Church

I hate giving bad reviews. I am sorry to say I am not impressed. I LOVE doughnuts, donuts. How ever you spell them. I went two different times at different times of the day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, Both time the doughnuts were dry and the frosting was hard and crumbly. I also bought a filled doughnut and there was barely any filling in it. I have not tried anything else on their menu but don’t think I will go back.


Donuts are okay, people are nice. However, there is never less than a 20 minute wait and upwards of 45 minutes for donuts… that are premade. You might think that ordering through their website would lessen your wait, however, it said every item was out of stock i.e. didn’t work, so no luck that way. If you have a spare hour and don’t mind waiting in the sun or a cramped donut lobby, I say go for it. Otherwise, you could run to 7eleven around the corner and get some… they won’t be organic but they also won’t have a 45 minute wait.

The ultimate problem is this, Chesapeake Donut Co. suffers from an inability to handle the amount of business they get. They are in desperate need of the skills of a process manager to help them run efficiently. An order of 2 donuts shouldn’t wait behind, all the boxes of dozens, breakfast sandwiches, lattes, etc.

Ashley Jones

Super cute doughnut shop in the center of town serving up delicious treats made with whole ingredients. The Samoa has the perfect cake doughnut texture- soft on the inside and the perfect amount of crisp on the outside, with chocolate and toasted coconut on top you can’t go wrong! The Boston Cream is also a must try with real cream filling they make from scratch

Tony C

Great spot center of town. Good looking building inside and out. Donuts and coffee were good. FOH service really needs to be trained. I get it, covid, great resignation etc. etc… but if your going to hire someone teach them how to greet customers, offer a product, a service… upsell. Increase indoor seating. If you run out of donuts, CLOSE for the day.

Robert From NY

A welcome new addition to the ever evolving town of White Stone is Chesapeake Donuts. I finally got a chance to sample the donuts, as their hours of operation are somewhat limited and weren’t meshing with mine.

Since I could only stand outside and get my donuts from a cart, anything but plain seemed to be at risk of melting in 95+ degrees of Summer! Everything looked clean, fresh, and tidy … the help was pleasant and knowledgeable, ready to serve.

A friend of mine wanted a plain cake style and I liked cinnamon sugar so we sampled just those.. but my fat cells were calling for me to try the Boston Creme at their higher price point. I think the prices are go in order .plain, glazed, and filled or embellished in the upper $$ range.

I found the taste to be pleasant, light and less greasy than most donuts, though there’s an established n varied competition at the nearby bakery for you to make your comparisons on the products and pricing.

My friend enjoyed her cake donut. but not overly mine was fine too. The price points are a bit up there and I have heard some rumblings regarding that point.. but NN food is mostly higher priced for decent food in this area.

I’m certain as Chesapeake Donuts continues in the community adjustments will be made to reflect the tastes and the wallets in the area as they carve out their own client base and best selling offerings.

Personally I think they should do more quick breakfast/ lunch type servings that are a bit different yet needed to fill a local breakfast /lunch crowd void. Could be they’re also waiting for better timing to launch that menu when the interior gets up and running.

Surely try it for yourself .. strol and compare, then see what you think!


Third time coming and the 3rd time they are out of doughnuts. Save yourself the time and go to the bakery down the street or 7-11. How is a doughnut shop always out of doughnuts!

Theresa Grant

Nice location. Love the old world feel of the place with open kitchen and painted tin ceiling. And the doughnuts look like works of art.

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