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Address: 2500 N Mayfair Rd Kiosk 551, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Phone: (414) 400-0574


Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.1


What Time Does Doughnuttery Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 6PM

Monday,: 10AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 10AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 10AM to 8PM

Friday,: 10AM to 8PM

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Doughnuttery Reviews

Mark Perl

I don’t usually leave reviews, but this place is shockingly bad.

Their promo pictures look nothing like the actual donuts. Most of the donuts you cannot even tell the flavor difference by sight or taste. You’d get the same experience buying a bag of donuts holes, honestly.

It’s very disappointing, as they had some unique menu options that made this look like a good option for snacks for a birthday party, but it was instead a big disappointment. Not even mediocre- just gas station tier product.

I don’t know how anyone could give this place a good rating. You would either have needed to grow up eating lead paint chips or have no taste buds to think this is worth the money.

Jennifer Stuart

I saw it on an Instagram post and since I was in the area decided to try it. I had the Orange Creamsicle and Purple Potato (I think that’s the whole name).
They tasted great but were actually smaller than I expected. They were made right in front of me and dipped in the flavors. She then put them in different bags which were marked on the outside.
I tried the orange Creamsicle one first since that is a favorite flavor for me and they were eaten quickly. I waited until after supper to eat the other. It was okay but not one I’ll pick again.
All in all, a good snack when you’re walking the mall and are craving something sweet.

Ben Hagenbach

Delicious mini doughnuts here! My wife and I stopped to try a bunch of flavors and they have a lot of unique options to choose from. My favorite has to be the spicy rooster (Sriracha, lime, and maple). It was surprisingly delicious! They had great customer service and I could see them making it right in front of me, so I knew they were FRESH! Thanks for the great experience keep it up!

Devon Phillips

The absolute best warm donuts, amazing service, amazing smoothies, AMAZING LEMONADE, and amazing coffee!!!! (they serve Valentine coffee)

(Only $9 for a pack of 12 doughnuts)

Haseeb Wajid

Can you tell the difference? Me neither. I was really looking forward to this store when I heard it was opening. However these tiny, mini doughnuts cost a dollar apiece. They are probably the same, if not smaller size, of a munchkin. The 2 flavors you see here are salted caramel and Nana-coco-latte. They taste exactly the same. Save your money.


The doughnuts are extremely over priced, 12 small dry donuts are for about 12$, they are extremely dry and minimally glazed, I asked for extra on the side as a dip and they let me pay extra for that. Over rated and not delicious at all.

Lilac Dolce

Bring the old lemonade back?! As soon as it got popular, of course you guys make it less sweet it’s like I am drinking a diet lemonade and the only thing to make it a hint * of sweetness pop is a strawberry smh. Fabiola Is amazing! So is the rest of the crew. Keep them around, just bring back the old lemonade. Won’t be back for that item until it is!

Michael Peckman

I ordered 6 donuts. Asked for 2 each of three different toppings told I could have only two different toppings. I asked why? Answer was “because”. My response was Good Bye….
For the price that’s not very good customer service .

Kristen Wilson

Paid for 48 donughts only received 1/2 my order and the dasher ran away from me saying sorry. Literally ran! He got his tip lol. Horrible

Lydia Bishop

Good but way overpriced… $1 for a tiny donut isn’t worth it

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