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Todo Postres LLC.

Address: 958 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 988-2149


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Rating: 3.9


What Time Does Todo Postres LLC. Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 6PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 8AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 8PM

Friday,: 8AM to 8PM

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Todo Postres LLC. Reviews

Julisa Ramos

Honestly their designs are amazing, however the cake itself is not good. My family and I have ordered from here for a while now and something always goes wrong! We keep ordering because their designs are amazing but we are definitely done. Every time we order the cake is always late. We once had a party and the cake didn’t come until 2 hours after. And it was EXTREMLEY DRY! And not even the right filling we asked for. I just had an order and once again extremely dry and late. And nothing to accommodate the customer. That was honestly the last straw. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this place anymore unless you only care about the cake appearance.

Jamie Lyn

My mom surprised me with a cake from here! Since I fell in love with there designs!!! Appearance 100000/10! Taste was a -00000000 it was TERRIBLE and DRYYYYYYY AS THE DESSERT!!!! The baker also told my mom she could keep the cake in the fridge since she had to pick it up the day before the cake completely cracked in several places (TEMPERATURE OBVIOUSLY) but they failed to mention that part of course long story short Walmarts cakes taste better!!!!! Would definitely NOT recommend.

Jane Belanger

I picked up a Tres Leches cake for a friend’s birthday and my Latina friends pointed out how poorly it was made. I’ve had much better at a family picnic.

israel morales

*Honest Review* The reason why I’m giving a 3 stars is because when I went there at opening time and there was nothing much to buy so I was a little bit disappointed. I went there to buy heart shaped conchas that they were advertising on FB. Since their bakery stand was practically empty, I asked if they were going to make conchas later today and they replied no we’re not making it today. I was disappointed, but still decided to support their business by buying items that were available. Their churros and cannoli tasted good. I’m willing to give them another try – just not when the open.

Madri Yany

I had the worst experience. When ordering my cake I felt rushed. When I went to pick up my cake it was not ready asked me to go back 30min later. I went back 45min later and cake was still not ready had to wait10min. When I received my cake it was incomplete. I was asked if I wanted to get the details done (details were given at the time of placing the order, picture was even provided) I had to wait 20 more minutes which is so unprofessional to not have the cake done and still charged for incomplete cake. I paid for a cake that was expensive and not done as asked, not ready on time owners did not even come out to apologize or try to make this situation better. Really bad customer service! Will not go back again!

No quiero Mi nombre

I would literally give this place negative stars if I could. I ordered a 3 leches cake, y estaba tan duro y viejo que parece que le faltaron 2 leches! They didn’t have the cake ready on time, I didn’t get a courtesy call that it would be late and I drove over 1 hour to come get it because it was recommended and missed the first half of my sons party. Not only did the cake look nothing like I requested but it was so crooked and toppling over, and to make it worse they didn’t give me a box! When my husband called to complain the owner gave him such attitude and blamed us for the cake being crooked, jurándole a dios que estaba perfecto y que no estaba viejo and somehow made it seem like it was our fault! The owner is arrogant and rude and sells old cakes redecorated! DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Colette Salyer

Best cakes ever!!!! They are so friendly and accommodating. Tweet one of the best bakeries I’ve ever been to.

Nancy Chaplicki

I wanted chocolate cake with tres leches like I used to get from a bakery in Cozumel, Mexico. Todos pasteles said they didn’t do chocolate cake, but they had Tres Leches with Mocha. A small cake meant for 5-6 people easily was enough for 12. It was inexpensive and incredibly delicious. I would recommend Todos Pasteles!

Lorenzo Segura

Their conchas are not what I’m used to, but the flavor of their overall dessert are good.

Jose Valdivia

I had ordered a cake from there and had a big party when I called them to see if the cake was ready to come they did not show up so they gave me a fake cake and gave me 6 frozen cakes and they wanted us to pay for 4 frozen cakes and they only gave us half of the money back I was so mad im telling you don’t come to this place go somewhere else please

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