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Address: 970 W Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL 60609, United States

Phone: +1 773-523-1362

Price: $

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Rating: 2.6

Website: https://map.bp.com/en-US/US/gas-station/chicago/bp/94857815919706060900100000000000

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Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

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Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Finding Keno

7-21-22 Was woken up at 12:45pm to tell me that i am parked on private property. Each parking spot has been paid for in advance. So no parking available here now. Have to plan to park elsewhere if you are delivering in the area.

Larry Foster

The store is in a very heavy traffic area. I load out of SCP and have to scale there. The parking lot is busy but you can get most anything a driver needs. The ladies working the counter on 7/14/22 were very pleasant and smiling. Made my day.

Ra Ja

Worst customer service ! A guy on front desk says he don’t know nth at all ! people on line behind the counter he is on Facebook probably ! Fuel up both tank of diesel in my semi , bought some merchandise and park on the back to get some hour nap ! Everywhere says private property and towing sign only ! Went inside to ask if I can park few hours , cashier “I don’t know you need ask boss, it’s a paid parking “ again I said I will pay how much “ I don’t know “every thing is I don’t know
waste of time and money on dirty place !

Greg Poplin

I used to stop here to buy a quick snack after my city deliveries, but no more- because the owner is losing his mind over semis randomly parking in his lot, and ya know- patronizing businesses, including his own.

This is really ridiculous and a pointless policy that isn’t going to do diddly other than hurt the businesses around this dump, and has accomplished a least angering this trucker.

Enjoy your pointless fuel islands. I wouldn’t buy fuel here if it meant I was going to run out on the Jane Byrne.

Bon MG

Non-professional, rude female cashier.
Plan to get my lottery elsewhere.
Seems like they can’t keep staff there- big turnover. Umm I wonder why

Joshua Guzman

Didn’t like my most recent visit, cashier profiled me, nobody in line both Male and female cashiers @ they’re station, I walk up to her (caucasian girl glasses) says shes closed, I went to next cashier with no problem and he rung me up, then a caucasian trucker went to her line which was closed nd she promptly was @ service to him then proceeded to say her line was only credit or debit and she rung him up , I was paying with debit as well but was told line was closed for me smh i expect better! as a regular @ this bp for 5yrs. Very sad

Isydia Vibes

over night parking for 10 semi’s. I found parking and there were few free spots throughout the night. WIFI available but not free! Inside good convenience store. Bathrooms were not available. This is the third time I come here and bathrooms were always locked and not available. I’m guessing the lady at the cash kept them locked so she doesn’t have to clean/service the bathrooms. I will not be coming back here again!

Jeff C

I will never be coming back to this place due to the rudeness I endured. It appears their policies depend upon the mood of the cashier. About once a week I go in there and spend almost $500 in fuel, and most of the time they allow you to take a free drink. This morning I assume that because I just spent $477 in fuel that I would be able to get my Rockstar for free. Well I was wrong it appears that they’re not obligated to allow me a free drink for spending so much money in fuel. Now I know it’s not the end-all be-all but at the same time if you told me once that it was allowed then shouldn’t be allowed every time? Was the attitude necessary? So from now on I will just fuel up at the company yard which is only 15 minutes away from the account I work out of. I will also notify my coworkers of the ill treatment hoping they will aid me in my boycott.

Tranzstar ELD

Have to use their scale to load product from up the street. I come in the midnight hours. Sometimes nobody is manning the store and I have to stand around outside waiting. I have to pay with cash, our company credit card is no good here. Same scale fee for every time you weigh. I have to park on the scale and exit my vehicle to walk around to the clerk window.

Vince Jungenberg Jr

Although they do have a Dunkin Donuts, and a place to park, that is ALL it has going for it. Parking lot is laden with pot holes “canyons” that become deep lakes during rain. The convenience store is to small to offer but only the basics, and they are outrageously priced. OH, and did I mention, if you need to use the bathroom, I hope it is ONLY to “make water”. The toilet paper is non existent. The holder or paper…… GONE. Only 2 stars because regardless, it is a place to park in windy, and you can get quality donuts.

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