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Bongiorno Bagels

Address: 3107 S Gilbert Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85295, United States

Phone: +1 480-588-8222


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Rating: 4.8


What Time Does Bongiorno Bagels Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 6AM to 2PM

Friday,: 6AM to 2PM

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Bongiorno Bagels Reviews


I have been looking for a great bagel shop and this one nails it! I came here on a Saturday morning around 8:45am and it was a little crowded but by the time we left around 9am, there was a line out the door so expect a little bit of a wait during peak hours. The line moves fast but I would definitely recommend that you be prepared with what you want before it’s your turn to order. The bagels we fresh and delicious and the staff was super friendly. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Kayli Mende

Bongiorno Bagels is absolutely incredible! They hand make their bagels and they taste so delicious. You can create your own gourmet style breakfast sandwich, I did a delicious toasted jalapeño cheddar bagel with gourmet turkey and provolone cheese with an egg. It was amazing! This is our new favorite breakfast spot. We have not found any other places that compare. Highly recommend!

Courtney Yant

Wow!! Being from the East coast we are very particular about our bagels! We stopped in here on a whim. The bagel sandwiches were great. The outside had the perfect crisp. The bacon, egg and cheese was great. It was extremely busy and everyone working seemed happy to be there and service was fast and friendly. Highly recommend.

Morgan Kira

This is the best bagel breakfast sandwich that I’ve found in AZ!

You can tell their bagels are made fresh, they take pride in their bagels and want to provide the best and fastest service For you get your food.

I arrived on a Saturday around 10am and there was already a line out the door and into the parking lot.

From the time I went and stood in line till the time I got my food was about 30min. Not too bad until you see everyone who ordered after you getting their food.

There is an option to order ahead, I believe you just call with your order then when it’s ready you walk in and go to the right of the counter.

We both got everything bagels. There is an option to choose how you want your egg cooked, what cheese you want and of course the many options of bagels!! Note they make bagels throughout because they sell so many, so be ready to choose a different bagel of yours is not available!

I cannot wait to go back and try something else cause this place is the best!!!

Mark Spivak

Super delicious!!! Just like back home on Long Island. No soggy bagel here. Poppyseed Bagel, Taylor Ham, egg and cheese are spot on. Crumb cake is to die for. You won’t find a better place outside of NYC. Bravo Bongiorno Bagels. Thank you ED for introducing us to your spot.

Aaryn Olsson

What a find! Great bagels and very friendly people. You can tell the quality of a place by how happy people are to be there. The owner Eddie was out front cleaning the windows while we waited for our bagels and they were the best I’ve had in Arizona. I wish we had Bongiornos in our neighborhood but will have to settle on grabbing some while visiting.

bri Bardo

There’s not much to say if your looking for amazing bagels here’s your place!! Friendly smiles and efficient service is also applauded!!


This is a standout eatery in the Phoenix Metro, not just east valley/Gilbert, but the entire city of 4million+ people. Bongiorno is a special. The owner is from NYC and brings his big heart and powerful presence to the experience. The staff is amazing and the turn and burn food like no other. Amazingly, they have managed to replicate what makes NYC bagels so unique, and their taste and quality will keep you coming back for more. This place is a destination for our family in Phoenix. We make the voyage out to Gilbert just for these bagels sometimes. Beyond the great food and atmosphere there is a sense of community, and that’s what keeps you coming back again and again. You can’t over-hype this place enough. You HAVE to eat here if you love bagels and love AZ restaurants

Christine Alton

Fresh, chewy and delicious bagels; a great assortment of fresh whipped cream cheeses PLUS a good variety of sandwich options makes this spot a win all around! The service is quick, accurate and friendly, and the place is tidy! Definitely recommend Bongiorno Bagels if you are looking for authenticity and delicious options!

Erica Bancroft

almost couldn’t take the photo because it looks so good! Ordered plain bagel with lox and scallion cream cheese; comes with tomato, red onion, and capers. Well done!!

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